Sunday, January 31, 2010


Sometimes there is no "Right" answer - only preferences.
Sometimes it's only as big as - 'Cono' or Leno?
Or - Coke or Pepsi?
Or - paper or plastic?
Or - Mariah or Whitney?
Rihanna or Beyonce?

Pac or Biggie

Prince or Michael?

The Lakers or Every Other Team?
Sometimes it ain't that serious.

You Can't Live Here

Have you ever been to a Sundown Town?
These are towns that have an expressed resistance to the integration of their municipality.
I live in a town which has one of these towns the next town over.
CNN, Jesse and the NAACP have all protested this town's policies.
But the town is a dump.
The town has more mobile homes that homes with foundations.
This town is proudly Christian and racist.
If asked, any resident is quick to let you know that only whites are welcomed there.

If I told you that you couldn't eat this delicious piece of ish - would you then desire it?
Would you march and protest for your right to eat my ish?
No - because it is a piece of ish.
Most of these towns are just run down pieces of ish.
Why do so many get worked up over what they don't even want anyway?

Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's Not You

Many Blacks have become too self aware.
Too sensitive to the opinions of others.
Why are so many embarrassed when they see someone who is on television and undereducated?
Or with gold teeth?

Why are so many ashamed to say that they enjoy basketball?

Why do so many Blacks run from the poor?

Who would dare be caught eating a plate of ribs?

While talking a their Bluetooth?

And never let anyone see you eating watermelon.

Friday, January 29, 2010


Do cultures really benefit from the forced traditions of others?
Sure, many cultures seem to gain the material goods of those who would subjugate them and exploit their resources - but which group benefits the most?
Studies show that rich countries giving aid to poor countries see a net gain in resources.
There is actually a transference of wealth from the poor to the rich.
Cultures based in the American ghetto, Tribal lands, or even Appalachia show the same negative transfer of wealth.
Should the ghetto really be exploited for her talent, innovation and creativity - or would these resources be better used within each community?

Black Isn't Ghetto

Each photo is taken in a Black neighborhood.
But only one photo could easily be identified as being somewhat "ghetto".
If the residents decide to collectively create a culture that would be considered "ghetto" - let them be ghetto.
If the residents decide to collectively create a culture that would enable it's residents to flourish - let them flourish.
Let each enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Open For Business

brohammas said - "But what of those who have no desire to own their own business(?)"

But in America today... everyone is their own business.
A waitress must manage her clients, build regulars and is responsible for accurately reporting her tips to the IRS.
Often she must buy a comfortable uniform, shoes and makeup to help her make more money than the person working next to her.
She negotiates her wages, hours and responsibilities before she is even hired.
She gives the responsibility of paperwork to her employer in exchange for a place to perform work and a monetary profit for her employer.

A good teacher often works unpaid overtime and often buys supplies for her students.
A construction worker must provide her own tools and is often responsible for finding other work when her current jobs are complete.
Everyone is in business for himself.
Some approach their tasks in the same way as artisans and craftsmen in years past.
Those who failed to think about their jobs in this way and relied on a boss to offer security are the ones worried about the extension of unemployment benefits.

WTF Is Bipolar?

And why the need for all these medications?
Just because science can pinpoint the connections and receptors in the brain which enables them to discern the origin of these maladies, that does not make them true ailments.
I was ADHD and Bipolar - but my parents were pretty quick with a belt.
Cleared that ish right up.
The thing is - I just had to have my mind on many things in order to focus on any one thing.
I just needed a lot of stimulation in order to function.
Is such a condition really an ailment?
Or can the same condition be used to ones benefit?
Shouldn't kids be involved in as many things as they can handle?
Is the use of Ritalin preventing today's children from being all that they can be?

The Great Assembly Line

Many historians accredit Henry Ford's assembly line concept as one of the greatest innovations of the 20th century.
Sure, the process is beneficial for many institutions - but not for all.
Mr. Ford's model maximizes profits but minimizes creativity.
The model suggests a "one size fits all" approach that may be the root cause of poverty in America.
The hood/ghetto/slums exists in every metropolitan area throughout the world.
Even many once great cities ultimately fall into a state of poverty.
Por que?
Is it because there is suddenly a large influx of Mexicans?
Is it because these areas are often overrun by Blacks?
Don't these people know how to run a business?
Are they unable to innovate?

