Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sick of 'Racism'.

Since Ferguson, many in my community have sought to prevent such happenings from occurring here.
With the MLK holiday, Tom Joyner and his crew coming to town and Obama's speach-a-fying... Some within this racially segregated community are reaching across traditional barriers in an effort to combat discrimination predicated on ones race.
My club, while mostly Black, is a friendly spot where everyone is welcome.
My crowd runs from gay, white couples to face-tattooed, gold toothed, dope-boys and their THOTs...
My club, it is said, is the first Black-owned nightclub that 'respectable' white people want to patronize.
Because of this, I have been asked by a group of white lawyers, politicians and businessmen to act as a bridge between many disparate groups and organizations.

In all honesty - I don't have time for racism. I have better things to do.
I have never been a victim of racism - only 'attempted racism'.
Most people, regardless of race, can do nothing to nor for me.
I'm not sure what purpose I would serve on such a well meaning commission.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Even Worse Than the Book - But No Worse Than Most Preachers

I finally watch the last installment of the 'Atlas Shrugged' movies.
The book (as is true with much of Ayn Rand's writing) is tedious but the movie was laughable.
I guess people will follow any leader who tells them that which they would like to be true.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

We Could Have Just Played a Regular Rose Bowl Game

I'm a USC fan.
Then a 'Any Team From California' fan.
Then a Pac-8/10/12 fan.
All this drama over a college football playoff and the fight for a national title comes down to two teams who would have met in the Rose Bowl anyway?

I 'Knew' Stuart Scott...

No, I've never met him, have never shaken his hand nor have I ever even seen him in person.
But Stuart was one of 'us'.

I've worked in bars and/or clubs for years. Working late night shifts and waking up at the crack of noon were common for us.
Back in the day, after work, we'd stop at a fast food joint and grab a few burgers and make it home in time to watch The Deuce.
Even though Keith Olberman was set to anchor the newer and hipper network - Stuart Scott became it's star.

Stuart was 'hood' without being 'ghetto'.
Stuart dressed like us, spoke like us and even looked like us.
Suzy Kolber would squint and giggle as Stuart would deliver lines similar to those found in the conversations of those from a certain demographic (all while expanding the lexicon of another more established demographic). (1)
Stuart was no Jim Hill, Greg nor Bryant Gumbel, nor any of the other sterile, static and deliberate sportscasters to be found on television at the time. (Stuart could bring his 'Blackness' to a corporate environment and still thrive.)
Stuart brought personality and pop-culture references to a confused but enthusiastic audience.
Stuart Scott was what most other - regardless of ones race - sportscasters would soon become.

(1) The Scott/Kolber dynamic is common for any brotha' with a little bit of game. Fawning white-girls and JAPs are a common sight.