Sunday, November 30, 2008

Change In Leadership

Really? Is it that hard to understand?

Let look at the Boston Celtics of the 2006-2007 season. The team finished the season 24-58 - terrible by any standard. So what did the team go out and do? Draft all new players? Work with the players they already had? Trade for "new" players? I'm pretty sure the answer is; "all three".

Ray Allen - Acquired in a trade with Seattle.
Paul Pierce - Drafted by Celtics in 1998.
Rajon Rondo - Draft rights acquired from Phoenix, June 28, 2006.
Kendrick Perkins - Draft rights acquired from Memphis on June 26, 2003 out of Ozen High School in Beaumont, Texas.
Kevin Garnett - Acquired in a trade with Minnesota.

In the 2007-2008 season, the Celtics improved their record to 66-16 and won the NBA Title.
K.G. had played for a rival NBA franchise.
Ray Allen "had game" but hadn't won a championship with the Seattle Sonics.
Kendrick Perkins was drafted by the Celtics as a "project" - only improving his game and contribution after Garnett was acquired.
Rajon Rondo was a solid draft by the franchise who exploded onto the national scene during the Celt's championship run.
Paul Pierce had labored tirelessly for the under performing Celtics.

Put all of these "Old" players in "New" roles and with a new dynamic and you win a championship.
That's it.
The winning is the change.
The better final result is the change.

Obama is a basketball fan.
He knows that when Duke's Coach K took a team of prima-donas and formed the US Olympic Basketball Team - The USA won.
Are Kobe, Lebron and Mello best friends or competitors? Did all of these players understand their role in the system implemented by Coach K?
Obama didn't mean a change in team members.
Obama meant a change in results.

What matters more?
A change in people or a change in results?

Saturday, November 29, 2008

BSC (Bull Shyte Championship) - Poll 11-29-08

BSC Poll 11-29-08
1) USC
The pollsters (me) are biased and would place the Trojans in the number one slot even if they were 2-11.
2) Florida
After Florida embarrasses Alabama, the Seminoles deserve a shot at the title. (Besides, no one wants to see USC humiliate Oklahoma again or Texas/USC II or even cares about Utah.)
3) Texas
After Texas fails to win it's league championship, a national title is out of the question.
4) Oklahoma
Well...they lost to Texas.
5) Utah
They didn't lose.

My First Time

Thanks to SjP at Sojourner's Place ( ). She was so far down her blog-roll that she slipped and left this little nugget in my honor.

I guess I have to list the rules of The Award for those who receive The Award from myself.

1) Pass The Award on to the five (5) most deserving bloggers.
2) Each recipient must link to the author and name of the blog from whom The Award was received.
3) Each "Superior Scribbler" must display The Award on their blog and link back to;
4) Each blogger must visit this site and add their name to the Mr Linky List.
5) Each blogger must post these rules.

Sick of hearing what's WRONG within the Black community? Me too. This site is dedicated to showcasing those who do some good in the hood. Tracey at Black Gives Back has one of the most important blogs around.
We all feel like the guy in this photo from time to time. CitizenOjo breaks it down on his TDL&ToaPC. ( )
But let's add some color to the Black and white mix. CVT of Choptensils ( ) adds a different view of race to the discussion.
I have to check my stocks at The Black Market Index ( )on the daily. Invisible Hand isn't as cynical as his photo.
The Two Buppie Chicks ( ) offer a woman's view (times two) of everything from wine, fashion, politics, religion and well... life. Blackstar and brightstar are quick with the wit and smart.

So I hope I've followed the rules and explained them to the recipients.

(SjP - Thanks. It still amazes me that anyone as erudite as all of you even drop by the hood (UBJ) from time to time)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Enjoy The Turkey?

