Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sun Worhip

"Got ist tot." Nietzsche

Is It Art? (Design v. Decoration)

 I like good design - but I hate superfluous decoration.
While reading JK's blog, I came upon the question about whether something is 'art' or whether it just 'is'.
Salma could be considered as a work of 'High Art'.
Good form, no wasted effort and a visual experience which elicits a positive response.
 Don't get me wrong - I love big breasts... (A LOT) - but at some point they fail to have a reason for being.
When they are this large they become superfluous decoration and not good design.
Breasts this big would be thought of as being 'Low Art'.
 I prefer women with short hair - I hate weaves.
It seems as though many unattractive women hide their lack of good looks behind a nest of fake hair.
I also prefer minimal make up.
 Sometimes decoration is intended to hide an inferior product.
 Good design works with it's environment.
While many would think of modern design as lacking insight or effort, it's appeal comes from the maximum result with the minimal use of material.
 Victorian (Or Queen Anne) style is thought by many as being a form in which a designer shows off his mastery of material.
Many would think of this style as being 'art' - but is it really art if it has become obsolete?
Or is it just superfluous decoration?

New Club Member?

Remember when political pundits were complaining that Obama refused to wear the ubiquitous flag lapel pin common among politicians?
What was the big deal?
The Old School pin was a normal rectangle worn parallel to the ground.
Today, most pins are worn slightly skewed - almost replicating other symbols from other groups or societies.

Higher Gas Prices?

Refinery workers along the Gulf Coast are set to strike at many refineries throughout the area.
If no agreement is met before midnight tonight, most workers will continue to work on a day-to-day basis at many plants.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Make" a Job

Anyone can make money - just be good at what you do.
After being in town for a while, I wanted to work as a bartender.
The thing is, I hadn't worked in a few years so my employment record was kind-of spotty.
I just gave up on working and decided to stay focused on my rental homes and volunteer work instead.

One day I walked into a bar and said, "Y'all need help.".
The owner told me that they were not hiring.
"No I didn't ask if you needed help, I was telling you that you NEED HELP.", I replied.
"I'll work for you for free for two weeks to teach you and to train your staff.", I offered.
After my first day, the owner offered me a job tending their bar.
"You cannot afford me. But I'll help you out for the next three months for free.", I replied.

After turning their business around I didn't work again for about three years.
It was about this time that everyone seemed to want to open a club or bar.
The name that came up most often was mine as being the one to start a bar with.
But I changed my title to "Bar Consultant" and charged even more money than most new owners could afford.
I worked out profit sharing deals which only had to be paid to if I delivered sales.
Club after club prospered and I became known for turning bars around.

My current ownership obligation only came about because my most recent deal was structured in a way that allowed me to gain a larger share of the profits.
The owners liked to gamble, shop and travel so when my bonus was due, they did not have the money to pay me.

My most recent opportunity came from another bar owner who asked me to open a bar tending school.
I would have ten students in each two hour session with each student paying fifty dollars per session.
The university extension program would get $25 to pay for building space and supplies.
I would have to teach six sessions per week (three two-hour session per day - twice a week) and be paid in cash at the end of each day.
I'm busy enough as it is but I'll think about the relatively quick and easy (12 hrs. - $750) money.

Monday, January 23, 2012


I have no use for it.(Even if it's just local.)
As my club seems to be doing better and better, requests for photo shoots and television appearances have become more common.
"Want to be in my commercial?", "Can I get a picture for (fill in the blanks) social section of their magazine/newspaper/tabloid?",  "I have a sister/niece/cousin you should meet.", are some of the most common first lines in many conversations these days.
Being horrifically ugly - I don't like having pictures taken of me.
Being very unpopular - I don't seek attention.
Being the third poorest person on the Internet - money is not my motivation.

I'm sure there is something wrong with me psychologically (which is probably true with most of us) but I'd just prefer to do my work without getting caught up in the never-ending cycle of status seeking.


