Thursday, June 29, 2017

Does Money Even Matter ?

 As long as the medium is agreed upon,
Anything can be used as money.
 Even without anything but 'confidence' backing it.
It's even better when an entity has a strong military forcing people to believe that their 'money' has any value.

* People used Tide as a 'hood currency?

Does Money Still Matter?

 If people in many places cannot afford to rent (let alone buy) where they work - then does the 'American Dream' still exist?
 From abandoned developments in suburbia,
To Billionaire's Row - many people can no longer afford to live where they're living.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Izzo 4:44

 It's a damn shame when hillbillies are so disappointed in our country that they decide to take their truck to run over a monument of the Ten Commandments.

Even 'Jay-hova' seems to think that he is devine.
The meaning behind Jay-Z's album title has been speculated on by those who care.
The answer is simple.
Jay-Z imagines himself as some sort of modern prophet.
John 4:44 states that a prophet has no honor in his own land.
If Jay has gone too far into Kabalah and gematria then it's not hard for me to think that this nicca thinks he's a modern prophet.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Peak Culture ?

 How did we go from the Greatest Generation to the
 Militant Generation to the
Bitch-assed Effete Generation?

Thursday, June 15, 2017

You Reap What You Sow

 In a campaign built on alienation one cannot be surprised when the end result is division.
It's pretty bad when the combatants in America's Intraracial War are those who the current administration claims to represent.
It's pretty bad when a white, gun toting,  small business owner from flyover is so upset that he decides to take matters into his own hands.

And now the blame-game begins.
Is it:
A) Obama's fault.
B) The Media's fault.
C) Comedians' fault.
D) Obama's fault.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Deep State Goal

Alex Jones' DisInfoWars !!!

 Our government is under attack
and not just from ISIL, Immigrants, Non-Christians, Minorities, LGBTIQ, Feminists, Liberals, MSM, ...

As the recent troubles between Congress, the White House and our intelligence community show - we are under attack from within.
We are witnessing an Intraracial Civil War in which even old dissatisfied white guys can't trust other old dissatisfied white guys.

Disinfowars' Alex Jones is sure to pick up on the recent attack on Republican lawmakers and explain to us all that the event was orchestrated by the Trump administration, in conjunction with Putin's America-based minions, to deflect our attention away from the (alleged) collusion in our recent presidential election between the two former adversaries.
I'm sure someone will latch onto​ the Representative from Louisiana being connected to David Duke who is connected to Put in who is connected to Trump which is why he was shot.

But why would Republicans want to stage a failed attack on one of their own?
Republicans are seeking sympathy for their party after their inability to get legislation passed, even though they control the White House and Congress, threatened to expose their inutility.

Republicans brought in experts from previous False Flag operations. Veterans who were those behind the scenes in: Aurora, Sandy Hook, London, Boston, San Bernardino and their very successful covert operation at the Twin Towers, among many others.

Trump needed a unifying operation to draw attention away from those seeking to sue the POTUS for (alleged) emoluments violations.
With China's recent approval of at least ten Trump trademarks - Trump is preparing to make billions in a country of billions.

Everyone knows that Trump doesn't want to be President.
What Trump wants is to be rich.
The longer Trump is in office the more money he makes.

Trump refused to disclose his tax returns because Trump is not really as rich as many people think.
Trump's whole identity is based on his being seen as one of the richest and most successful men in America.
Trump's 'power' comes from his affection of wealth and influence.
Trump doesn't really own anything - foreign governments do - Trump is just the manager.

(And, NO. No research was done for this post. I just cobbled together a bunch of conspiracy theories to form another incoherent trope which we are sure to see some variation of in the coming weeks.)

Superfight? (NSFW)

 I guess it's that time again.
It seems that every generation or so during a time of political and racial unrest there has to be a fight between a Black champion and a white challenger.

 In the age of Trump I guess it's time for another Great White Hope.

 It's odd that many tie their own value to the accomplishments of another.
As if to prove, once and for all, that their race is superior.

I guess people like Bee-Dee and Richard Lynn would point out that white guys have higher IQs.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Those Harris Girls Though

', is that a 'no'..."

Well, You Got What You Asked For

 I didn't vote for the guy - I voted for myself. (C'mon, you know that the crybaby blame everyone but herself Hillary wasn't any better.)
The thing is: I don't think Trump is too worried about the Comey testimony - Trump's withstood worse.