Nero blamed the Jews (Christians) for burning Rome.
We blamed North Vietnam in the Gulf of Tonkin.
Now some are saying that the attacks in Mumbai were carried out by Western Special Forces in another False Flag Operation.
( )

With the February 17 change-over to Digital Television, many people ran out and bought a house full of flat-panel televisions.
How much is your new television going to cost you. Anyone can afford to buy a flat-panel T.V. - but can you afford to use it?
Plasma TVs generally use up to four times the electricity of an old fashioned Cathode-Ray T.V. .
LCDs do slightly better with DLP-Projections doing best. (Although results vary by make and model.)
(;rb_mtx )

Tesla wasn't the only electric sports car company. Check out the California company Fisker's answer to e-cars. The whole roof is a solar panel.
( )

Monday, November 24, 2008


When I was in high school, as long as I had good grades, I could skip school every Friday.
I would take the bus to downtown Riverside, California, get lunch and check out the local museums and galleries.
Initially, I was intimidated by the seemingly pretentious mannerisms of the patrons.
One day, a tall elegant older French lady mentioned that she would see me every week and asked why I wasn't in school. I explained my arrangement and she decided to help me understand art. She told me not to worry about what everyone else liked or thought and to just pick a painting that I liked. It wasn't a classic Michelangelo but a modern piece. She advised me to learn about the style and the artist and to look into his works and other works in the same genre. Soon I could tell a Warhol from a Rothko and I developed my own tastes. (Kind of like getting to know wine - don't be intimidated)

Keith Herring - Colorful and simple. Almost primitive. Maybe it's from his days as a graffiti artist. Herring did the boom-box on the cover of the Buffalo Gals (Malcolm McClaren) album, worked with Grace Jones and his works appear in ads still today.

Kenny Scharf - Juicy Jungle Reminds me of a B-52's song

Joan Miro - These "doodles" command millions at auction.

Mark Kostabi - His works seem like art school projects that were never fully realized for detail.

Dondi White - I love graffiti. I still go to the local train yards to check out the movable feast of urban (and urbane) art.

Picasso - everybody knows Pablo.

Salvador Dali - An ex-girlfriend said the this piece (about narcissism) reminded her of me. Dali is most often a teen aged boy's favorite gallery artist.

Jean Michael Basquiat - His works seem as though they were made by a fifth grader.

Okay, no "deep" thought.. but there's more to life than politics and the economy.

RunningMom - I try to draw and paint every once in a while. Usually all I make is a mess.
Debo Blue - Thanks
brohammas - I'd never seen or heard of Bua ( ) but his stuff is cool.
Banksy and his rats (rat anagram for art), the uncle (not the godfather) of stencil street art...
( http;// )
Yeah, I like his stuff.


With the election of Obama, Blacks seem to be having a good year.
But what about the "Model Minority"?
What about the "Invisible Minority"?

All anyone seemed to be able to say about Asians was that they tend to do well in school, own all of the nail/beauty supply shops in the 'hood and make money running the corner store.
Anyone familiar with hip-hop dancing knows of the Jabawakees from MTV's dance competition show America's Best Dance Crew. This group from Cali' showed much of America what those in the elite of hip-hop dance competitions already knew - Asians can dance!

The Seattle Mariners just named Don Wakamatsu as the first Asian manager in MLB history.

Washington D.C. Superintendent Michelle Rhee just might be the answer to an antiquated D.C. school system. Barack Obama mentioned her in one of the debates, pointing out her ability to lead.

Bobby Jindahl (Is India still considered part of Asia?) is Governor of Louisiana while Anh "Joseph" Cao is pushing for power in NOLA.

Most would expect Koreans to do well in women's golf, at least lately. Si Ri Pak is still my favorite female golfer (She was so cute when she won the US Open those many years ago - and those quads!).

But what about others of Asian descent. Tiger Woods, Kimora Lee Simmons, Yao Ming, ... . No one would have previously expected an Asian to dominate golf, become a hip-hop mogul or be a center in the NBA.

Has anyone seen "Old Boy'? this movie is the ish! Now Will Smith is in on again/off again talks to remake this disturbing (but good) film. Asian drama/horror seems to be an endless source for Hollywood to copy.

China hosted the Olympics. BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) is planning on how to kick our azz.

So...Blacks have had a good year. Asians seem to be having a great one.

