Thursday, August 31, 2017

Marshall Law ?

The city is filled with military water rescue  helicopters.
Our port is filled with military vehicles that were said to be shipped to overseas wars.
The most informative newscaster has had her station knocked off the air.
There is only one way in and out of the city - all other roads and highways are flooded.
Levees, dams and reservoirs are breached.
The water filtration system broke -  leaving us with no running water for up to a week.
Many homes are without electricity.
There are food shortages.
Curfew is in effect.
And I live in the least educated city in America and the third most crime ridden in Texas.

This is beginning to sound like a bad idea for a movie.

Epic (Failure)

 After waking up to take a dookie and relax after a hectic day, I grabbed a tablet to catch up on the goings on on my club's facebook page.

'City Without Water', was the headline on many posts.
I'm dropping a big one and we no longer have water service?
All I have is one good flush?
And how am I supposed to wash my hands?

Luckily, I've been through hurricanes before.
I keep bottles, gallons, buckets and bathtubs filled with water.
But what of those who went to bed believing the promises by our local politicians that our water sources were functional and secure?

All they have left is one good flush.

Houston is getting all of the attention and funding but the city's 2.4 million residents are only a fraction of the 7 million affected by Harvey.
Sure, Trump says that local, state and the federal governments are doing a great job during this 'epic' storm but someone has dropped the ball.

Many are without housing, electricity and now water.
My daughter organized an exchange of goods and services at one of the clubs.
If someone has toiletries, water, non-perishable foods, cleaning supplies, clothing, monetary donations, whatever... - they just drop it off at the club.
If someone wants supplies or the help of a tradesman they can leave with whatever they need.

I've learned that we cannot count on the government to supply our needs.
When the SHTF, I've learned that family, friends and relationships are more valuable than money.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

I Ain't Mad at Her

 I have no problem with Melania - she's just married to the man.
Some were mad at her 'Disaster Barbie' look.
I thought she looked kind-of sporty.

She was even fashionable in her Storm Wear ensemble.

I think she even looked nice with the heels - or is it heals?

People are losing everything and some think that they're fashion critics for Vogue?
Y'all fat, ugly, haters need to get some business.

A Brave New World -Life on Acid

What if 'we' (okay, machines) could create a more efficient being made with more efficient materials?
Would we even recognize the end result or would we fear it..
 If a machine could create 'life' based on its art it would appear alien.
 What's up with all the dog/squirrel faces?
Why so many eyes?
Even when fed existing human art - what is important and what must be altered?

Seriously, even with an almost recognizable form - what's up with the puppy/squirrel eyes.

If A.I. we're to create life using its own art and optimal materials and that was smarter than humans - is this how the world would look?

Monday, August 28, 2017

Houston, We Have a Problem

People will believe anything.
Or nothing at all.
Or the wrong things.

My club's facebook page is filled with people claiming that Obama is in Houston feeding the homeless.
Hotep brotha's will believe and repeat anything - even if it's wrong.

And Trump may be over-stating.
A 'great job'?
I hope Trump isn't having his 'Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job.' moment reminiscent of the younger Bush.
The truth is, it's too early to tell how well anyone is doing.

People in Texas have been through enough hurricanes to know that the eastern side of the storm is the 'dirty side'.
Well, and the northern edge too.
So if the storm makes landfall in or near Corpus Christi - the majority of the rain and flooding will occur in Galveston,
 or Houston or anywhere in the northeastern outer bands.

Houston is still home to many refugees from Katrina.
I was doing volunteer work in the hood last month and one refugee commented that we needed another hurricane so that everyone could make a come-up.
(I wonder if this dude and his family are once again homeless and looking for their next government lick?)

My club's facebook page is littered with woke idiots.
To them, everything is a government conspiracy to eradicate Black people in America.
This (and many other) shark on the freeway photo has people scared to travel.
If I read another story about how HAARP is being used to create hurricanes to destroy minority cities I'm joining the Alt-Right.

Honestly, Houston is a mess.
The BYU-LSU game has been moved from Houston to New Orleans.
Houston is about ten-times larger than New Orleans and with this storm we had less than half the notice.
FEMA has improved since its response to Katrina but I doubt it will able to overcome a largely dependant class of victims as large as that in Houston.

