Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Craig? (Sorcerer Supreme)
How does one get an invitation?
(Damn, has it been THAT long? I don't even know which prompts to use to post this)

Can't get on your site because you've gone 'invite only'?
Man, it's not my fault that I learned so much that it's hard to relate to 'regular people'.
Keep trying to teach the masses.
Free Man - Keep teaching them how to own their own.
Brohammas - How are Mrshammas and the Littlehammases?

Damb (sic), I miss Birdeye, Dennark Vesey, Thor Daddy, Undercoverbrother, Mandissa, Submariner, DMG and the rest of the hard-hitting niccas who could throw and take a lick (Hot piss and all - SeeNew).

I miss "School".

I'm in the middle of an experiment by working two minimum wage jobs (Okay, I'm cheating. My house, cars and insurance are paid for) to prove that it can be done.
It sucks
Since October - I'm finna' quit.
Eff that.
Y'all win.
I'm too old and comfortable to struggle.
The Bible says that of much learning there is no end - I don't need to know everything

Like a Basquiat painting - it's ugly as shit but it has a value of more than most people can afford.