Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ain't That Some Shit?

I never understood all the hatred on these blogs between people who have never met and who will probably never meet in the future.
Why do some get so worked-up over people they don't even know?
Why do people care what complete strangers think of them or their opinions?

Some of these blog battles are almost legendary.
Very few are clever or insightful - most just degenerate into name calling and racial bating.
But of the few bloggers who don't approach blogging as a means to gain approval - David Mills (Well... as are most of those who enter the Octagon over at DeeVee's spot) was smarter than most.
His epic battles with Mike Fisher, SeeNew and DeeVee himself were always more witty and informative than many post-grad classes.

Unlike many of the hundred-widget-having traffic generating bloggers who imagine that having trite conversations with unknown people counts as having the real friends they lack in their real lives - most of the guests at DeeVee's spot (and very few others) are more concerned with quality than quantity.
Most of the battles are to determine "truth" while not being worried about popularity.
Mills' version of 'truth' often varied from my own - but Mills would fight for his points as though he were a character from one of his many hit television shows.
While UnderCoverBlackman has passed - his shit-talking will be remembered and chronicled as long as we have the means to exploit these Internets for knowledge.

Did I ever meet the guy in person?
But Mills was always cool when we'd disagree online.
How can I miss someone I never knew?
I don't know...
It's odd...
Somehow many people are able to interact more with strangers online than they are readily able to in their day-to-day lives.
Sometimes ones higher position removes them from their minions which surround them.
Sometimes online communities become the meeting places for iconoclasts.
Sometimes blogs are where people "meet" other people who have had similar experiences, backgrounds and outcomes in life.
Sometimes these blogs are where he who wears the crown is able talk to someone else in a different area who shares the same onus.

"Are you...?"
Is all I could say upon hearing of Mills passing.
I care about someone I never even knew?
Ain't that some shit?


What Are You?

I get asked the question all the time - "What are you?".
When I say that I'm just Black, "Black and what else" is the next question.
My ethnic make-up is Creole (father)/Mexican, Native American (Modoc Klamath Tribes) (mother).
But still - I'm Black,
just Black.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Myth of Organic Foods

Sure, everyone can agree that a diet consisting of pizza, fries and beer is probably not the best.
Some even forgo pork, shrimp, catfish or any other scavenger.
Others posit that a vegetarian/vegan diet is the best.
Still others claim that only an organic diet is acceptable.
So which doctrine is correct?

The truth is; There is no such thing as a completely organic diet in America today.
Organic farmers practice a natural process instead of a chemical process when producing foods.
Most use mulch, crop rotation, and manure instead of a chemical fertilizer.
Most use insects instead of chemical pesticides.
Most allow their animals to freely graze in pastures and sunlight and house their animals in cleaner environments instead of warehousing their herds in a maze of semi-sterile holding pens.

But what of the manure?
Did the manure come from cows which have only grazed in clean pastures?
What of the insects?
Did the insects ingest pesticides from another polluted field?
What of the water?
Is the groundwater free from heavy metals, pesticides or any other chemicals?
What about the mulch?
Is the mulch from a forest which had no chemicals in the air or soil?

Even if these cleaner criteria are met - what about their packaging?
Don't plastic containers contain petroleum and aren't some petroleum products linked to BPAs?
Aren't canned goods also found to contain BPAs?
(Yes, Even Whole Foods canned goods contain BPAs.)
What about cooking your food?
Are you aware of the dangers from a microwave, Teflon pans or aluminum pots?

Even if all this can be avoided - is your home so free of unwanted molds, fumes, or residues that these can never be ingested?
The truth of the matter is that we can only make an effort to avoid intentionally inducing unhealthy materials through our diets.
Most of the time we are going to have to just live with the fact that we are doing the best with what we have.
That our current "Healthy Diet" is really not that healthy at all.
That our current "Healthy Diet" is just not as unhealthy as the common American junk food diet.

So what's the solution?
Well, someone once said, "Eat, drink and be merry - for tomorrow we die.".

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Fall of the American Empire?