Similar to NOLA, Houston had/has a Black mayor.
The VMAs were last weekend so Trump doesn't have to worry about Kanye stealing the mic to point out how little he cares about Black people.

Similar to Katrina, Houston mayor Sylvester Turner failed to issue any type of mandatory evacuation order.
Unlike Nagin opening the Superdome as a refuge of last resort - Turner failed to set up such a refuge at the Astrodome (or any other public facilities).

The flooding is about to get worse and Spike Lee can suck a dick.

The high pressure systems to the east and west of Harvey are holding the storm in place over southeast Texas.
With tons of water unable to be absorbed into the ground, flooding will occur, levees may be breached and dams may fail.
The easiest way to control the direction and speed of this overabundance of water is to intentionally release water from dams and levees.

Houston is called the 'Bayou City' for a reason.
It's built on a swamp.
And these swamps and bayous regularly overflow.
This time around the city seems to want to save its downtown - it's money maker.

A release from reservoirs is planned later this week.
And guess who gets flooded?
No, not the hood.
The 5th (unlike the 9th in NOLA) may benefit from its proximity to downtown.
Suburban, semi-affluent, mostly white areas will bear the burden of being the lamb sacrificed in order to save the city's financial core.

Closer to home, an alligator and exotic animal preserve is being flooded.
Over 350 alligators will be able to swim freely around town.
Snakes and lizards are also set to be freed.

As the eye is the storm is set to travel directly over us in two days, I'm feeling as though I'm in the middle of a bad syfy channel movie.

Before Trump decides to issue his all-clear - he may want to make sure the storm has passed and all FEMA and Red Cross support systems are in place.

And now the hustle starts.
As soon as a place is declared a disaster area, gamers begin to game.
Shiiid - I know people still living off of Katrina benefits.
If someone doesn't really work, rents an abode and is already on public assistance - they can likely count on a government funded vacation with perks paid for by private charities.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Only the Best *

Highest Paid Actors 
1 Matt Damon
2 Tom Cruise
3 Johnny Depp
4 Jennifer Lawrence
5 Ben Affleck
6 Melissa McCarthy
7 Robert Downey Jr
8 Brad Pitt
9 Leonardo DiCaprio
10 Chris Pratt
(* 1 Dwayne Johnson, 2 Jackie Chan, 8 Vin Diesel were eliminated to ensure that only white people were counted)

Highest Paid Musical Artists
1 Taylor Swift
2 One Direction
3 Adele
4 Madonna
5 Garth Brooks
6 AC/DC 
7 Rolling Stones
8 Calvin Harris
9 Bruce Springsteen
10 Paul McCartney
(* 4 Rihanna and 10 Diddy were deemed not eligible for inclusion.)

Highest Paid Athletes
1 Ronaldo
2 Lionel Messi
3 Roger Federer
4 Novac Djokovic
5 Phil Mickelson
6 Jordan Spieth
7 Eli Manning
8 Joe Flacco
9 Tom Brady
10 Rory McIlroy
(* 3 LeBron James, 5 Kevin Durant, 7 Cam Newton, 10 Kobe Bryant were not included. ** Does Ronaldo count as 'white'? I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.)

See where this is going here?
Each list is fine even with the adjustments for whiteness - the list of athletes even has a certain symmetry to it.
But next we could eliminate women, then anyone who is LBGTIQ, then any non-Christians, then any non-Americans, then... .
Until every list is wholly  straight, white, Christian, American and male.
I'm pretty sure this would be the list the Alt-Right would like to see.
It's like saying that Babe Ruth was the greatest baseball player ever.
Sure, but only if we ensured that only white males were able to compete.

In spite of the over-compensation rhetoric of the 'Woke, Everything Was Invented by Blacks, Hotep' brotha's and the 'Everthing Was Created by Whites, 1488ers - I'm pretty sure that all knowledge, skill and beliefs were built upon the cumulative input from all cultures and that they were based on the cultures that came before them (and/or they were taken from cultures with which they've come into contact.).