 Smart refrigerators,
 Smart cars,
 Smart phones,
 Smart televisions,
 Even smart toilets.
The need to purchase all of these things only leads to one thing - DUMB PEOPLE.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Many people who own nightclubs are an insecure bunch.
In this economy - the only reason to own a club is if one wants to see his name on the side of a building.
I came to have a financial interest in my club because the minority owners were unable to pay off my salary and bonuses.
To be honest, I would have preferred the money.

As the club's business grows - so does the envy of others.
The minority owners are a bit upset because I 'm succeeding where they failed.
They attend social events and all they hear is how well I'm doing.
At the mall, at dinner, at the movies and even from their family, friends and neighbors, "I see that John is getting everyone exited about going out again.", is all they hear.

Recently, they've begun to hang out at the club.
As they speak with guests, they feel that they are not given the respect they deserve.
Other club owners, politicians, business owners, media personalities and most guests comment that the club would be an abandoned building if I hadn't taken over ownership.
"At least all your bills are paid now. You should be happy that you're actually making money.", one rival club owner said to the co-owners.

Their resentment has gotten to the point where they are trying to have me fail.
In an effort to have me blow it on a big night, they offered to pay my cocktail waitresses more money if they did not come in to work..
Two waitresses took the money (One came and gave me the money - the other, I have yet to hear from her) but the others refused and told me of the offer.
I think  I understand how Qaddafi felt when encircled by his all-female guard.
The offer was made on a Friday night when I had a very large birthday party (which was sponsored by a major liquor band) scheduled .
Female customers removed their stilettos, put on flats and then began to wait on tables.
My liquor reps also began tending bar and waiting on tables.
"We got John's back.", they would later tell my partners.
When asked why, "John is good people. John takes care of people so people take care of him", they would say.

Today I was invited to lunch so that they could see whether I had found out about their little ploy.
I enjoyed my meal as person after person came by the table to mention how much they are now enjoying the club and the recent events we've been hosting.
I did not mention a word about their failed plan as person after person overlooked them as they heaped accolades upon me.
They have to know that I know but they cannot mention it. This is a small town and gossip travels faster than anything else.
I just enjoyed my day as I watched the games at a friend's house while people called to tell me about and express their disapproval of what I had already heard.

Q: In business, should ones ego be so fragile that it must always search for homage in place of profits?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Have an Orange Tree

I can pick the fruit whenever I please - it's my tree.
When a neighbor or passerby desires the fruit from my tree, he must ask permission before eating my fruit.
Even in the almost-antebellum South, whites cannot take my fruit nor can they forbid me from eating my fruit.
By law, this fruit is mine
(Though the tree itself was originally planted by my ancestors - I am eating from the fruits of their labors.)

As many celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther king Jr. - some say that he brought about new freedoms for the African-American population (and by extrapolation, many others).
The truth is (and always was) that we were born with these rights.
Many have labored and sacrificed for these rights.
Constitutional Law guarantees these rights.
That many of those in power refused to recognise these rights is a different story - until we were able (as a group) to demand these rights, we were not ready to carry the responsibility of these rights.

"Go sit down 'Snooki.", I said to a rude young woman as she made a smart remark upon seeing me exit the women's room at a local pub while watching a recent playoff game.
The line for the men's room was long so the owner of the place told the guys to just lock the door of the single-toilet restroom after entering... and to remember to lift and lower the seat.
When the woman came out, she told a group of brawny guys what had transpired.
One of the guys approached my table and motioned for his equally-sized friends to join him so I walked to a nearby patio.
"S'up Ben?", I said.
"Hey, John. You called 'Big Mouth Lisa' "Snooki"?". Dude, that's what we call her.", he said as he began to ask about common friends and make introductions to his crew.
My friends from the table came outside as soon as they saw me being surrounded by a group of white guys in a predominantly white pub.
(Although they relaxed once they saw me laughing with the group of guys.)
He mentioned that the girl was pissed that they failed to respond to her initial complaint of a Black guy coming to their club and talking shit.
"Look at the guys at your table. I wasn't about to do a thing but pretend to look mad.", he said with a laugh.
"It's still the South", I said with a shrug.

