Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Three-6ixes Healthcare Law

 Maybe Obama is a Zionist after all and he's trying to hasten the Second Coming.
By signing the the bill (effective sometime in 2014), President Obama just made you easier to track.
Most Americans will be required purchase health insurance or pay a fine.
But low-income Americans will not be forced to purchase insurance - most will have Medicare instead.
 But we all know how rampant identity theft seems to be.
Maybe we will be forced to have some type of chip implanted which keeps track of our financial transactions as well.
Or to prevent someone from cutting your chip from your flesh - maybe we will be required to have bars which can be scanned instead.

I'm not big on conspiracy theories (There are far too many variables to make most work.) but recent events seem to make betting on the Book of Revelations the only sure thing.

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DF said...

Crafty devils huh? Technology is the cover for the mark of the beast. You already let people track your phone, hear your message and read your texts.

Then the devils took it a step further and passed healthcare that makes you have to use it thus embedding a chip into you or a card you have to carry which is trackable.

Oh yeah the poor people don't need to be tracked as most people don't see them as a threat. Or maybe they want to track Slaves oops I mean consumers to see their spending habits and then resell that information to the spam email crew or something.