Anon. pointed out that The Bubonic Plague could have been to blame for the fall of the Second Roman Empire.
H1N1, S.A.R.S., West Nile Virus, Anthrax - name it.
It would seem as though we are working on our own modern versions.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Fall of the American Empire?

Some would say that Rome had extended her reach beyond that which she could successfully manage.
That her vast holdings required ever more resources and goods to maintain.
How many bases do we currently have around the world?

The Fall of the American Empire?

Some would argue that Rome had stretched herself too thin by fighting too many enemies on too many fronts?
The War on Terror consists of how many fronts?
Maybe the chickens are truly coming home to roost.

The Fall of the American Empire?

Some say that Rome lulled her citizens into a sense of complacency with humiliating entertainment?
Today, how many people can name more Reality TV stars than their local representatives, new laws or even the names of their own children's teachers or friends?

The Fall of the American Empire?

Some say that hoarding and the lack of circulating currency was to blame for the fall of the empire?

Sound familiar?
But Obama thinks he has this one covered;

The Fall of the American Empire?

Some even posit that plubism may have even been a factor in the downfall of the Roman Empire.
If the ancient aristocracy could fall victim to heavy metal poisoning, could the same be happening today?

While coal-burning energy plants produce about 40% of our domestic Mercury emissions - how would one explain the recent autism clusters in the more affluent parts of Southern California?

The Fall of the American Empire?

Sarah Palin and her minions were just in my town two days ago as part of a movement to take America back from the usurpers.
For some, the answer is simple;

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A "Christian" Nation?
With the ascension Barack Obama to the presidency and the apparent rise of Fundamentalist Christians supporting Sarah Palin, Glen Beck and the like - does it still make sense to call America a "Christian Nation"?
I've yet to see a Jewish, Muslim or even a Buddhist who belonged to the Teabagger Movement.
Are these Teabaggers really Christians or are they just using religion as an edifice with which to shelter their biases?

"When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross."
(Sinclair Lewis)
It would seem that as long as we identify ourselves as a "Christian Nation" we will be ruled by Zionists who will direct our foreign and even domestic policies.

Worst Smell Ever

I was reading a post over at Mill's spot (UndercoverBlackMan) and I had to laugh.
I'm currently going through the worst years of an adolescent boy's grooming stage.
The years when they imagine that a half bottle of cheap cologne can cover a days worth of funk from various sports practice sessions.

But some scents are even worse than the smell of a half bottle of Axe, Diesel, or Usher mingled with sweat.
Some scents start off smelling rancid.
I'm not talking about the Aramis gift sets or Grey Flannel,
I'm talking about the scents that were truly unique in their putridity.
5 - Brut

4 - Canoe
3 - Old Spice

2 - Aqua Velva
1 - Those bottles shaped like cars, dogs or even women which one bought from Avon.
Well... okay.
The smell of funk after Spring seven-on-seven drills,
mixed with a half bottle of Axe,
mixed with the stench of the sweat after baseball practice is far worse than even these.
But I gotta' tell ya - it'll be nice when these boys learn that cologne is supposed to be used after a shower - not in place of one.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Luke 9:48 points out the least shall be the greatest.
Does this apply to science as well?
The chemical reaction in Dynamite gives the compound great explosive power - but the smaller nuclear reaction gives a nuclear weapon even more power.

Can the same be said of nano-additives in many consumer products?
An aol story (front page, story 10)
points out that more than 10,000 over the counter products contain nano-titanium,
and that these products have an effect at the chromosomal levels of DNA.

"Better living through science?" - says who?

Who Knew?

I've heard of the "Black Irish" but dayum...

All Men Are Created Equal?

Maybe this includes Asians too?
The Gentlemen's Agreement (1908), The Chinese Exclusion Act (1882) and The Immigration Act (1924) all prove otherwise.
And do I really have to go over Slavery, Jim Crow Laws or the Three-Fifths Compromise?

What was the reason that the US did not require more land after the Mexico-America War?
Acquiring more land would have produced more Mexican-American residents.

Why is anyone surprised when some don't think "Justice for All" applies to everyone?

