Thursday, December 27, 2012


I think the reason I am so good at running nightclubs is that I really don't care about most of the people I serve.
Yet, I get pleasure from seeing whether I can influence a group to buy one product or another.
I get pleasure from watching the herd follow the herd which is following what it knows not.
I am amused that people will spend their hard-earned cash on things which they know are of little benefit to their well being.
I laugh that people act benevolently as long as they are part of a larger group donating money to deserving charities just so long as each benefit is sold as a 'Party With a Purpose'.
I laugh at supposedly well-established people who think that popularity is of the utmost importance.
I laugh at the game of Social Rochambeau as status-seeking people are influenced by others who are being influenced by others who are ultimately being influenced by the first group to begin with.
At the end of the day, I only care about the kids I tutor and the elderly I take care of - the club is just a lab.
And to run this lab - I must be a pretty effed-up personality.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Many Mannys

I use facebook a a cheap way to advertise for the club.
I often check my news feed to keep track of what else is going on around town.
Amidst the incorrect memes are the occasional clever jokes.
Manny seems to be taking a beating in and out of the ring on social media.
Manny as a uni-brow? LMBAO...

Why Nightclubs?

Because they are an interesting testing ground for the herd-mentality.


I often hear people say, "I didn't dream anything last night.".
But this is not the case - most just don't remember what it was that they dreamed about.

Inception was a decent movie - but it brought up some interesting ideas.
Why is it that most of the time we don't even know that we are dreaming?
Why do some of our dreams turn into nightmares?
I often know that I am dreaming and most of the time I just sit back and watch as though I was watching a movie with added emotions and sensations.

But what happens when we change and control our dreams?
Is the benefit such sleep any different?
Sometimes I edit and reset my dreams so that the results are always my desired outcomes.
As a result of thinking while dreaming - I'm never rested regardless of how many hours I'd slept.
Is the benefit of sleep and dreams derived from not thinking?
(From having 'faith' in the known-unknown?)

In Dreams

Most dogs only dream about getting some... cat.
But do actual dogs dream?
Dreams seem to be a necessity in or lives so it would seem as simple a question as, "Do dogs eat?".
My question is, "Do animals have gods?".

Once Again...

 The Los Angeles Lakers have sought to buy another championship.
The thing is - there is no apparent team leader.
No, Kobe is not a leader. A leading scorer does not make one the natural leader.

Remember when Bryant threw Shaq under the bus after being caught in his own extramarital tryst?
Well... instead of handling his business like man - Kobe attempted to deflect attention away from himself and towards a teammate. (VERY unleader and bitch-like.)

Like many New York Yankee teams - Jerry Buss imagined that a group of individual stars could come together to form a dynasty.
Didn't they learn anything from Coach K and his success in choosing members of his Olympic teams?
Coach K passed on bigger names in favor of a greater whole.
While still a Laker fan (Yet, I cannot stand Kobe.), it looks as though they will continue to build teams around Kobe and become only the second best team in their own city.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bull-Shigidy !!!

So Papa John's, Denny's, Applebee's and other companies would rather eliminate employees before paying for heath-care for it's workers?
Ninjas Pa-lease...
Kaiser Steel created and transformed itself into a health care company to address this issue.
(Ayn Rand even toured the company's Fontana site while writing Atlas Shrugged in order to gain better insight into the steel industry.)