By this time I had introduced the guys from my table to his friends and we sat around a fireplace on the patio so we could talk.
"You know she said that "some Nigger" said such and such and that you were all ready to fight." I said.
"No she didn't say that word.", Ben lied.
"Yeah, she did." one of his friends said.
'Said what?', I asked.
"Nigger", the guy said quietly.
(I shook my head towards the guys from my table to let them know to relax upon hearing a white guy say this word in front of Black guys.)
"Yeah, that kills me. That's just funny. Black people always ready to fight when they hear the word and white people often wanting to but too afraid to say it.", I laughed.
"Did you take the wheels off your house yet? Is your City Hall still a double-wide?", I teased the guys in Ben's group. (A recent hurricane demolished their city hall so the town's business was being conducted from a double-wide trailer.)
"You look Italian. I don't get mad at no Goombahs. No Dago Guinea-Wops. Dude, I'll even go to your uncle Guido's pizza shop to get a pie. My feelings aren't hurt because someone from 'Jersey Poor" says the word "Nigger".", I said as the guy became enraged.
Ben just looked at him to calm him but wondered where I was going with this.
"Cracker, Honky, Whitey, whatever... White people don't care when Black people use these terms - they only get upset when the attack becomes more personal. When it attacks ones ethnicity. White people just say, 'So what, he/she is still just a Nigger' ", I said.
"I was just proving my point with you.", I said to the guy.

We talked 'race' more than we watched the games.
When I pointed out that many Blacks don't really hate whites - that most of them only resent them - this caused confusion from the entire table.
"Do you hate the fruit 'quince?" I asked the entire table.
"I don't even know what that is.", most said.
"Exactly.", I said, "Some might not like the looks of it and never try but form an opinion anyway. Others will recognize similarities to known fruits, try it and like it, dislike or be indifferent. Most Blacks who are racist haven't experienced enough whites to be otherwise - the same is true for most whites.", I continued.
"Minorities resent whites, fat women resent fit women, the poor resent the rich, people just resent people who they imagine as having it easier than themselves.", I concluded.

"Why are so many Blacks poor?", one guys asked.
" 'Culture' ", I said.
"Many Blacks say things like; "The white man won't let us have/do such and such." or "White people have all the money." or "White people hate us." or any other excuse.", I said.
"Many Blacks don't understand that they don't have to ask permission to be great. That mentality is one of the many vestiges of Segregation. But I'm from Cali. We didn't say, 'Give us free' - we've been free.", I continued.
"If it was only about race, your town (which is 99.99% white) would be filled with good-looking millionaire geniuses instead of people not smart enough to build a hurricane-resistant structure in a hurricane-prone area while having to do business from a double-wide.", I said.
"If it was only about race, poor white towns such as yours would not exist.". I concluded.

We talked more about 'race', then about sports, then about life.
These guys may never be friends but they will at least say, "Sup" next time they see each other when I'm not around.


I had a stepfather who would flap his arms whenever he would dream that he was flying.
I discovered this because I walked into his house just as he was having what looked to be a seizure.
When I awakened him, "I was flying", he replied when I enquired of his well being.
His idea of human flight was almost logical and therefore modeled after birds.
My idea was based on faith more than physics so being able to fly like Superman was just a given.
I used to be able to fly without even thinking about it.
I could rarely control my speed nor altitude so it was almost always a harrowing experience.
I've dreamt of flying so many times that I've almost perfected the landing.
I don't mind flight, it's a handy tool in times of need.