Stupid Bird

As more and more people begin to get their entertainment from the Internet - movie rental stores are beginning to go out of business.
Funny thing is, the movie industry once thought that rented videos were going to be the death of movie theaters.
But as my local Hollywood Video chain is also suffering from the complications of our current Great Recession - they are also closing up shop.
But this is a big win for consumers with a little change to spare.
I'm not interested in the current blockbusters - only the movies which one usually has to order from Amazon.
I've bought numerous Blaxploitation flicks, a few new releases I'd missed, and a whole bunch of foreign films.
One of the films I'd wanted to see was Akira Kirosawa's Ran.
A good movie - sort of a Japanese interpretation of King Lear.

But one segment of the movie stood out.
In one scene, the court jester related the story of the Bird and the White Eggs.

The bird had brown and speckled eggs which she would warm and protect.
But as the bird was sitting on her nest, she noticed a group of pristine white eggs.
The bird left her own eggs to serve as the protector of her newly discovered bounty.
As time went by, the bird warmed and stood guard over her newly acquired prize.
In due season the eggs began to crack.
The bird excitedly waited as one, two and then a group of snakes emerged from the eggs and began to eat her.
Stupid Bird...

Best story of the whole movie.

The High Road?

A few posts ago, many people commented that I had "Taken the high road" in my response to an elderly racist woman.
But in reality - there was no need for such a road to be taken.

Charles Barkley once commented that the rivalry between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Sacramento Kings was not a real rivalry.
That for a rivalry to exist each team has to suffer defeat and revel in victory.
But since the Kings had never advanced past the Lakers - there was no real rivalry.
What existed was disrespect being shown by the Lakers and envy being shown by the Kings.

This rationale makes sense.
Ali-Joe Fraizer was a rivalry.
Ali-Gerry Cooney was not.

UBJ-Institutional Racism is a rivalry.
UBJ- Bill E. Bob is not.
(In many cases, there is no need for a high road to be taken. In many cases, one already resides on the higher ground.)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


doll commented about suicide and it's relationship to ones inability to recognize the connection between ones perceived self (imagined to be perceived by others) and ones conscious self (imagined to be perceived by oneself).
SeeNew left a link;
which goes into great depth concerning ones self-awareness and it's effect (or affect) on ones performance.
While these may have not intentionally been left to be related - they are.

IMOHO - Suicide and seclusion are one and the same.
One would imagine that the unsuccessful and the under-rated were more prone to suicide.
But a SENG ( report states otherwise.
That many of those who are considered to be "excellent" are more prone to suffer from depression and that some may attempt or commit suicide.

Judging by the number of celebrities, who are thought by many to "Have it all", which suffer from some form of meltdown - even an excessive amount of financial and social status can produce some sort of detachment from ones reality.
This detachment seems to effect ones ability to subjectively make even the most mundane choices.

Many athletes or musicians, who suddenly acquire the fame and fortune most were seeking for the better parts of their lives, also seem to act-out in self-destructive behaviors.

But what is the common factor in this disparate group?
IMOHO - The answer is "excessive adulation" and the inability to reconcile what everyone else seemed to think of them with what they actually thought about themselves.

Dave Chappelle seemed to be doing fine making his little show by doing what he had always done.
But then Comedy Central decided to make Dave's often quoted exclamation, "I'm Rich Beotch!" true.
Dave could easily be one or two million dollars funny - but the stress of suddenly having to be $50,000,000.00 funny was too much for Dave to handle.
Dave could not reconcile his image of himself to that which a $50 million personality should be.

Charlie Parker, Micheal Jackson, Billie Holiday, John Belushi, Marylin Monroe,... - the list goes on - all seemed to have been ill prepared for the management of fame and the reconciliation of such adulation to ones own self-image.

So why don't the poor and undereducated commit suicide more often?
Well... the short answer is because they know that they are poor and under-educated.
Most have accepted their station in life and most just live within those societal values and norms.
"But even many of the poor act-out with irresponsible behaviors.", some might say.
Okay... True Dat.
But this is different.
These are those who can't accept their station in life but they also lack the ability, resources or volition to do anything about it.
Although some may have the volition, many just go about it in the wrong manner - i.e. selling drugs or robbing a bank.
(In this post - I'm focusing on those who have the abilities and resources - but they may lack the volition.)

