Friday, March 18, 2011

Not PC But You Know That Ish Was Funny

By now, everyone has seen the video of the fat kid turning the other cheek.
Apparently, the little skinny kid thought that the fat kid had three cheeks.
But then... Blam!!!
Down goes the bully.... down goes the bully!!!
As the bully stumbles away his friend feigns toughness to try to protect his big mouthed (but small arsed) friend only to be pushed away by a girl.

Don't get me wrong, I've done my share of bullying and I've been bullied (kind of).
It's just part of growing up.
I've been whooped up and down the block, I've been jumped and I've been threatened.
Sure, it hurt - but I always walked away and the same kids never tested me again.


CNu said...

The slammer was a saint. He just got the little punk off of him and walked away.

When I experienced my Casey Haynes epiphany I was 11 and I stomped the little f-er a couple times after slamming him into the ground.

It was at a little league baseball team practice. Not only did I never have a moment's trouble anytime after on the team and in the league, I never had any more trouble in my neighborhood either.

lol, news traveled fast back in the day about a black belt in ka-razy...,

Anonymous said...

Happened to my eldest who was a quiet well mannered kid in elementary. I told him show him what you're made of! Hit him back with all you've got (My son was a biggie). Believe me, neither he nor anyone will mess with you again. And that's exactly the way it went! :)

uglyblackjohn said...

Man... I had a big sister with an even bigger mouth who would always talk shit to even bigger kids.
I spent much of my early childhood trying to defend my sister against dudes who would just punish me.
I didn't have to worry about the kids my age (unless I was being jumped into a new neighborhood).

For me it was the seventh grade when we'd get hazed by the eighth graders.
I didn't let them; drag me on the across the lawn until my nuts were run into a tree, throw me in the urinals after PE, throw me in the trash cans after lunch,... .
I wasn't a thug but I'd fight.
After a winning enough fights against kids my size or bigger - the most people would do was to talk shit in groups but no one even stepped.

uglyblackjohn said...

@ Desertflower - Really? A WOMAN telling her son to defend himself?
In this day and age?
Are you married? ;)

CNu said...


you were a bad "return on investment" uncle John...,

Anonymous said...

After divorce I was both mother and father to my sons. We were here, the dad was in the U.S. Some decisions were discussed via phone but most were my responsibility alone. And, no I'm not married. I no longer believe in "marriage"

Reggie said...

John when big boy picked that little punk up and slammed him on the ground I laughed out loud. That was what I would call a teachable moment. He won't do that shit again anytime soon.