Cool Places

RunningMom -"Dubai is a cool place to visit."
I think that it would be.
I know that Thanksgiving is this week but you've made me think of some of my regrets.
When I used to tend bar in Cali', I was asked to travel to the Far East and do some training and managing for a friend's parents' string of hotels and resorts. I declined but now I regret the decision.
My grandparents traveled to Africa, the Middle-East, the Caribbean, and Europe - always asking me to go with them. I always declined in favor of "doing nothing" during the long summer months in Cali'.
The three places that I'd like to visit are;

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Lots of money enables this small country to spend lots of money on ambitious projects
Shanghai, China - I saw the architecture in the movie Ultraviolet. It looks like a cool place to visit
Kuala Lampur, Malaysia - The Petronas Towers were always impressive to me.
What about you?
Where would you like to visit (or return).

Why Are You Gay ?

I've discussed the topic of California's Prop.8 earlier and came to no conclusion.
Many people say that being gay is a choice while others say that it a disease.
My question is - IS being gay a natural occurring phenomenon.

Hermaphrodites are formed when two potentially non-identical twins fail to develop into two separate beings. In the case of the above photo, both male and female genitalia are visible. There are around 500 documented cases of Hermaphrodism around the world. (In the US, less than 40). Jamie Lee Curtis is widely rumored (unsupported) to have been a hermaphrodite.

Chimerism (not the Hermaphrodic type) is a case of two sets of DNA failing to form two beings but maintaining the characteristics of either male or female.

In each anomalous case, the traits are not generally seen as a choice or disease, but a condition of being.
Is homosexuality just a case of very mild Chimerism. Is it a variance on the chromosomal level that occurs naturally?

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Above is a "Thick & Juicy" steak. There is still a little fat, but in all the right places to ensure maximum enjoyment and pleasure.

Above is a picture of FAT. No meat... just fat. This is NOT "Thick", it's just FAT!!!

To anyone familiar with Manuel Uribe of the Discovery Channel, Lymphedema (those big swollen things on the inside of his legs that make Manuel appear as though doing the splits) is not something to be droppin' like it's hot.

I came across these pictures on the blog; "You Know You Dead Azz Wrong". (I blacked-out her face. She may not know that she may have a medical problem)

I can't be sure that this woman is suffering from a Lymphatic ailment but this appears to be the case. I just brought a cousin to the hospital to have such growths (no, not this big) removed (although in the early stages and of the appearance of a large boil.) from her inner thigh. My cousin is diabetic and refused to alter her diet. She's survived breast cancer but it's her life choices and her Southern eating habits that need to be altered.

I'm not picking cotton all day nor plowing fields all day, so I don't need to eat the same diet as my ancestors. I don't need a big woman to protect me. The idea that "bigger is better" may be killing many of us. There is a difference between "Thick" and "Fat" (see above photos).

Anorexia may not be the choice you're seeking but this desire to be "Thick" is not the answer. Beyonce' may have the perfect body for some, others may prefer a Holly Robinson-Peete body type. I'm more concerned with one's fitness level than their weight. (Although I seem to prefer a long and lean physic.)

So when a man says that some black women are too fat, he may just be thinking of the survival of his prospective (or current) wife and children. He may be attuned to some sort of innate survival mechanism alerting him to the dangers of being over-weight.

C'mon ladies, how many of you wish that you were the same size that you were before the kids (or before the gravy and salt-pork meals)?
Tina Budde - thanks for the info.
(P.S. the RSS feed is in black on white)
Paul G (Nojaa) - Thanks for the information.
Siditty - I'm not saying that Black women are fat, but that there is pressure on Black women to be "Thick". The health risks aren't worth it. Hypothyroidism? I didn't know that you'd be assigning homework?

Change, Progress and Adapt

Maybe you don't need McGyver-like skills to make it in today's world (but it helps).
To make money;
Do what others can't do
or do what others don't want to do.
This site lists the best career choices during a recession.
( )
Although the choices seem valid, one's location and it's current (and future) economic condition is a better measure of what is needed in each individual's case.

"Water, water, everywhere..."
While costly, a desalination plan is needed.
Nuclear power plants are good at desalination and could provide energy for many people.

Many bugs and insects are edible. I hope it doesn't get this bad - but it's good to know.

Electric cars need a place to re-fuel. Maybe we could build a lot of this type of parking structure (with the addition of windmills) to act as re-fueling stations for the many electric car proposals.

I am not saying that these answers apply to all (or any) of you. But we need to think in a more nimble way. We need to be prepared to make life-style changes and be prepared to adapt or be left behind wondering "what happened".

