Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Men losing their jobs for acting like men while falling for that brown (or white) sugar twenty years ago?

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Game Recognizes Game

 Let's take it from here.
When Bill Clinton chose to play the saxophone on Arsenio Hall, some said that he was not coming across as being 'presidential'.
But the thing is: Bill knew how to play to his audience.
Bill was being a showman.

Regardless of what many partisan voters believe - there is little difference between the philosophical beliefs of these men.

Trump is, and always has been, a showman.
What other role-model could Trump imitate than Vince McMahon?
Each man knew to appeal to the lowest common denominator when selling goods to the general public.
The lower the value - the higher the appeal.

Vince would often play the cad, fool, foil or whatever it took to increase his company's ratings (value).

Now we have this foolishness.
Both Donald Trump and Lonzo Ball are known for making asinine comments and behaving badly.
Both are merely showmen and each is trying to add value to his brand.

Ball could have beaten Jordan?
Trump had a great relationship with The Blacks?
(And I know - of the many mendacious comments put forth by Trump, this is the most innocuous.)

Trump knows Don King, 
and you Lonzo Ball
are no Don King.

Monday, November 20, 2017

The Gay Coffee Agenda?

 Some are upset (AGAIN) with Starbucks' most recent holiday cup design.
Some see a lesbian couple sharing an intimate Cinnamon Dolce Latte.
I just thought it was a picture of old friends who hadn't seen each other all year.
Some see two gay men holding hands on an alternate cup design.
I just assumed that it a heterosexual couple.

 I had no idea what McDonald's cup design was intended to convey.
Someone said that it was supposed to be a pair of mittens - others saw a man holding his butt cheeks open (I had to laugh at that observation.).

(Dunkin Donuts 'Joy' cups.) Joyous = Merry = Gay?
I guess if one looks hard enough and assumes what they wish - everyone and everything can be seen as 'gay'.
Maybe some people are just projecting.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Same As It Ever Was

Herbal remedies have been around since the beginning of time.
Sure, only minorities or inferior whites suffer from addiction to such substances - but the use of plant based mood enhancers are common across all economic and social strata.

Opium was first banned back in 1875 in San Francisco.
Probably not because the Chinese used it.
It's use probably spread to the homes of well-to-do and influential upperclass whites - and that could be a problem.

So now Kratom is seen as being just as bad as the Opium it was used to replace?

Maybe we should just settle on the legalization of Marijuana.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Sunday, November 12, 2017

MORE Homework ?

You mean these guys?
The Watchers?

Or the Apocryphal Grigori?

Or Hoda Kotb?

SeeNew - why do your answers always require more homework?

Saturday, November 11, 2017

I Hear Banjo Music

Accusations against Roy Moore - the GOP's US Senate hopeful from Alabama (And founder of Foundation for Moral Law ?) - that he initiated sexual contact with a then 14 year old are being defended by Breitbart and others on the right using examples found in the Bible and past age of consent laws in the state at the time
Age of Consent varies by state and each state has it's own exceptions (sometimes contradictory) to their these laws.

When I was 14, I knew a girl named Sophia who was 12.
When she'd come to the community pool, we'd avoid her as though she had the cooties.
The thing was, she looked and was built like Pam Grier - at TWELVE!
For horny teenaged boys - she was just too much.
We'd heard stories that she had already been sexually active but to us she was just too young.

Except for our homeboy Willie.
Willie didn't care.
Willie did what we all thought about but that we could not bring ourselves to actually doing.
Willie came back and told us about how he had gotten together with the girl.
'Man, she's in the sixth grade!?', we'd reply.
For the whole while the girl lived in our complex she became our 'little sister'.
Our job was then to protect her from all the older guys trying to hook-up with her.
We teamed her up with an older girl named Stephanie (another bodied-up and pretty - but age appropriate for us - girl) who was tasked with keeping the young girl out of trouble.
Willie was shunned and teased for his indiscretion and no excuses were made to justify his actions.

We were kids,
in the hood - and we knew what was right and what was wrong.

Heard Any Good Jokes Lately?

What someone does in private with another (or many) consenting adult(s) is none of my business - I have ninety-nine problems of my own to worry about...

But when did just whipping it out and masturbating in front of an imposed-upon woman become the go-to move?
Did these men think such a thirsty act would convince these women (and in some cases, men) that they were somehow missing out on something good?
That if they could only see what they were missing, only then would they become convinced that these men were desirable?

It was just over twenty-five years ago when Paul Rueben's career came crashing down after police interrupted his 'personal time' in a Sarasota, Florida adult theatre.
I'm not saying his 'hole in a bucket of popcorn' move was the most elegant, but no one else was violated. 

Many in Hollywood shunned Pee-Wee.
But not Bill Cosby.
Hmmm, go figure.

Louis C.K., Bill O'Reilly, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Steven Seagal, Dustin Hoffman, Brett Ratner, Jeremy Piven, Andy Dick, and a litany of other high-profile coaches, bosses and politicians (even down to George H W Bush) have all made #MeToo into a rallying cry for women to out men for past indiscretions. 

These days, even in an extremely censorious environment, Pee Wee's indiscretion would be back page news.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Why Does Africa Fail?

Let's dismiss 'scientific' reasons for now.

It's too big.
It's too diverse.
There are too many different ethnicities.
There is no one single religious belief...

All those things may be true but the primary reason Africa fails is that it cannot unite.
The continent has all of the natural resources required for many of its countries to become global players on the world stage - yet they just can't seem to get their shit together.

Myanmar Gaddafi wanted to change all that.
He was dictator, sure - but hard times call for hard leaders.
His calls for a United Africa and his plan to create an African Dinar to replace the Euro and American Dollar were just too much.

