Wednesday, July 24, 2013

As Long As Laws Are Just

Zimmerman SHOULD Have Walked

No not that he was right in stalking anyone and then shooting them dead - for that, he should have gotten at least a decade in prison.

The thing is, Zimmerman's attorneys did a better job than did the prosecution in swaying the jury of his peers.
Jury selection had as much to do with the outcome of this trial as did the evidence presented.
It was an idea that this country was founded upon.
Blackstone's formulation is an idea that is taught to most during elementary school yet more and more minorities (Okay... there was OJ.) are unable to benefit from it.

The real problem is that the prosecution failed to do their job.
Precious should have never been able to take the stand without the proper preparation.
If the roles were reversed and an all-Black jury heard a white witness spewing ill tempered and poorly worded comments about 'Niggers', the all-Black jury would have already made up their minds at that point in the trial.

The problem is not the law - it is the unfair and uneven application of it that causes much of the racial and/or cultural problems in this country

Why Was The Martin/Zimmerman Trial Newsworthy?

Poets, artists and comedians are the only people able to tell the truth.
Dave Chapelle did a "Law & Order"-like skit which showed what would happen if roles were reversed in the judicial system.
Everyone knows that the judicial system is biased - it just takes an honest person to point out it's flaws in an acceptable manner.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Better Ending ?

 Tchaikovsky or Primus (Actually It's The Pixies) - (V for Vendetta or Fight Club)?

The Facebook/NSA Wet Dream

Pick a scene...
Any scene...
Is this the direction social media and the federal government are headed?

White People In Hoodies RIOT !!!...

 ...In Belfast, Ireland injuring 32 members of law enforcement...
While multi-ethnic crowds in America protest the verdict in the recent Martin/Zimmerman case.

Wait... Didn't someone try to claim old hockey riots in Vancouver as being post-verdict 'Miami Riots'?
Sure, people in hoodies did riot over the weekend as many racists feared - only they were the wrong color and in the wrong country.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Thirty Years On... The Clash Are Still Right

Apocalypse Now/Charlie Don't Surf
The Call Up
Guns of Brixton
How did The Clash follow it's classic Punk London Calling Double-LP?
With the Punk/Funk/Ska/Hip-Hop/World Music Sandinista Triple-LP - of course....

(Check out a very young Lawrence Fishburn in the fist clip.)

Monday, July 8, 2013

I HATE Running Nightclubs...

But at this point it's more about a battle of philosophies than it is a battle of nightclubs.
You see, I'm not a paper-chaser.
 I like money, yet it is not my primary motivation in the decisions I make.

Our club has been doing pretty well and now it seems that everyone has some sort of new way from which I can make even more money.
The thing is - I don't open on Sunday's (unless it's for a benefit), I don' work with outside promoters, I don't water down drinks and I don't sell drinks after hours.
I play by the rules and follow the law.

I guess success breads contempt.
This past weekend (Well... the whole week, I guess) we shut down most of our rival clubs.
As many of our patrons were in NOLA for the Essence Festival - most clubs had a slow holiday week.
But not us.
We were so packed every night that a rival club owner sent people in to pull the fire alarms at our club when we were SRO.

Just Did It

 I have no problem with lesbians - some of my best friends are lesbians...
With the recent Supreme Court rulings, Jason Collins coming out, gays in the Boy Scouts,... - LGBT rights have been a hot topic on many news shows.

And now Nike may have upped the ante in signing an openly-LGBT athlete who should dominate in a (somewhat) mainstream sport.
Brittney Griner's sexuality, looks and even her gender have been spoken of as much as her dominance on the basketball court.
Suggestions of Chimerism and Hermaphroditism bring to mind the stories of Caster Semenya.

But female athletics are different.
Many people already stereotype female athletes and being at least Bi-sexual anyway...
So Ms Griner signs with Nike as their spokesperson.
Doesn't the WNBA rely on it's sizable Lesbian fan base as it's main target market.
Aren't most other players in the WNBA assumed to be lesbians as well?     

The image of a stereotypical gym coach is acceptable on a supposedly progressive television show without cries of discrimination.
Many women who participate in activities generally associated with masculinity are already stereotyped as being lesbians.

I don't know...
Is the stigma the same for lesbians as it is for gays?
Do men accept homosexuality from women more readily than they do from men?
(Personally, I can see what two attractive women could see in each other. Maybe we males are taught to accept that seeing or being with two hot women is a good thing. But I just don't see the allure of being with another guy.)