"Volition" is an odd thing.
While usually understood to be synonymous with "desire" or "choice"- it isn't.
Volition requires action.
Volition may also require one to be humble enough to accept an undesired short-term station in life on ones way to their natural higher station.
Volition is doing what needs to be done even though one may not wish to do it.

The Bible relates a story concerning "volition" in the parable of "The Unjust Steward".
The steward is found wanting in his collection abilities and is set to be fired.
As he reasons, "I cannot dig, and to beg I am ashamed.".
The steward sees himself as being better than those who beg and not skilled enough to actually do any hard labor so he resolves to ingratiate himself amongst the impoverished.
In the end he gives them all the Hook-up and finds favor with his master as well.

I'm not saying whether his actions were good or bad - only that he exemplifies the problem with many today who don't have that which they desire.
That many see themselves as being better than one group while being unable to do the work of the other group.
That many only imagine themselves as better.

Whether one believes in the religious teachings of the Bible or not - the Bible does reflect millennia of knowledge passed from one generation to the next, interpreted from one culture to another.
The main focus of New Testament teachings revolves around "Humility".
Ofttimes "Humility" is required for one to 'shovel shit in the snow' to collect a pay check instead of waiting for a welfare check.
Humility is required so that one can admit that he may not know something before he can be taught.
Humility is required to make progress.

So, going back to doll's comment - The reaction of suicide is the lack of humility.

Monday, March 22, 2010

That's Me

Yeah, I'm a sucker.
Even after I say I'm through with the hood and that I'm getting out - like Micheal Corleone in The Godfather, they always pull me back in.

This past Sunday, it rained.
A lot.
While picking through the charred remains of a duplex and a sharpshooter, one of my young cousins and I happened upon an old man, his three legged dog and the man's mother sitting in the ashes of what was once their shared home.
Since the old man on another property had recently passed away - I had a vacant home with which to shelter these two cold, wet and homeless people.
The old man had had a cabinet full of food, dry clothes and beds, and electrical service jacked from a nearby security light.

After letting the man and his mother enter the home (but only until the weather warms) - "I hate Black people, but you're a cool Nigger.", the man's mother would say.
Did she just say...?
As I began to laugh out loud, my young cousin asked, "You're not mad?".
"Dude, they're begging from us.", is all I could reply.

On the ride home I explained that these people didn't hate me, that they only resented me.
They resented the fact that a lowly Nigger was the one from whom they had to seek assistance.
They resented the fact that I didn't get hurt by their half-hearted compliment.
They resented the fact that we were going to where they had been taught to assume they themselves belonged - while they had to settle for what we left behind.

Now, I've been called;
"A Smart Nigger", after I had to school a lady in one subject or another and then telling her that she wasn't smart enough to even have that discussion with me.
"A Good Nigger", after beating one person or another in something.
"A Cool Nigger."?
That ish is funny as hell.

Weird Science

In an attempt to better harvest the Sun's natural energy, and that of the Hydrogen molecules within water - scientists are trying to create a Carbon-free Molecular Water Oxidation Catalyst (Sort of a mechanical photosynthesis process to form Hydrogen with an Oxygen byproduct.) which is not cost prohibitive.
Up until now - the process was similar to paying a dollar to generate a dime.

Other scientists are working on a biological solution using genetically modified cyanobacteria.
But what happens if the altered creations spawn and reproduce until there is nothing left of the planet's atmosphere but fuel ready to be ignited by the Sun's heat?
Scientists in Arizona are already working on the problem.
Apparently, adding a bacteriophage to the cyanophore will incite a form of suicide from the little energy makers.
(Okay- the link doesn't quite work directly but by clicking the Google link and that of the first story listed after that, it should take you to the right page about Suicidal Cyanobacteria.)