Lately, the ability to fly seems to have gone from me.
I now have to focus a great deal just to be able to hover.
I'm not sure if I'm even built for high places - I'm a regular guy.
At a recent social event, I was nicknamed "King John" by some of these men and women with titles and/or status.
When I asked why they would call me by that title, "Because you're so good at working people to get what you desire. Everyone loves you, and even your enemies come to serve you", they answered.
"There is none good but God.", I replied.

Maybe I'm so accustomed to being the outsider or underdog that I cannot see myself as being a part of a larger group?
Maybe I don't believe the hyperbole but instead choose to remain one of the people?
Maybe I have low self-esteem?
I really don't know why but being called "King John" by those who supposedly wield some type of power is discomforting to me.
Maybe, like Icarus, I've learned my lesson about the dangers of flying too high or swooping in too low.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Five Trees?

Why is my living room still filled with five boxes of artificial Christmas trees [One from the club, one from tenants, two from cousins, and one from my house (which never even made it up)] and twenty-one plastic bins filled with garland, lights and ornaments, etc.?
To say that this year has been 'hectic' would be an understatement.

Ron Paul?

Many may insist that Ron Paul is a Racist or that he has racist views  - but does it even really matter?
I don't even really care about a person's religion, club affiliations or personal beliefs - just as long as that person is fair and just.

His recent comments pointing out that Blacks are victims of an 'unequal justice' seems to have gone largely ignored by most political pundits.
Paul was referring to FBI reports which point out that roughly 69% of arrests made in America were those of whites - while Blacks made up only about 28% of total arrests.
He was also referring to the fact that whites are arrested twice as many times as Blacks for drug related incidents.
Sure, in a country that is only about 16% Black these numbers seem alarming - but Paul pointed out that Blacks still represent nearly half of all those currently incarcerated.

Obama sure won't bring this up, and I can guarantee that the Republicans' Southern Strategy will not allow any insider to discuss the warts on Miss Liberty's face.
With many Americans believing that the country is falling apart and in need of a revolution (some even advocating violence) - wouldn't a shake-up from the inside be in the best interest of the country?


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Is There Such an App for Facebook?

Which allows someone to censor the eyes of someone who may be caught in an embarrassing facebook photo?
A "Black Box" app which allows someone to censor a photo without having to delete the entire image?
Anyone out there able to write code to create one?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ron Paul for POTUS!!!

With the election of Obama, many predicted the rise of the Libertarian - or at the least, many of their beliefs.
Ron Paul may be running as a Republican but much of his platform is more Libertarian.
Ron Paul;
-Favors a smaller government - as do I.
-Wants to cut Federal Spending for FY 2012 instead of spreading the adjustments over the next 10-15 ineffectual years - as do I.
-Reduce Military Spending
-End the Welfare State. Being that most of the money goes to corporations and special interests, I have to agree.
-Eliminate or Audit the Federal Reserve, Since they ( along with the IMF and World Bank) created the financial mess most of us are suffering though, I have to agree with this idea as well.

Sure, he may be unelectable, a racist, and somewhat creepy to some but he may help to push ideas forward which may help to solve the country's problems instead of just delaying the end results of them.


No, not from ghosts, goblins or even Ron Paul.
My fear is more real and more common.

As always, today I checked on one of my elderly blind ladies - not a problem.
But today offered a twist.
The lady's pill-addict great-grandson happened to be there as well - still not a problem.
But then this guy decided that he had to make a run and asked me to babysit his five month old daughter - Effin' BIG Problem.

I'm scared of small babies so I was petrified.
Feeding, cleaning, playing with, changing and just watching an infant is more than I was prepared to do.
This weekend was our busiest ever at the club so I was already exhausted - and this small child made it even worse.