But this is not an African thing.
It's not even a Black thing.
The main goal of power is to obtain even more power - by any means necessary.

Like MLK and his Poor People's Campaign - Gaddafi's concept of giving more power to the people who should actually control their local resources was a threat to the establishment's power structure.
As soon as a player can no longer be controlled, they are of no use to the owners and then they are summarily dismissed or eliminated.

Okay, this isn't really about Africa, but America.
The Democrats in particular.

The Democrat party has nothing to hold them together.
Latinx issues are not women's issues.
Women's issues are not LGBTQ issues.
LGBTQ issues are not Black issues.
And so on and so forth,...

The Republican party has something greater than hate to hold them together - they have fear.
Fear of  their White Privilege no longer entitling them to a better life than their parents.
Fear of disparate groups coming together and treating them the way they treated these groups in the past.
Fear of their hallowed institutions and beliefs becoming obsolete.
Fear, is the strongest tool in Trump's repertoire.

Race, in many cases, doesn't matter.
Obama won the election because he promised 'hope'.
People recognized that the country was broken and Obama (as a perceived outsider) was just the man to fix it.
But a president is not a dictator and Obama's hope did not translate to action.
Sure, Obama bailed out the banks,
but he should have bailed out the people.
Sure the stock market improved, but people's bank accounts didn't.
Sure, we had a Black man in the country's highest office,
but this didn't help the Black man in the hood.
Obama proved to be the safe bet for the elites.
(And I have no problem with the elites - I aspire to be one one day.)

As soon as Americans begin to focus on the good of all (even those different from ourselves) and not the illusion of a two-party system - maybe then we will be able to get things done.
As soon as we can put our petty differences aside and begin to focus on what's really important to each individual (Abortion rights, Gay Marriage, or whatever... I don't have dogs in those fights so they're not divisive or definitive issues for me.), maybe then things will change for the better.

Trump is not the answer.
Trump is the new dog with the same fleas and I expect nothing to change for the better.
The real agent of change will represent the little people - all of the little people - and he'll create real problems for the establishment.
Then again, the real change agent will probably be assassinated.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Jan Shedd

Things are a-changin' and many who won in the past will not win in the future.
Many who won by default in the past cannot compete in the present.

It seems that some Tea Party members are not comfortable in accepting their displacement.
It seems that some still hold onto a Twiggy or Audrey Hepburn ideal of beauty (Which is still attractive but it's a level of beauty she could never attain.) and they fail to embrace the more rubenesque body type favored by many men today.

Ms Shedd took to social media in an attempt to throw shade on the thick Dallas weather-bae Demetria Obilor.
But social media wasn't hearing it and no f's were given.

The thing Ms Shedd failed to realize, across almost all racial lines, is that BODY is in.
Ms Obilor resembles J-Lo, Kim-K and Beyonce - today's ideals of beauty.
Racially ambiguous, thick women with curves and a flat stomach are winning.
Ms Shedd failed to realize that she is now deemed obsolete.

Planned Obsolescence (I Blame the Kardashians)

The days of the WASP-dominated media created American may be over.
Sure, they still run things,
but to them - they're slowly being replaced.

And to a point, they are correct.
Gone are the days of the (mostly) virtuous, disciplined, strong-willed leaders.
They've been replaced by thin-skinned, languid and feckless imitators of manhood.
They've been replaced by those who see themselves as victims.

To them, they are being replaced by people who look and act nothing like them.

I blame the Kardashians.

The Kardashian women range from young and thin to mature and thick.
But they're all rich and represent the social exceptionalism most Americans once strived to obtain.
They live the lifestyle most Americans used to aspire to.
For many, they helped to redefine what is considered 'attractive' in America.
And a Kardashian/Jenner woman with a white guy is about as common as a sensible Trump minion.

Even the family's men have deviated from their social programming.
Robert Kardashian helped get a Black man acquitted of killing a blonde white woman.
Jr. knocked-up a sista'.
And Bruce became 'Caitlyn'.

The world is a-changing and it's all the Kardashian's fault.

The Ninth Commandment

If history has taught us anything, the whole Air Force Academy - Racist Graffiti Hoax will not end well for anyone.
Apparently the hoax was perpetrated by a Black cadet in an attempt to deflect attention away from his own previous misconduct at the institution.
The cadet has since been dismissed from the academy but the damage to himself is already done.

It was a little over ten years ago (2006) when Crystal Magnum falsely accused Duke LaCrosse Players of rape.
The judge in the case was a little too anxious to put forth a 'Poor Black Female Victim v. Elite White Males' narrative on the case.
The media jumped all over the story.

Mike Nifong (The judge in the case.) has since been debarred and has spent time in jail.

Crystal Magnum is now serving time for the murder of her then boyfriend.

Karma is a bitch.

It was thirty years ago (1987) that the Reverend Al made his career.
The rotund polemical race baiter presented Tawana Brawley to the media in a case that would gain national attention.

The Good Rev continued to use racial issues to further his career until employers and consumers deemed him obsolete.

Ms Brawley (aka - Thompson or Gutierrez) is now a nurse who owed the former state prosecuting attorney $191,000.00. (With the 9% interest the amount has swelled to a whopping $413,000.00.)

And now this (currently) unknown cadet.
I know those who wrote his reference letters to the academy are regretting their support.
I know are having a field day.
Lt. Gen. Silverman should be fine. He handled the case with a stern yet cool hand so his reputation and career should remain intact.

'Crying Wolf' doesn't often turn out the way it does in cartoons.