I guess I understand the frustration of lonely white scrubs living in a world where they can't compete.
They've had to sit back and watch as others have excelled while they spew the resentment they've held inside since the election of Obama.
(If they had to sit through years of a female POTUS there may have actually been another Civil War.)

Honestly, this is just crazy.
It's not even a racial issue.
I'm sure that those who can excel in a diverse economy aren't even worried about race.
Those Blacks who can't compete blame it on white racism while those whites who cannot compete blame it on minority entitlements, Affirmative Action and race traitors.
IMOHO - These people don't know which side they're fighting for.

(Black dudes with Confederate flags and white dudes with BLM banners on opposing sides?)

Texas Two Step

Hurricane Harvey developed out of nowhere and with little notice turned into a category 4 storm with projected rainfall being measured in feet and not inches.

People here in Texas are vexed this week.
First - Many were mad that they didn't get to see the totality of the eclipse (In spite of being told in advance that they wouldn't.).
Then a small 3.2 earthquake hits near Dallas.
Then Hurricane Harvey makes landfall near Corpus Christi.
(Next the Raiders come to town to beat up on the Cowboys.)
Then Hurricane Harvey gets trapped between two high pressure areas and decides to do a Texas Two Step and is projected to possibly make landfall twice!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Give Trump Some Credit

 Some like to claim that Trump has yet to accomplish anything in his short time in office.
Oh but au contraire mon frère....

Trump has continued the stock market gains of Obama's tenure.

Since Trump announced his intention to run for the Presidency - two (TWO!) Black women have won the Miss USA Pageant.
In the sixty-five years of the pageant's existence there have only been ten Black women to wear the crown and twenty percent have served since Trump's announcement of his intended presidential run. 

Trump has made hate groups so confident that it has become easier to dox their members. 

Illegal immigration has fallen.

The 'dump' of a White House has been renovated and repaired.

Civil War monuments are being removed at a record pace.
I guess there are non-racists 'on both sides'.

Tom Brady and his Patriots won their fifth Super Bowl title.
(That didn't happen under Obama.)

Trump has demonstrated that he is willing to eliminate inept cabinet members.

The DOJ investigation of Trump has revealed just how corrupt all of DC is.

Civil Rights era 'leaders' have been exposed as being obsolete and ineffectual. 

And Trump has proven that anyone can grow up to be President.

So how's this for a list of accomplishments?
(It can't be any worse than the one put forth by his supporters.)

I Still Blame the Kardashians

Damn, the Crying Nazi (Chris Cantwell) got banned from OkCupid?
I guess this just proves that these dudes are just no-game losers (Think: Remy in Higher Learning.).
I guess he now has more time to polish his gun in a lonely hotel room while trolling on his sticky laptop.

If only the Kardashians liked shrubs...

Mel > Tyra > Heidi

I don't watch too much television but my girlfriend does.
As I walked in tonight I plopped down to watch America's Got Talent with her.

'There's your girl.', she said.
' Who? Mel B.?', I replied.
'I thought you liked Tyra.', she continued.

The thing is - I DO like Tyra  (I like tall women).
Heidi Klum is also tall, fit and attractive.
But there is just something about Mel B.
The accent, the perfect proportions,.... .
I don't know what is is about her but there's just something about her.

Needless to say my girl got mad.
(Tyra is okay but Mel B. was just too much?)

Too Many Whites

As I thought about a Trump Troll's comment that minorities are a Cancer to the world I thought to reply that that may be a fair comparison but what would that make white people?
I haven't fully thought out this comparison but this is my starting point.

If we use the Gaia hypothesis as our starting point where white blood cells represent white people and red blood cells represent people of color - similar to the real world this would make 'minorities' the actual majority.

Sure, white blood cells serve a purpose in alleviating disease but is there a problem when white blood cells out number the red bloods cells and they run rampant?

Are white blood cells the solution to a problem or is their undue presence the actual problem?
Is European colonisation a form of Leukemia to mother earth?

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

'Military Exercise'

They always say that an increase in military shipping is just a previously scheduled 'exercise'.
My rental properties are directly across the street from the busiest American port in terms of tonnage of military equipment shipped.
And these docks are a hoppin'.
Rail lines and ports are currently filled with beige, dark brown and pale green.
I guess Trump plans on doing more than just talking when he speaks poorly of America's enemies.