The hood has always had a sub-economy that relies very little on most large institutions for their funding, advertising or patronage.
Where else but NOLA would one find a barbershop painted Mexican Blue, with iron bars on the windows, Greek-style columns, all on a home that would barely pass municipal building codes?
Where else besides Compton, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta or any other urban area.

Now some well intentioned guys out West are offering tours of the hood.
I thought this was funny - but do the locals benefit?
Do the buses stop so that the tourists can shop at the local swap meets or eat at the local restaurants?
Or are the locals just being exploited?

I hang out with a girl who once attended our local Catholic High School.
One of her school's field trips was to "The poor side of town".
As the bus toured the area - she saw her mother in her front yard watering her flowers.
As the other kids laughed, she just sank into her seat in embarrassment.
Now that ish is funny - effed-up, but funny.
She can laugh now but I know she felt bad at the time it happened.

But maybe the hood deserves itself.
Maybe the hood cannot be helped at all.
Maybe the hood wants to be the hood.
People often say that something is "Nigga-Rigged" when it is seen as inferior workmanship.
But lets call it what it really is; "African-American Ingenuity".
It takes mad skill to come up with something such as a pair of 'Likeeze" (Just like Nikes - but different).

The common mistake is that people try to change the nature of the beast.
Society believes themselves to be Dr. Moreau ("No spill blood").
Maybe one size (or way) does not fit all and we should come to this realization.
How does the hood treat an arrogant white nerd?
The same way suburbia treats a ghetto rough neck.
(One way or another - the outsider gets punished.)

It's not really about ones race - it's has more to do with respect.
The respect to learn the language, culture and traditions of the dominant culture for any given area.
The respect to know that ones own way of thinking doesn't apply to everything and everybody.
The respect to know when it's time to offer an opinion and when it's time to shut the eff up.
The respect to understand that another's way of life is just as valid as ones own.
The respect for oneself in that he will not destroy another man's way of life just because it is dissimilar to ones own.

The more I think about it - there is nothing wrong with the hood, there is only something wrong with the oppression.

Wonder Drug

I'm as patriotic as the next guy.
Even with all it's flaws - I'm happy to live in America.
The American Ideal was(is) a great concept, it's only problem being it's misuse.
America has always had it's problems - "Why?" one might ask.
America failed to deliver on it's promises of equality and justice for all.
The American Ideal was reserved only for those within the dominant culture (whatever that was at any given time) and only extended when a subordinate culture gained enough desirable traits to make it's inclusion a viable option.

America only succeeds when she is acting in a morally responsible manner.
The American Revolution, American Civil War, WWI and WWII - just wars, protecting weaker nations from a stronger more ambitious empire building enemy.
Vietnam, Korea, Granada, Iraq, - blatant grabs for power.
America often misuses it's healing powers as a cure-all for every malady for every situation.
But this usage can have unwanted side effects.

This is similar to using Aspirin to cure stomach ulcers, macular degeneration, or thinning blood.
The "Wonder Drug" (American Way) does not, in fact, cure all ailments.
Sometimes the "cure" is worse than the initial condition.
Sometimes the "cure" creates more long term problems than it solves.

Like aspirin - The American Way is a great asset to humanity.
But when overused in inappropriate situations - maybe it's best left on the shelf.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Is It Better ...

To pass a test or to know the material?

I often read results where either this school or that is said to have gained some sort of recognition for being able to have enough of it's children pass the state mandated tests.
But in speaking with these children, one things screams out more loudly than others - these children may have passed the tests but very few actually know anything.

Why is this the case?
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z .
If one can recite this sequence, they probably know the alphabet.
A, Z .
This sequence still gets one from A-Z , and in less steps, but something is missing.
This second sequence seems to be the current learning model applied by many schools today.
Is teaching to the test really the best answer to education?

Lemonade In Winter

I have some young cousins who don't seem to be doing well in school or at keeping jobs.
So what's to be done?
Create their own business.

