Monday, April 16, 2012

Tom Said...

 Something about the inordinate amount of Blacks in the Matrix movies.
I've seen this train of thought before.
Since most whites feel as though they are a part of (and benefit from) the system - many imagine that the system is on their side.
But the Matrix movies took this line of thinking one step further.
The People of color in the films were not mere backdrops (i.e. Morpheus) for an ultimate White Savior (Neo).
In the Matrix movies - a Black Woman was the reason for all the upheaval.

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Tom said...

That's a good point about the Oracle.

I didn't quite say "inordinate." I think more major black characters would have been even more ordinate for that movie, for pretty much the reason you're saying: disbelieving authority is the whole point of the movie.

It also would have been a breath of fresh air if Neo been played by say Harry Lennix or Djimon Hounsou instead of robot-boy Keanu.