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Value Of What You Own

Odell Barnes

1636-1637 - Tulip speculation cripples the economy of the Netherlands. Speculators go broke after the price of a single bulb reaches into the thousands.
Ancient Rome - Salt used to pay wages and settle debt.
Primitive money - In most areas there is something that almost all people value and is hard to come by. In times past, palm oil, cola nuts, dried fish, tobacco, beads, grains animal skins and shells were all used as legal tender.
The above link tells of the "Foreclosure King" Odell Barnes.
While banks are crying for handouts, Odell is buying foreclosed homes, making money and helping the community.
Our economy is not as bad as those in power will tell you. It's just the modern day Tulip Speculators that are whining and forcing their pain on the masses. Everything you own still has value.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The New World Order (Psst...It Aint Us)

What's up with Dubai?
The recent World Economic Forum - Summit Of The Global Agenda seemed intent upon dividing and planning for our futures. Some of the more than fifty topics included; Future of Mobile Communications, Future of Media, Future of Entertainment, Future of the Internet, Geography of Innovation and Strategic Foresight. It seems that W. wanted at least a glimpse of what all of his selling of America would bring.

More than 750 US companies have their regional headquarters in the UAE, with former American based companies like security contractors Black Water Worldwide and Haliburton moving their headquarters beyond the reach of American courts to this (apparently) terrorist friendly state.

We should have seen it coming.
Everyone has access to a Bible and the story of Joseph and the Pharaoh. Joseph was given the ability to recognize the ecological (and eventual sociological and economical) cycle of the known world during a certain period.
When the market was up, it was time to build storehouses and save. When the market fell, it was time to buy and lend. The Pharaoh became wealthy following Joseph's advice.
Warren Buffet has used this same cycle to amass his enormous wealth.
Let the suckers spend and borrow in order to appear rich - while the truly rich wait and save until prices are so low that they can buy the same goods at pennies on the dollar.
Maybe today's bankers saw the hand-writing on the wall and knew that the market would eventually crash - they knew that they could buy everything at a deflated price and end up owning more while many of us just ended up owing more.

But back to Dubai and the United Arab Emerates.
Dubai World (owner of Dubai World Ports) created a stink when it was discovered that they would own many of the largest American ports after it had acquired British company P&O. (The US holdings of P&O were sold to failed American insurance company AIG. Since the bail-out, our government now owns parts of AIG.)
Abu Dhabi Investment Authority owns 4.9% of citigroup Inc. .
The UAE is America's largest exporter to the Middle East. Much of the goods sold to the UAE are re-sold to China, India and the rest of the Middle East.
Macy's Inc. is set to open it's first store (Bloomingdale's) outside of the US in the UAE.

Piracy was largely under control when the Union of Islamic Courts governed Mogadishu and much of Southern Somalia until 2006. (The same is the case with Iraq. Saddam may not have been our friend anymore, but he could control his country. Just as the Taliban could eliminate the Poppy Trade in Afghanistan - which largely funds the terrorists and insurgents. We're suffering from the same dilemma as Dr Moreau in trying to re-make people into ourselves ["No spill blood"]. Maybe we should stop trying to play God.) Their US backed defeat at the hands of the Ethiopians destabilized the area, creating an environment that is hospitable to pirates. Sugwe Dahir (owner of up-scale Somali clothing boutique Eyl) has even set up a lay-a-way program for the pirates. Pirates just take the items they want, the sales clerks list the items and when the pirates receive their ransoms (30 million dollars this year alone) they pay their tabs. In Mogadishu, pirates are building sprawling stone homes, cruising in the latest Lexus or Mercedes and marrying beautiful women.

Andrew Mwangura (Seafarer's Assistance Programme) states that most of the pirating is masterminded and controlled in Nairobi and Dubai - by men who monitor the shipping routes for lucrative targets. (Who wanted to control US Ports?)

