Monday, June 29, 2015

Was Bo Duke Racist ?

Maybe Tyler Perry was a fan of 'Smallville'...?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

One Cannot Serve Two Masters

This has been an eventful week for me at the club.
The pastor with whom I am at enmity decided not to show up at the NAACP banquet. (The title from the post were my only words uttered to a request for a lunch meeting.)
The candidate being pushed upon us was defeated.
And three rival clubs have closed for good.

Daisy Duke Was Racist?

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Who Stole The Soul ?

Bitches - Don't get mad because a white woman out-Blacked y'all in a more more productive and efficacious manner.

Who Stole The Soul ?

Who Stole The Soul?

Who Stole The Soul?

The NAACP and their constant drive for status and recognition while sitting around their circle-jerks sucking each other's dicks and presenting awards to themselves?
The Black Churches with their pastors who have become more motivational speakers than teachers?
Black 'leaders' with no following?

Or effete boys pretending to be grown men?

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Who Stole The Soul?

I May Be About to Go Out of Business

No, not because the club is doing poorly - maybe it's doing a bit too well.
While one of the nicest clubs in the area, my best patrons are a bit more 'street'. (Yet this still is not the problem.)
The club hosts parties for everyone from ballers (from 'street money' to professional athletes) to private parties for the local Grand Sire of the Boule. (Yet this still not the problem.)
The club's patrons include a mix of races and classes and sexual preferences. (And still, this is not the problem.)

Through the club, I donate to most of the area's local charities. (And this might be the problem.)
By supporting charities I tend to meet many of the movers and shakers in the area.
By being in a bar setting, many from such charities drop by the club to support me and sometimes some become intoxicated and tell their business. (Which is still not a problem as I tend to 'remember nothing'.)

We are in the middle of a run-off for a hotly contested city council seat for one the city's Black districts. As each candidate seeks support - some make deals with those who may not have the area's constituents' best interests as their own.
Some deals are said to be made between candidates, pastors of the area's largest churches and a white lawyer (who made close to a billion dollars in Texas' tobacco settlements) who is said to already have most of the city's politicians on his payrolls.

As I happen to be sitting at the same table at an upcoming NAACP gala this weekend, I plan to call those involved in this intrigue out.
Will there be retaliation? I expect it.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

When Did Black Women at Da' Club...

Begin to wish to look like women who are trying to look like men who are trying to look like women.
From having ones eyebrows on fleek to having their faces beaten - nightclub ho's are disgusting.