Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Does Size Matter To Women?

Then they should avoid Asia.

Conquest... War... Famine... and Death

 Sound Familiar?
 Conquest - US military bases world wide.
 War - Middle East
 Famine - Sudan

Sexy Gorilla?

How does Serena Williams go from being compared to a gorilla...
To being deemed, "Too Sexy For TV"?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Starter Business

 People develop, they progress.
Ones first house is rarely his best house.
 Ones first car is usually a bucket.
 Ones first creative project is usually filled with stereotypes.
And ones first business is probably just something to make money.

Monday, March 28, 2011


 Imagine seeing Mo'Nique getting beat down by Rashida Jones.
 (When I see Mo'Nique and her wannabees - this is what I see, only less elegant.)
 But I had to laugh as a Rashida Jones look-a-like proceeded to beat down a Mo' Nique look-a-like who was intent on taking up most of the dance floor at one of the clubs.
(Yeah... I like Quincy's daughter - maybe it's the freckles.)
"Quiet skinny girl beats down pushy big girl? " - hilarious.
 A crack head walked up to me to ask if needed some slightly used windshield wipers.
"How much?", I asked.
"Five Bucks", he said.
Yeah, I bought them and then gave them back to the people who were missing wipers from their cars parked outside.
A Windshield Wiper Hustle?
Damn, he's got some nerve.
(But it was clever.)


 Since antiquity, humans have discarded the remains of their dead.
The Bible warns it's followers to abstain from dead bodies or those who handle them.
 Why are mass graves found throughout history?
What harm could a dead body be?
 The easiest example to see in nature can be found by observing ants.
Ants also remove their dead from among them.
 Cancerous tumors are said to contain large amounts of dead cancer cells.
Is Cancer acting in the same manner?
Can it's dead be harmful to their living?
Cancer is now thought to be caused by bacteria.
A bacteriophage is a natural enemy to bacteria - even the most drug resistant bacteria.
Can we fight Cancer with the use of phages?
Is Cancer caused by the failure of phage colonies in the human body?
Are adjuvants in medications (along with other factors) causing this collapse to occur?
Can we use dead Cancer cells to kill living Cancer cells?

"Die Luft der Freineit weht"

 People don't hate (on) "Winning" - people hate (on) winners.
Sure, Charlie may have taken himself too seriously but he was on to something.
People don't hate Duke because they maintain strict admission standards, or because their teams are 'Too White", or because their Lacrosse team was wrongly accused of a gang rape.
People hate Duke because they win.
Did I cheer as a West Coast team beat the Blue Devils?
Sure, I HATE Duke.
But I hate Arizona as well.
Being a USC fan currently living in Texas - I'll root for USC, then any team from SoCal, then from Cali, them from the West Coast, then anyone playing against Duke.
Why do I HATE Duke?
Because I liked The Fab Four and I liked the Coach Tark era UNLV Runnin' Rebels.
I hate Duke because they beat the teams I liked - not because they adhere to tough economic and social admission standards.
If the argument is against tough standards and elitism - why don't people HATE Stanford?
Stanford is the best school in the land academically and it is the best school (all-around) in sports (winning the Sears Director's Cup every year except one).
No one really hates Duke for the reasons stated - you HATE Duke because Duke beat your team and does so most years.
 Like I said, People don't hate winning - people HATE winners.

Fat Ho Burger ?

 Marketing Genius.
I've been to Waco and, unless you're a Baylor Bear fan, there's nothing there.
So when the story broke that a twenty three year old Black woman put herself through college to open and own a burger joint, "Good", I thought.
But then I read that she named her spot "Fat Ho Burgers".
"Even better", I thought.

Everyone is always preaching that people should own their own but then they always want to tell them how to own.
Why is this name offensive?
Is it the imagery that the term provokes?
Do most people think of a fat, greasy, Black woman when they hear the term?
 Fatburger didn't offend all fat people.
 What if their mascot was a fat white woman - would people still be offended?
 Or what if the mascot was a white 'skinny ho'?
 There are a lot of strange names when it comes to our dining experiences.
Some intentional - some not.
Would you be offended while dining at Chewy Balls in Houston, Texas?
Sounds like a man requesting that his girl get out of bed to make him a sandwich after having sex.
 Yellowbone, Redbone, Light Skinned, Dark and Lovely, whatever...
Flavors of Negros has all kinds.
 Umm... do I really need to comment on this one?
 Or on this one? (Although all those pussies look kind of dried me.)
 Or here?
 Or here?
 I don't know what kind of vagina a 'Tandoori' version is but...
 It's gotta' be better than eating a can full of "Shitto".
 Unless you're So Gay...
In this case, you might be interested in a bit of Young Dong.
 Pimp's Ho's, whatever...
Fat Ho has it all.
IMOHO - The problem people have with Lakita Evans' restaurant is that they immediately think of a Black woman when they hear the term "Fat Ho Burger".
As shown - it's only a name.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Don't Panic!

In an effort to mitigate the effects of any fallout from Japan's nuclear reactors, citizens in China have politely bought all availible salt in local stores. (While salt does contain iodine, the amounts are so small that it would not block radiation from reaching ones thyroid.)
Now news sources are reporting that people want their money back after buying regular table salt at up to six times it's normal cost.

They Can't All Be Classics

 The best thing about watching movies at home is that one can always press' pause', one can always change the movie if it's bad and talking is not only allowed but it's encouraged.
It's Spring Break here and my young cousins have been working hard making repairs for relatives and neighbors.
Sure, going out to see the newest blockbuster would be cool but they have to save their money for the upcoming fair.

I usually try to group movies by genre.
War movies, Comedies, Action Flicks, Kung Fu movies or by directors or production companies. 
One cousin wanted to watch the original Scream.
"Sure, not a problem. But I get to pick the other two."
Sometimes the kids get bored watching classic films, but not this time.
Today's connection was "The Arquette Family Films".
 Many kids like action, some like cussin' - Pulp Fiction (Rosanna Arquette) has plenty of both.
(Rated; four out of five stars by the kids. Good thing I didn't pick Desperately Seeking Susan for Rosanna's entry.)
 Even though these kids have seen Scream (David Arquette) several times, this is the one slasher flick that gets them going.
My den was as lively as a Magic Johnson theater in the middle of the hood on a Friday night.
(Rated five out of five stars by the kids.)

Patricia Arquette is the featured family member in True Romance.
"That's so-and-so from (fill in the blank)!", they yelled whenever they recognised an actor.
(Rated; five out of five stars.)
The kids weren't even offended by the use of the word "Nigger" in either Tarantino film.

My cousins' mothers can never understand why my cousins like to hang out with me even though I'm strict and I make them do work.
But I do something they don't.
I listen to their opinions, I talk to them, I spend time (not just money) with them, I teach them not just tell them how to do something.

Three-6ixes Healthcare Law

 Maybe Obama is a Zionist after all and he's trying to hasten the Second Coming.
By signing the the bill (effective sometime in 2014), President Obama just made you easier to track.
Most Americans will be required purchase health insurance or pay a fine.
But low-income Americans will not be forced to purchase insurance - most will have Medicare instead.
 But we all know how rampant identity theft seems to be.
Maybe we will be forced to have some type of chip implanted which keeps track of our financial transactions as well.
Or to prevent someone from cutting your chip from your flesh - maybe we will be required to have bars which can be scanned instead.

I'm not big on conspiracy theories (There are far too many variables to make most work.) but recent events seem to make betting on the Book of Revelations the only sure thing.