Are we addicted to ourselves.
Or more precisely - our image of ourselves.
Can we also be addicted to our own limited images and definitions of God?
If addictions are strengthened by the ever-increasing usage of paths within our brain (Or gut - whichever trail you're following) - can the same addictions be formed to shape our images of God, ourselves or others within society?
Are many racists, sexists, or homophobes addicted to their belief systems?
Are religious zealots only repeating memes with which they have been inculcated?
Are our addictions the driving forces behind our myriad of maladies?

Eye Witness

Many only believe what they see with their own eyes.
But can ones eyes lie?
Can a person only be assumed to be seeing that which they have already determined they are seeing?
Any normal person would state that the above image is just a series of static dots forming a fractal.
But the same person would interpret the same series of dots in the center of the image dots as moving outward.

One usually ascribes a value to an image which roughly matches that which they have already seen (or imagined themselves to have seen.) from their brain's stored image gallery.
Where one person might see a stand of trees with falling leaves - others would ascribe a female image to the same photo.

Our eyes really don't see a sharp well-defined image.
We don't see in HDTV.
What we often do is match an image (a bunch of seemingly random curved objects) to that which we may already know (a woman).
We create the image of a woman in our minds - in reality, these are just a bunch of curved objects.
Going back a few posts;
Is our image of God only our image of God.
Is God something (or Someone) totally different?


Some would posit that ones IQ is determined by their ability to remember things.
Some speculate I.Q. is ones ability to recite arbitrary facts (or our current understanding which we call "facts") on demand.
Still others believe that I.Q. is determined by ones race or genes more so than their culture.

But what is I.Q.?
I.Q. is the ability to adapt, to evolve to ones short term surroundings without doing harm to ones long term environment.
I.Q. is the ability to reconcile oneself with that which already exists.
I.Q. creates, consumes or builds what is necessary without overbuilding to ones detriment.
I.Q. is being without subjugating other beings.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Give Up The Keys Granny !

At what age should one be forced to give up the keys and allow someone else to drive the country?
(Move over grandma.)


With the average age of a Fox News viewer being about 65 years - why would one expect Teabaggers to come to the conclusion that their old way isn't our way?
If one is just coming into adulthood at twenty years of age - 1965 was the height of these old folks' youthful exuberance.
Enjoying the benefits from WWII and having not yet felt the sting of Vietnam or the end of Segregation - at that point in their lives, many imagined that they really mattered.
Am I shocked that recent protests have engendered racist comments being thrown at Black lawmakers?
Nope, this generation was raised to do so.

No one had to watch a group of fat Black women walk across the stage while watching the Oscars.
Back in the day - The von Trapp family and Julie Andrews were all the rage in The Sound Of Music..

Back in the day - The Celtics could still win NBA titles with a mostly white team.

Back in the day - Sonny Bono was considered "Italian" while his wife Cher was considered a "Half-Breed".
(Even these two weren't good enough to be white yet.)

Back in the day - It took a white LB Johnson to recognize the rights of all people.
You see, many Teabaggers don't really wish to return to the past - (Like a baby crying for the milk of his mama's tiddie) Most just long for the glory days of state approved racism and a culturally approved Anglophilia.
Most Teabaggers are just afraid of the changes that come with growing up.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Which Is Seeking Status?

Exodus 20:3 - "You shall have no other gods before me."
Wow, if God is even concerned with being the greatest among his peers (?) - why would we expect humans, societies, nations or the Universe to function any differently?

Which Is Seeking Status?

Even among the learned - status is the ultimate goal of those seeking what they imagine as being "Truth".
How many times have you heard, "She was is great teacher because she has a great set of knockers."?
Status within academia is generally gained by original ideas or concepts which push the envelope of what is currently understood as being true (or the ability to steal these ideas and succeed in having them attributed to oneself.).

Does Stephen Hawking get love because he is average?
Nope, Steve gets love because he is better than those whom others consider to be better than average.

Some even acquire sage-like status because they are able to explain concepts to a whole new audience in a manner understood by the general audience.
While these learned individuals my truly only be seeking "Truth" - the status acquired by their cognitive abilities often renders a certain degree of status.
The more these men learn (and can prove) - the more status is gained.

"Status" - the ruler of the Universe.