Monday, July 8, 2013

I HATE Running Nightclubs...

But at this point it's more about a battle of philosophies than it is a battle of nightclubs.
You see, I'm not a paper-chaser.
 I like money, yet it is not my primary motivation in the decisions I make.

Our club has been doing pretty well and now it seems that everyone has some sort of new way from which I can make even more money.
The thing is - I don't open on Sunday's (unless it's for a benefit), I don' work with outside promoters, I don't water down drinks and I don't sell drinks after hours.
I play by the rules and follow the law.

I guess success breads contempt.
This past weekend (Well... the whole week, I guess) we shut down most of our rival clubs.
As many of our patrons were in NOLA for the Essence Festival - most clubs had a slow holiday week.
But not us.
We were so packed every night that a rival club owner sent people in to pull the fire alarms at our club when we were SRO.


Anonymous said...

WooHoo! So happy for you John! Even if you don't like it, but money buys honey ;)))

But be careful the competition seems a little sneaky and underhanded! Dayum!

Take care!

Val said...

Success is sweet. Enjoy it.