The thing that this acquisitive and aspirational man covets the most is acceptance, veneration even.
What Trump seems to care about the most is whether people care about Trump.

Trump is a showman - all smoke and mirrors.
Don't get me wrong, I'm almost elated that the guy won the Presidency.
Trump and his supporters have laid bare the underlying thoughts and beliefs held by many in America.
Trump has, in effect, broken the relative racial, social and political truce with which we were living under Obama.

The election of Trump and it's ensuing circus has shown the American people how politics actually function - often even at the local level.
Trump, I think, has gotten into a situation for which he was ill prepared.
I think Trump (and many of his followers) assumed that the country could be run the way he ran his reality show.
I don't think the core group of Trump followers - as well as Trump himself - were as well versed in how politics functioned at the national and international levels as they thought.

But hey - just view this presidency as a market correction.
As a chance to expose the collusion between the media, industry and the government and their efforts to acquire and retain power at any cost.

Trump may turn out to be a great POTUS - probably not but whatever - or Trump may not even end up being just a good president but the thing is: Trump is definitely the right president at the right time.
Trump may end up actually proving the theory of the useful idiot.
Trump and all his apparent lunacy may finally expose the real thinking of many in America today and demonstrate the tangible consequences.
Trump may just prove and expose how corrupt our country really is.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Matthew 6:3 KJV

Sometimes - Keeping it 90% is just as good.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Tacos for Iftar?

This would be a Conservative's biggest nightmare - Mexicans unite with Muslims or Malcolm X meets Latinx!

In response to the demonization of these groups, activists in Southern California have decided to tear down the cultural walls which separate them and instead learn from and about each other.

Shiiid, Let Him Be One Then...

It's not as though it's a compliment.
(I'm just done with the eternal victim.)

Friday, June 2, 2017

Bullied !?!?!?

Well, that didn't work out like she planned and now the comedian is complaining that she is being bullied by the Trump family?
WTF is up with all these snowflakes tossing around trigger words to gain sympathy for microagressions or their own mistakes?

Maybe I'm old but back in my day we shut up and took our licks - be it a paddling at school, a fight at the playground or a beating by our elders.
Back in my day our errors were not justified by coddling parents who were worried about our feelings or in building a false sense of confidence.
Back on my day we knew that there were usually consequences to our actions.
Bitch please.

How can someone be bullied when it was they who started the fight?
Shiiid..... We even had a song about it.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Single Payer Insurance in Cali?

I'd have to agree with Miss USA - healthcare is a privilege not a right.
I know, I know - people need healthcare.
So what - people need food too but people still have to pay for it.

California is set to vote on a bill which would provide healthcare to all of its 39 million residents at a cost of $400 bn. (Some studies say that the program would save the state $37 ml annually)

The thing is, I think there should be some type of universal coverage.
-The Veterans Health Administration covers about nine million individuals.
-Indian Health Services covers about 2.2 ml Native Americans.
-Medicaid/Medicare cover another 44 ml people.
Why can't all of these programs be combined under one umbrella program?
Add to this another 11 ml covered by Obama care.
I'm sure if these programs were merged that they could be used as a template for Universal Health Care for the entire country.

(Just gratuitous photos of a tall (5'10"), fit woman with her OWN natural hair and no waist-trainer.)

Y'all Are Too 'Smart' For Your Own Good

Trump just misspelled 'CoV-Fefe' - no big deal.
I explained earlier that Trump thinks he's a rapper and the HPIC (Head Pimp in Charge).

If Lil' Wayne can expand the meaning of 'Bling-Bling' you know Trump just had to outdo him by creating a new word himself.
You know he's using Urban Dictionary and not one of the traditional sources.
According to Urban Dictionary;
CoV - Confirmation of Victory.
Fefe - Originating in Chicago, meaning: a party.
Covfefe - "A Victory Party".

Trump was just throwing shade at Obama because Obama stole some of Trump's shine during their concurrent trips to Europe.
Trump knows that Chicago is Obama's adopted hometown so The Donald wanted to speak in a way that Obama would understand.

Trump learned not to say things like 'pussy' - that would be indecorous.
What Trump was tweeting was in essence 'Suck My Dick' - but he can't tweet that.
'Victory Party Motha-fucka' ' wouldn't work either.
Yep that's it.
That's the meaning Sean Spicer was hinting at.
And y'all thought Trump had no Street-Cred.