Reality Culture

'To whomever much is given, of him will much be required ; and to whom much was entrusted, of him more will be asked.' or so says the Word.

Who has benefited from Trump's election?
1. The Rich (I wouldn't know, my taxes are still same.)
2. Stephen Colbert (He has made a career off of Trump's follies.)
3. Twitter.

But Twitter is a double-edged sword and Louise Linton has learned the hard way.
The Treasury Secretary's (Steve Mnuchin) wife felt it was appropriate to name-drop luxury brands while disembarking a publicly funded plane - and boy did Twitter let her have it.
And what made the since-deleted post worse was that she took the time to reply to those who criticized her.
Whatever happened to quietly and humbly enjoying one's wealth without having to brag about it?

A little over a decade ago, the beast that is Star Jones felt the wrath of the public when she turned her wedding into a promotional opportunity.
People felt that any respectable being would think that such commercialization was cheap, tawdry, déclassé.. even 'ghetto'.

These days, things have changed.

I blame the Kardashian/Jenner clan.
The K/J women are so cold that one of their men decided to become one of the women.

Have a sex tape? No problem - it only makes you more desirable.
Marry a crackhead? Milk the situation for sympathy which makes you more desirable.
Prance around like an underage sylph? Don't worry, men will wait until you're 18 so that they can legally comment on your hotness in public.
Date/marry a Black guy? Don't worry, that was the taboo of your parent's generation. (And much of the reason behind the whole 'Make America White Again' movement.)
Your husband becomes your ex-wife? No problem just get butt implants to mimic your son's baby-mama.

The only reality stars bigger than Trump are the K/Js.
Sure, Trump likes to boast but the K/Js have turned it into a successful business model.
Maybe Ms Linton wanted to jump on the reality train.
Maybe she assumed that she could cash in.
I don't know. Maybe the times are a-changin'.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Where the White Women At?

Maybe the women in the Alt-Right don't like mosquitos? 
Looking at photos from the recent Charlottesville rally there doesn't seem to be many women actively engaged in protesting while holding citronella torches.
Maybe they knew that there was a likelihood of violence so they sent their men to do a man's job.

I really do understand.
After decades of Civil Rights and Title IX advances just being an average white guy in America is not enough to guarantee your success.
You yearn for a simpler time.
A time reminiscent of Happy Days, Mad Men, or The Donna Reed Show.
A time before Obama, the Williams Sisters and Hip-Hop.
A time when just being white almost guaranteed that you were right.

Your ideal is Barbie and Ken.
Good looking, fit, active - white society at its best.

But even Barbie and Ken have evolved.
Tubby Ken, Black Ken, Hipster Ken,...
These days, even Barbie has a multi-ethnic circle of friends.

And as every boy who has a sister knows,
Barbie has always preferred the alpha male Joe anyway.

So now it's time for the white male to assert his manhood.
(Even if it means working with gay authors, activists and provocateurs.)
It's time for the white male to reclaim his societal losses and to prove that he is more manly than Ken - that he is the Alpha-Joe.

Sure, that's fine.
I'm not sure I like the look of Antifa anyway.

The Alt-Left (BAMN, Antifa, Black Lives Matter,.....) hipsters seem to be spoiling for a fight as well.
The thing that's odd about the left though is the over-representation of womyn.
It seems as though the womyn on the left are the impetus.
It seems that the womyn are the leaders.
(Not that there is anything necessarily wrong with that.)
This whole Alt-Left v. Alt-Right  battle is looking more and more like a bunch of gay men fighting against lesbians. 

(How the Alt-Right views itself on social media.)

Either that or a bunch of of no-game Kens trying to dress up and pretend that they're Joes.

Honestly, I'm happy Trump won.
The racial truce agreed upon by many under Obama seems to be null and void so it makes it easier to see who represents the 35%.
Even at his peak Obama had only about a 63% approval rating.
What about that other 37%?
Well, those are the same 37% who still view Trump favorably - those who will never be swayed nor convinced otherwise.