Tuesday, March 1, 2011


SeeNew said; "from a pure quality of life perspective, it's never desirable to be the smartest guy in the room..."
"College Boy", "Pretty Boy", "Skinny Bitch", "Bougie", whatever.
Isn't having a education a desirable thing?
Isn't being good looking a good thing?
Isn't being fit better than being fat?
What's wrong with being only 'Middle Class'? (Okay, a lot of things but many imagine the Bourgeois as being members of the Upper Class not just members of an aspirational and acquisitive middle-class.)

Some say that Blacks don't value education, that they hate the social standards of other cultures in regards to ones looks, that being fat is the default state of being, that they hate anyone better than themselves.
But this is more a question of status than one of race alone.
Recently, I heard:
Joy Behar call some woman a 'Skinny Bitch" on The View,
uneducated but well paid white oil workers referring to their Black superior as a "College Boy",
a group of guys call me a "Pretty Boy",
and a group of affectational women refer to a much better looking and better educated woman as "Bougie".

Maybe SeeNew is correct in his assertion.
But being better than others in anything can be socially daunting.


brohammas said...

I agrees with SeeNew but only that if you are the smartest or beast in the room then you simply arent trying to better yourself.
If I find all my friends agree with me on everything, I need more diverse friends; if my ideas are never challenged than they never get better.

DF said...

It's best to be better in arenas that are hidden or not understandable by the masses.

The best in everything attracts people so really the envy is from the attention not from the intelligence.

It's mainly people who decide to show they are the best outwardly that face these kind of issues. After one leaves school no one knows that you are nuclear scientist. If you dress down or more normal then the average person will assume you are average too. Being attractive is only a problem with people who are thirsty for sex and attention, otherwise if you can pull who cares what Chico DeBarge does.

If you're better keep it to yourself or only pull it out when it benefits you. Otherwise unless you keep it to yourself you'll develop haters.

uglyblackjohn said...

@ brohammas - Which is why I have a fairly diverse set of friends.
I have no interest in who is similar to myself - only in who was the best at what I am trying to do.
Like when Lebron sought out Warren Buffet's advice - the king went to the sage.
Race didn't even come into play, only who was the best.

@ FreeMan - Most of the time it comes out anyway.
The smartest will be found out when the others start to learn.
The wealthiest will be found out when others begin to acquire riches and then notice that the wealthy guy already has that which they are still seeking.
Looks are hard to hide but they can be disguised by drawing attention to other attributes and dressing down but people will always think that a good looking person benefits from his/her looks.

It's said that the cream always rises - maybe this is true.
Even when one tries to hide his resources/knowledge/skills in a foreign environment - he will ultimately use these attributes and then again become one of the rulers.
I'm starting to think that some people who succeed sould succeed in almost anything, while many of those who fail would fail in anything.
If this is the case - what is the impetus?
From whence volition?
Can volition be taught or is it inherent only in those who would do well?
Everything we need to excell is readily availible to us - why do most people choose not to take advantage of it?
(Housing is free for many - school is free for he who would study and excell - food is free from food banks, the Salvation Army, soup kitchens, etc... - morality is taught at every church/temple/mosque - clothes are given out or cheap at the Goodwill - every necessity is met by one program or another.)
But why do most people pursue status before seeking stability?

The whole premise for my creating this blog is simple;
Can ANYONE succeed?
If so, can this be taught to all?
Every post deals with finding a way to having everyone live their own best life (If this is at all possible).
But some people WILL always be better than others - and that's okay.
Not everyone wants to be on the cover a magazne, have a reality show or become rich and famous.
Not everyone can.
IMOHO - People should just do the best with what they have, as this will lead to them having more (if so desired).
What others do has little impact on our own happiness.
And ones happiness (so long as it is not at the expence of others) is all that matters.