I had a concept of a kiosk at the local mall that would enable them to set their own hours and work for themselves.
But before doing this - I set them to task.

The idea was to sell lemonade (bottled water, pecan candy, soda, ...) to passers by from their local university's sporting events.
I obtained the requisite vendor's permits and licences and provided their initial product line.
But the weather has been cold.
Who wants lemonade on a cold day?

After two days (at only a couple hours each day) the boys gave up.
But as my favored little niece was riding with me she offered a suggestion to these young men.
"Why don't you sell hot chocolate instead", she said.
But at this point, the boys were too embarrassed by their failure to continue.
As I watched, this little girl set up shop.
My niece sold out of her hot coco and the rest of the items in very little time.

Upon counting the younger child's profits the boys declared that they wanted their business back.
But this was only a test.
I knew lemonade wouldn't sell on a cold day.
I just wanted to know whether these boys could improvise (They cannot).
I wanted to see if they could think for themselves and not just follow orders.
Too bad my niece is too young to run a kiosk at the mall - the girl would make a killing.

A Must See

Ike warns of the Industrial Military (Congressional) Complex - and he was a five star general.
If Ike had trouble reigning in such profiteers - how much more difficult would it be for Obama to cut through the muck?
An even-handed documentary with eye opening content (Without the propagandic polemics put forth by conspiracy theorists.).

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Matthew 4: 1-11 tells a cautionary tale of power wherein he whom was given given a limited amount of power promises unlimited power to He being tempted in exchange for His worship.
People always say that Blacks fail to gain any real power.
That Blacks must sell their souls to get anywhere.
That Blacks are inferior because of this.

But what is the cost of ones own success?
Does it require a deal with the devil wherein one must sell his soul?
Must one forget who he is and then begin to serve the masters of this world?
Maybe Obama (once given savior status) has forsaken his true master (The People) and he now serves his worldly master (Banks, Governments, Corporations,
Everyone hates The Man - until he becomes The Man.
Maybe Obama is human after all.
Maybe Obama gave in to the temptation that the acquisitive and aspirational so often seek.
Maybe Obama forgot his task (to serve the people) and began to focus on himself (his legacy).
Maybe Obama is more like Peter (a follower) than Christ (the Leader).
Didn't Peter deny any association with the downtrodden Christ before finally realizing his sin?
Has Obama done a bad job in an even worse situation?
But maybe he'll realize his faults and again begin to serve his true masters (us).

State of the Union

With Obama set to issue his first State of the Union address - does he even understand that on which he's speaking?
Or is just repeating a failed meme?
I know, I know... Obama is an educated man - but was he "educated" with the wrong principles?
Is his knowledge only that of a failed model where only those who are on top benefit?

This is a nice foundation for almost any house.
This foundation could accommodate almost any style and several floors.
This foundation would serve almost any family.
But this foundation has it's structural limits.

Our society and economy must be built to accommodate more than one family.
Our economy needs a foundation which has more depth, wider beams, and stronger materials.
Our economy doesn't need more growth (our current foundation cannot support more growth).
Our economy needs a stronger foundation.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Is That... ?

Snookie girl from Jersey Shore...
A former member of Blaque? (First one from the left.)
Looks as though she's gotten darker and gained a little weight.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Who Dat ?!

Peyton Manning beat Mark Sanchez and his Jets to earn a birth to Miami and the Super Bowl.
Sure, I would have loved to see a reunion of sorts between former USC Trojans Sanchez and Reggie Bush - but I'll settle for Archie's old team beating son Peyton's current one.
Laissez Les Bon Temp Roulez!
With criticism of Jessica Simpson being Tony Romo's "Bad Luck Charm" - Reggie seems to enjoy Kim as his good luck charm.
Reggie may not be a Buddhist - but he is definately a booty-ist.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Is That Her Butt ?

Is Venus' butt all wrinkled?
Or is she just good at drawing attention to her latest design (flesh colored undies)?

Makeup has been created with a variety of hues...
But I know very few people who would require at least one of these shades.

Everyone Hates "The Man"

Until he becomes "The Man".

In just over a year - Obama has gone from; agent of change, to super hero, to savior, to super villain, to charismatic radical.
Damn... it must suck to be "The Man".