Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I Don't Understand 'Popularity'

To be honest with you - 'Popularity' is for suckers.
My club is doing well (maybe even TOO well).
I get free stuff all the time. The thing is, when some people see that other people give me free ish, these people seem to want to give me whatever it is that they have to offer.
I don't even keep or use the stuff being given.
Most of the time I just give it to my patrons at the club.
But this creates another problem. Those who receive these gifts often turn around and give me more and better gifts in return - which I dole out to other customers.

I rarely have the chance to use tickets - so I give away more tickets than Ticket Master.
If the timing is right and I actually have the time to show up at an event - I try to sit as far out of the way a as possible. But this seems to make the hosts of the events upset. I guess center table and/or front row people are supposed to sit with center table/front row people. By my choosing to sit out of the way (I do this because most of the time I will have to leave early) I have been told that I am being 'uppity' by whites and that I am 'acting funny' by Blacks.

By not trying to a part of the 'in group' (I have children to mentor and elderly ladies to check on) I seem to be creating a more 'in-in group'.

Was Yahweh Just a Boy?

Ridley Scott's Exodus portrays God as an immature, jealous, spiteful accident prone and emotional being.
If the universe is just 13bn years old and God is going to live for all eternity - how old would he be if he were human?
Is God still learning HOW to be GOD?

Brotha's In the Bible Loved Them Some Sista's

 Solomon probably hooked-up with the Queen of Sheba - The Song of Solomon was probably written about her.
But why does Hollywood seem to have a tough time showing characters from the Bible as anything other than 'white'

I just watched the most recent rendition of the tale of Moses. While kind-of boring, what really caught my eye was that Zipporah was once again European.
Okay, I'll give you that Cleopatra was more than likely more European than African - being a descendant of the Ptolemies and all. 
But can't we get some color in a historical or Biblical story?

I mean, in something other than the animated form?

Why not cast Zoe Saldonna?

While she seems reluctant to claim that she is Black (Similar to Vin Deisel doing so in order to play the largest variety of parts.)
The current Black box office queen's highest grossing movies are those in which her 'race' is questionable.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Forget All the Gadgets..

I want THIS Memphis Milano-inspired Apple watch.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Sick of Bitches

Okay, I get it - bullying is bad.
I'm just sick of all these trophy-for-nothing bitches complaining whenever someone may have his feelings hurt.
Who in the heck made Vanderbilt coach Kevin Stallings apologize after he did his job and tried to instill good sportsmanship into one of his players?
What bitch-assed commentator thought Mr Stallings was wrong?
This is Vanderbilt - not a public school with low academic and cultural standards.
Man, I'm just sick of the bitchification of sports being propagated by effete mama's boys

I'm Wrong (Quite Often, Actually)

Like the whole black/blue v. white/gold dress debate - my points of view can shift depending upon which highlights I focus.

(To tell the truth, when scrolling from the top down I could only see the white/gold dress. Until I scrolled from the bottom up. It was only then that I could see the black/blue dress. Odd, the dress is actually black and blue but I could only see things the way they actually are when I looked at them from the bottom up.)