Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Is Ed In Angola?

Because this brotha' is getting raped over at 'Beyond Black&White',
And this is the video that started it all.
Apparently Ed didn't like the young ladies' poetry - nor their looks.
And it was calling these ladies 'ugly' that stirred the hornets' nest filled with bitter Black women.
(I wanted to comment and ask questions but I was advised by the woman looking over my shoulder to stay out of it.)

One of the comments said that Ed better look like The Rock if he was bold enough to write a whole post about women's looks.
''The Rock'? I think she meant 'A Rock', the woman reading over my shoulder said after seeing Ed's photo.
'That little black maggot...', she continued.

In my business, I deal with a lot of women.
In all honesty, my blogging name is kind of a joke - I get a lot of women. (Looks are subjective but I do a'ight.)
But even I wouldn't be bold enough to call average looking women 'ugly' - and then to link to their website?

Monday, July 27, 2015

American Metics

I'm sorry, but this effete milksop does not speak for me.
...and neither does this other feminist atheist.

 As 'House' would say, "'Disappointment' is anger for wimps.".
(Hint; Life is not fair, no one owes you anything - that's all. Those are the rules - now play accordingly.)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tilting at Windmills

Okay, so I jacked this video from another blogger.
(But in my defense, my reply was too long and I didn't wish to leave a whole blog post in your 'comments' section.)
There is another blog which hosts a bunch of really smart people (and Big Don).
The question of 'where are all the Black leaders' was brought up and few had any solid answers.

My answer is simple;
There are no Black leaders because there are no enemies big enough to require them.
That's not to say that there are no social, political and/or economic ills facing Blacks in America today - only that all off these problems can be solved by the 'victim' themselves.
(And please don't get me started on how it is that many Blacks identify as one form of victim or another. That's a whole other post.)

What are the issues facing Black America today?
High crime rates, the lack of employment and/or education, redlining, single parent homes, ....
All of these problems (and all others which harm Black people) can be solved by Black people - and most of the time at the local level.
In 'Sicillian', Christopher Lambert's character becomes jaded as he realizes that those he fought to free from oppression never really wanted freedom - what they really wanted was cheaper bread.
I think that's the case with many 'oppressed' Blacks today.
Most will complain about the results of their poor decisions yet few will do the work and make the sacrifices required to make things better.
Many will boast about being a Boss, King, Queen, Diva yet few are even in control of their own lives and conditions.
Some will state that we are still slaves in America today. But there is a problem to this thinking - we are free to just walk away from any job, city or even the country itself if we so choose. What slave could do that? (Now, a slave to the debts of our desires is a slavery of our own making.)

I had a talk with a local pastor and he commented that my small town Blacks lacked 'Class'. This caused a commotion with several of his flock as many pointed out what type of cars they drove, what types of clothing they wore, where and what they ate, to which fraternities they belonged, and where their homes were.
I agreed with the pastor and told his church members that they made the same money as those thought to be members of the establishment but that they lacked the education and culture required to sustain a Black middle-class.
That most of them thought about themselves and their status but few were willing or able to create a lasting change for those who were not as smart, wealthy or good-looking as themselves.
I told them that their comfort inured them from the reality that most of them weren't shit.

A Black Leader?
Sure, when we have problems that we cannot solve on our own.

Ninjas Pa-Lease...

Just Google, 'Celebrities Who Look Like Animals'... Then click 'Images'...
I'll wait...
Some of those are kind of funny - but not racist.
The not-so-secret secret in America is that, MICHELLE OBAMA - IS NOT PRETTY.
I'm not saying that the First Lady is ugly nor that she doesn't carry herself well, that she is not smart nor that she she is not a good person.
If I happened to see her walking down the street I wouldn't cringe.
But I wouldn't turn around to get a better second look either. (It's not that she's pretty - she (like the majority of people) is just not ugly)
She's about on par with Condoleza Rice - IMOHO.
So... Univision viewers.... Back to your regularly scheduled programming...

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Now THAT'S Just Too Far

Wednesday night at the club is karaoke night - the best bad singing in town.
Last night was sponsored by a new liquor brand, catered by a local chef and we were given tickets to give away for an upcoming Jazz Festival.
Usually we show sports on our television screens and last night was the night of the ESPYs.
Debate about some winners, admiration for many winners but disgust for one winner.
'John, please change this ish.', said many patrons in the club.
'It's just too much. A Gay Pride festival (held in this small town last month), gay marriage and now THIS? It's just too much.', was the conversation around the bar.
It was karaoke night.... We had a few groups of gay and lesbian couples in the club - and no one cared.
But Bruce Jenner winning an ESPY for becoming Caytlyn was just too much for this usually tolerant group to accept.
I guess people have limits as to what they will accept and it seems that giving awards for being gay/transgender is where the level of acceptance ends.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Lil' Wayne Hates ISIS ?

It seems that ISIS will admit fighters from Jordan - just as long as they are not wearing Jordans.
I just giggled a bit when I noticed the photos of all the ISIS/ISIL fighters wearing sneakers as part of their military ensemble.
As it turns out, the wearing of Nike sportswear and skinny jeans is forbidden for the fashion conscious freedom fighter.
I guess Weezy would be shot on sight.

Thursday, July 9, 2015


As I read as Hypertiger is going 'Pi' on his more recent posts - sometimes I think that one can have too much if he is not careful.
I HATE nightclubs - I'm just good at them.
It seems that I'm about to open another club in Denver... And Galveston.. and to sell franchises...
I HATE NIGHTCLUBS... I'm just good at them.