As a kid, I used to fill in for my sister on occasion when she had something else to do on one of her scheduled babysitting nights.
I guess instinct and prior training kicked in because I handled the situation like a champ.
When the baby's grand mother appeared to retrieve her five hours later, I was a mess.
"Wow, you're a natural!!!", she said as I made the hand off.
I might be a natural - but I'll never babysit an infant alone again.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Enemy of MY Enemy

Is the enemy of my enemy my friend?
Is Ron Paul a racist? (Name one President who wasn't.)
Is Obama a true outsider willing to take the fight to institutions which subjugate the masses?
If Ron Paul was to be elected POTUS - would you be any worse off?
Does the POTUS have any real power anyway?


Honestly, Val?
A layup by Blake Griffin, a jump shot by Lebron, a nice chest pass by Kobe?
This isn't the Celtics of the 60's - today's game requires more athletic ability.
The real reason you (and I) like the WNBA is because of Candice Parker.

Monday, January 2, 2012

At Some Point, It's Not About Making Money...

 It becomes about a sense of style.
In basketball, two points are two points - but who wants to watch (or execute) layups all night?
Who (besides Val) says, "Wow, did you see that chest pass?".
When one gains the basic skills required to get the job done effectively - he then forms new ways to get the same measurable result which require more skill and a greater ability.

Anyone can make money - the question becomes how one chooses to make money.
Most people reading this could probably make more money giving blow jobs to sweaty truck drivers at ones local truck stop tonight than she/he would working his day-job.
But no one reading this would do that just to make a money.
Sure, I like money, I want money, I even need money.
But I'm not willing to do anything and everything to get it.
Money has rarely been my motivation.
Sometimes, I'm even offended by money.

"Maximize your profits", is all I hear from former nightclub owners.
"That's why you went out of business.", I reply.
"Make sure you get your cut from everything when someone else does a promotion in your club.", others say.
"But why would I charge someone who is bringing more business to my club?", I ask.

I've had book release parties, poetry nights, open mic/jam sessions, fashion shows, art viewings, whatever... in an effort to expose people to more of our culture than just DJ'd music.
At each event the promoter makes more money than me.
But these promoters make a lot of money once a month while paying most of the costs.
I make a little less money every night without spending much to advertise.

My next big event is a Super Bowl Party hosted by a a retired NFL player.
My liquor reps are providing the Remy and the former player is paying for the DJ, my staff (I don't usually open on Sundays), the Ribs, and advertising.
"Remy & Ribs", is what we are calling it.

These nights bring in more than just one demographic.
The varied demographic helps to ensure that the club stays busy regardless of what is going on around town.
While I hate running clubs - I do seem to have a knack for doing it.
Other club owners frequent my club.
The local elites frequent my club.
The aspirational and acquisitive frequent my club.
The Wanna-Be-Bougie ('Bourgeois' is a step up for these folks) frequent my club.

To be honest, I'm about to burn out.
I have no interest in being one of the 'Big Shots' around town.
I just decided to run this club as a means to show others that people can work together and still benefit.
I don't seem to be able to teach so it seemed like doing would be the best way to get others to follow the model.

I have my manager running the club for the next couple of days while I think about selling the club.
I hate the long nights of talking to people I have no interest in.
Sure, I can make money - but this doesn't seem to be the way I want to do it.

Biblically speaking - aren't we supposed to leave enough behind for those who are without to be able to glean the fields after we're done gathering our harvest?

The Ability to Obtain Money...?

...Is the best measure of 'intellegence'?
1 Timothy 6:10 - "For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows."
 The Four Horsemen bring; War, Famine, Pestilence and Death.
 The current wars throughout the world have more to do with acquiring wealth than they do with gaining freedom.
 People starve because others are greedy.
 Slums exist because others horde resources.
We pollute our habitat in an effort to increase the wealth of others.
Banks collapsed because people valued imaginary money more than hard assets.
 Homes were lost because people imagined themselves as being rich.
 Many bought into the lie that money solves all problems - or that it was even necessary.
Most sold their souls for debt and many cannot find their way free from under the control of he who owns this debt.
If the Devil is the ruler of this world - then the Devil is the Dollar.
And the love of this Devil is the "Root of ALL Evil.".