Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Facebook Is NOT Your Friend

 Who fell for the 'ease of use' shtick sold to them by Blogger, Google Chrome, Facebook and/or any other social media site?
(Why would I want to link one site to my other sites?)
Oh, and to ensure that you don't lose your password, don't forget to add your phone number as well?
Hasn't everyone read about the tracking these sites provide?
Doesn't everyone know that any information posted on the Internet can be used against them?

I use the site as a marketing tool for the club but for little else.
I can keep track of other clubs in the area, invite patrons to special events or just wish someone a "Happy Birthday".
But I'd never post anything I'd want to hide from anyone.

 One recent incident involved a man who tried to stunt on facebook with his tax return money.
The thing is; the dude was arrears in his child support payments.
The guy had maybe $500 and was he acting as though he was Drake at a strip club.

 I've known several women who have had their children taken away from them by ex-husbands because of their booty-poopin' pictures on facebook.
I've known guys who were caught in pictures with their girlfriends who called me later so that I could delete the photos before their wives or her friends saw them.
And why do people post pictures of slop on paper plates as though they were dining at Ruth's Chris?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I Wish It WOULD HAVE Happened Here

So Cyprus postponed it's controversial plan to straight jack the savings of it's citizens in order to pay off some bank debt (20k-100k euros at 6.75% and more than 100k euros at 9.9% of their deposits).
This is terrible.
Why put ones money in banks when banks can just take it whenever they get into trouble?

The thing is; everyone was set to receive stocks in the banks in exchange for their seized assets.
Just think of what would have happened if everyone in America would have gotten bank (or brokerage firm, insurance company, or any other financial institution that needed and received a bailout) stocks for all the money lost in our most recent financial scare?
If your 401k lost $500,000?
Cool, you'd now own a percentage of the debt we are all expected to pay off without receiving any compensation.
The thing is; the bankers would get their money but the citizens would now own the banks.
If the citizens owned the American banking/investment system, we would be able to fire all of the people who were and are benefiting from their past and present greed.
The workers' would control the payment structure of it's executive employees.
Our banking system would have become a nationwide member-owned credit union with it's board being answerable to it's owner-members.
What's so bad about that?

"Black" Television?

 Val commented that she only recently discovered the existence of the over the air Bounce Network.
The network is only two years old with limited (but growing) penetration into US markets.
The thing about Bounce is that it is a Black-owned network geared towards Blacks.
Some may cite TV One (Radio One (51%) and Comcast are partners) as being another "Black television network.
A quick look at the company's investment/management structure would lead me to agree. 

 Others may think of Centric and BET as being more representative of the Black television market.
But since Bob Johnson sold out to Viacom - most Blacks are just being resold their own culture from a Euro-Centric conglomerate.
Sure, Oprah has the Oprah Winfrey Network (Through Harpo Productions in partnership with the Discovery Network) - but is it still a "Black" network?

It's odd. With talk about what is "Black" (Black-Owned v. Geared Towards Blacks) - Blacks don't even own a major presence on the most democratic medium available (the Internet).
Even The Grio is owned by NBC News and The Root is owned by The Washington Post.

Friday, March 15, 2013


 Who does Carnival Cruise Lines have working for them...
This Guy?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Was Hugo Chavez From North Africa?

Or is Barack Obama (At the behest of the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and/or The Federal Reserve) just settling all debts?


Not nearly as much as I used to but I still try to help kids with their homework.
Ummm... when did schools begin to teach that Pi=3?