Monday, March 28, 2011


 Imagine seeing Mo'Nique getting beat down by Rashida Jones.
 (When I see Mo'Nique and her wannabees - this is what I see, only less elegant.)
 But I had to laugh as a Rashida Jones look-a-like proceeded to beat down a Mo' Nique look-a-like who was intent on taking up most of the dance floor at one of the clubs.
(Yeah... I like Quincy's daughter - maybe it's the freckles.)
"Quiet skinny girl beats down pushy big girl? " - hilarious.
 A crack head walked up to me to ask if needed some slightly used windshield wipers.
"How much?", I asked.
"Five Bucks", he said.
Yeah, I bought them and then gave them back to the people who were missing wipers from their cars parked outside.
A Windshield Wiper Hustle?
Damn, he's got some nerve.
(But it was clever.)


Anonymous said...

BD would have called the cops...

uglyblackjohn said...

It wasn't MY club - I was just supporting another group.
The guy would have been long gone and people would still not have had their wipers.