Monday, October 30, 2017

Sexual Objectification

Halloween in Southern California was simple.
From Trick or Treating on Hollywood Boulevard as kids,
to Oingo Boingo at Irvine Meadows as teenagers,

Elvira - Mistress of the Dark at Knott's Scary Farm.
With our adolescent focus on her forced cleavage - we never even noticed whether she was good looking or not.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Sexual Objectification

While the first image of Obama sneaking in a quick grab is fake - I never realized what Melania was actually working with.

 In the club business, flirting is an essential part of one's duties.
No, not with the help - that would be a law suit - but with the patrons.

I've been grabbed, rubbed, kissed, propositioned and flashed so often that I've come to think of such interactions as being normal.

Maybe I come from a different era.
From a time when a light pat on the ass was often seen as being complimentary.
Or maybe the girls/women didn't really like the way they were being treated.
Maybe they just thought it was the way things were supposed to be.

I'm not a particularly aggressive guy when it comes to pursuing women.
I don't think I've ever asked a woman out on a date.
I've only asked three women to dance in my entire life and two of those said 'no'.
But I still get a lot of women and I seem to stay on the dance floor.
I've had women strip naked, buy me gifts, try to get me drunk - all in an effort to have sex.

I'm not playa'.
In fact, I'm often rude.
I don't have 'game'.
One woman told me that not having game is my game.

Yet I still must flirt.
Bucked-teeth, cock-eyed, bad weave, overweight, one titty, ... .
It doesn't matter.
I still have to make sure every woman feels as though she is Beyonce.

Sexual Objectification

Megyn Kelly is terrible.
The 20 million dollar woman has proven to be a poor return on NBC's investment.

I like Hoda a but Katie Lee just bugs me for some reason.
And I know - I'm not that time period's target audience

I'd often watch The View because that is what my elderly ladies seemed to watch.
Well, either The View or the judge shows. 
But mostly The View.

I used to like Jedediah Bila - I thought she was pretty.
Even though I didn't share many of her points of view, I appreciated her calm demeanor while surrounded by cackling hens in a liberal (and often hypocritical) echo chamber.

Now if NBC could just get rid of Megyn, Hoda and Kathie-Lee,
and bring back my girl Tamron Hall,
and team her up with Jedediah Bila - that would be a show worth watching.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Did Russia Provide the Technology to Cuba?

Back in 2014 Russia accused the US of using forced RFID implants as mind control weapons.
Recently, American workers in Cuba became ill when some sort of sonic device was used at the American Embassy.

Did Russia use a device to counter what was referred to as 'MKUltra on steroids' in Cuba?
The Associated Press stated that most of those affected in Cuba may have been spies.
Maybe they got the idea from the penultimate battle scene - the one with all those exploding heads - in the first Kingsmen movie.

Monday, October 2, 2017

84% of the Time...

 I have several friends who work and live in Vegas.
I had another dozen in town for the Route 91 Festival.
As I was about to go to bed my facebook newsfeed began to fill with reports of an active shooter at Mandalay Bay.

 Photos taken from social media (LinkedIn and facebook) attempted to piece the story together.
One of my homegirls who was at the concert is a dispatcher who worked the San Bernardino shooting a few years ago so I paid particular attention to her page.

A person of interest (Marilou Danley - initially identified as 'Mary Lou Danley' based on police scanners) was thought to be a Philippine Muslim by early speculators.

A photo of her husband/boyfriend was later published.

Based on the situation in San Bernardino, ones presence at a Christmas party was no indication of being a Christian.

Some speculated that the associate of the shooter was probably of mixed race and part-Black.

Some sleuths posted photo of this guy as being Ms Danley's boyfriend. 

Others posted photos of her with her ex.
The shooter was said to have been gambling at casinos while his wife was out of town.
Some speculated that Mr Paddock was on one last bender in an attempt to catch up on gambling debts.
Speculation was that Ms Danley was out of town with her young boyfriend (The guy in the photo above?) while her husband lost all his money at the tables.

I have no idea how or why this information was shared.
Facebook was becoming Reddit or 4Chan.

Then the shooter was named as Stephen Paddock - a 64 year old white male.

My friends' friends had to quickly defend Trump, bring up Black-on-Black crime in Chicago, bring up the recent shooting spree by a Sudanese immigrant,....
Whatever it took to deflect attention away from the fact that the people white people need to fear most are other white people.