Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Game Recognizes Game

 Let's take it from here.
When Bill Clinton chose to play the saxophone on Arsenio Hall, some said that he was not coming across as being 'presidential'.
But the thing is: Bill knew how to play to his audience.
Bill was being a showman.

Regardless of what many partisan voters believe - there is little difference between the philosophical beliefs of these men.

Trump is, and always has been, a showman.
What other role-model could Trump imitate than Vince McMahon?
Each man knew to appeal to the lowest common denominator when selling goods to the general public.
The lower the value - the higher the appeal.

Vince would often play the cad, fool, foil or whatever it took to increase his company's ratings (value).

Now we have this foolishness.
Both Donald Trump and Lonzo Ball are known for making asinine comments and behaving badly.
Both are merely showmen and each is trying to add value to his brand.

Ball could have beaten Jordan?
Trump had a great relationship with The Blacks?
(And I know - of the many mendacious comments put forth by Trump, this is the most innocuous.)

Trump knows Don King, 
and you Lonzo Ball
are no Don King.

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