Monday, March 28, 2011

"Die Luft der Freineit weht"

 People don't hate (on) "Winning" - people hate (on) winners.
Sure, Charlie may have taken himself too seriously but he was on to something.
People don't hate Duke because they maintain strict admission standards, or because their teams are 'Too White", or because their Lacrosse team was wrongly accused of a gang rape.
People hate Duke because they win.
Did I cheer as a West Coast team beat the Blue Devils?
Sure, I HATE Duke.
But I hate Arizona as well.
Being a USC fan currently living in Texas - I'll root for USC, then any team from SoCal, then from Cali, them from the West Coast, then anyone playing against Duke.
Why do I HATE Duke?
Because I liked The Fab Four and I liked the Coach Tark era UNLV Runnin' Rebels.
I hate Duke because they beat the teams I liked - not because they adhere to tough economic and social admission standards.
If the argument is against tough standards and elitism - why don't people HATE Stanford?
Stanford is the best school in the land academically and it is the best school (all-around) in sports (winning the Sears Director's Cup every year except one).
No one really hates Duke for the reasons stated - you HATE Duke because Duke beat your team and does so most years.
 Like I said, People don't hate winning - people HATE winners.

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