Sunday, April 29, 2012


Is this a 'uniform' and what are the possible consequences for wearing it?

Monday, April 23, 2012


I understand that some people have medical conditions which may cause them to become overweight.
But why is it that I see far too many obese people shopping for processed food products while riding in scooters instead of burning off some of the calories they are likely to ingest?

@ Brohammas

Do people dress Preppy because they like the style - or do they dress that way because they think they are supposed to?

Monday, April 16, 2012

Back in the Day...

 One could drop by sites like DeeVee's to check out some of the more brilliant blogging titans battle it out.
From David Mills... (Damn... It's been two years already?)
 To the mighty Submariner....
 To K.I.T (Keep It Trill)
To the Intellectual Insurgent....
Points would be debated and refined so much so that it seemed they were operating below the Planck Scale.
Even FreeMan was more militant than he was money...
How times have changed.
It seems that only SeeNew is around to take all the yes-men on at DeeVee's spot these days.

Tom Said...

 Something about the inordinate amount of Blacks in the Matrix movies.
I've seen this train of thought before.
Since most whites feel as though they are a part of (and benefit from) the system - many imagine that the system is on their side.
But the Matrix movies took this line of thinking one step further.
The People of color in the films were not mere backdrops (i.e. Morpheus) for an ultimate White Savior (Neo).
In the Matrix movies - a Black Woman was the reason for all the upheaval.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


It's funny - I used text messages and facebook as a cheap tool to bypass traditional advertising expenses for my club.
These days, local media personalities ask to host events at my club and promise to talk about such events on their radio and/or television shows at no cost to me.
Odd - I still get radio and television advertising without having to pay for it...?

The Running Man + Battle Royale

 Racially motivated Tweets and all - I have little to no interest in seeing The Hunger Games.
Why Not?
Because I have already seen The Running Man and Battle Royale.
 So some nerds are upset after finding out that Rue is Black.
Don't people always imagine their heroes and gods to be in their own image?
I've never read the books and don't plan on seeing the movie so I wouldn't know what traits Rue would have that would cause readers to think of her as being white.
She must be a likable character for some to cast her in their own image.
She must have admirable traits if racists cannot imagine those from another race possessing them.
I guess people cannot imagine someone of color being one to be admired or deified.

The Problem With Romney

No, it's not that he is socially detached from those whose vote he wishes to garner.
(What politician isn't?)
It's not his perfectly-coiffed hair.
(He has nothing on JFK's hairstyle.)
It's not that he is not a true Conservative.
(Mormons are the epitome of Conservatism.)

Romney's only problem is that he is a Mormon and, to many, Mormonism seems like a religious cult.
While many Democrats were willing to overlook the possibility of Barack Obama being a Muslim - many Republicans cannot fathom having someone from a fringe religion being their candidate for the office of POTUS. 

Looks Matter

 Well... at least to me.
I hope Sherri Shepherd loses on DWTS.
Why? Because of her vomit-inducing looks.
And I'll be a fan of Skylar Diggins regardless of the out come tonight's game.
Why? Because she is cute.

While Inexcusable...

 It happens more often then one would like to admit.

While many decry the use of excessive force by law enforcement - most only do so when it effects someone who looks like himself.