In an effort to fight the pirates, we have companies like John Harris' Hallow Point Protective Services and Black Water vying to become the world leaders in privateering. The above photo is the latest acquisition by Black Water, it's a 153 ft decommissioned National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration ship that is docked in North Carolina. The ship (the Mc Arthur) will have state of the art navigation and communication systems, command and control labs, medical capabilities, a helicopter pad and up to 40 armed guards. Black Water already owns at least 20 aircraft and is trying to acquire a Brazilian built Emraer Soper Tucano light combat plane.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, privateers were financed by bankers and trade companies like the East India Trading Company. (A good comparison to read about then and now is; "Pirates, Privateers and the Contract Theories of Hobbes & Locke -Peter Hayes.)

As we sit back and worry about the hood-rats on the Real Housewives of the ATL and eat so much that we have to worry about diabetes and hypertension - the rest of the world is making plans for our future. Even Ayman al-Zawahri (referencing a Malcolm X speech) feels emboldened enough to call Barack Obama an "abeed al-beit" (house slave or house negro) while he himself is living in a field.

(Sources -, Bill Tieman/The Virginian Pilot, Kim Sengupta/The Independent, Rob Crilly/The Scotsman, Yahoo News - Photos - Mark Kostabi, PhotoSearch, unat.)

"Stop Sneetchin"

One star, two stars, three stars or no stars?
Does anyone remember the story of the Sneetches?
Apparently, many Sneetches thought that having one big green star on their fat yellow belly was better than having no stars.
One day a man came to town to help those with no star acquire a star. (At a cost.)
The original Sneetches with one star went to the same guy to have their stars removed (and thus remain superior).
The originally starless Sneetches had their stars removed to fit in with the now starless (but originally one star) Sneetches.
This cycle want back and forth until some Sneetches had one star, some had two, some three and some were starless - but all were now out of money. (Except for the man who owned the star removal/application machine.)

What about the Lorax?
Lesson; Don't use your resources for gain - to the point of having (now useless) money but no resources.

What about Horton Hears A Who? Anti-abortion or anti-myopia?

Much of our abstract learning has been developed since our youth. Even the "simplest" books have great lessons.

Mixed Mentallity 3

Thank you all for responding.

My thinking is that whether one succeeds or fails, the choice is up to the individual.

I don't understand why some who dress as gangsters fail to see why society treats them as anything other than a criminal. In the photo above, these kids choose to dress in the most intimidating manner that they could imagine.
Not just gangster,
but as a "Black Gangster".

running mom - "Our perception of what..."
- Our perception and what one actually identifies as are often at odds. An inner-city Black kid wearing Phat Farm and Sean Jean and identifying as "Preppy" would be seen by real Preps, seeing the same kids, as being ghetto kids in hip-hop fashion.
Would any of the first three photos in this post be seen as dressing Black? Most would say that only the first of the three is "dressing Black". If we switch the races in three photos, which would be seen as "normal"?
- Are your cousins identifying as both or are they influenced by both? Which has a greater impact on their socio-economic status? Or does it matter?
cnulan - "confidence, self-assurance, arrogance..."
Well... that's actually what I'm trying to say. One's psychological state and frame of reference has more to do with whether one succeeds or fails than do others' views. Does your familiarity with more than one group or economic level add to your lack of fear in a possible hostile environment?
"Oh, and let..."
Yes, this small Texas town is still stuck in the field/house, slave/master, light/dark, etc mentality. There is a lot of money in the area but very little wealth. There is a lot of tradition but very little progress.
Angry African - "Yet, again..." I had a Dutch friend who had to leave S.A. after Apartheid. His Black friends had to spirit his family out of the country to avoid the threatened assaults and killings.
In reading your posts, Dutch (Anglo-African to be P.C.) just comes through.
brohammas - "Parenting and environment..." Agreed.

-"I have known kids..." These are the kids who will grow up and say, "It's because I'm Black", after they've failed to get a job, promotion, or opportunity. I'm not sure whether many of these parents recognize the subtle differences in speech, dress or mannerisms. (Like when someone over-articulates every syllable of every word when trying to fit in - in a perceived up-scale environment. One group of people thinks that it sounds up-scale - while the perceived up-scale group notices the affectation.)

sjp - But how do we translate this dismissal (or is there even a need) of other's prejudices to a broader audience? How do we translate these advantages (both real and imagined) into being seen as just giving someone a head start and not as the opponents already having crossed the finish line?