Thursday, September 30, 2010

U R GAY! (Not That There's Anything Wrong With That.)

 Anyone so interested in his (gay/bi) roommate having sex with another man that he would install a camera to watch the act must himself be gay.
The dude is thrilled to get to watch a man have sex with another man?
 Some may say that the students who recorded and posted the video were just curious.
Maybe Molly Wei was curious.
Honestly, if I see two women having sex - I'm stopping to look.
I'd be curious.

I went to an extremely religious college.
As a prank, we would take bags of frogs we'd find and fill the rooms of those who lived in our dorm.
One evening, as we were dumping bags full of frogs into the rooms of our friends, we heard moaning and groaning.
We were curious to see what all the commotion was about so we looked into the window of the adjacent dorm room.
As we noticed one guy blowing another guy, we gasped... a little too loudly.
But we didn't stay and watch - we jumped to the ground below and ran until we could find a safe place to confirm that we had seen what we had thought we saw.
As we gathered ourselves, a big assed Samoan dude ran up to us to ask if we had seen someone jump from the balcony above.
I had stopped to talk to talk to a a couple of girls who were parked in front of the dorms and told them to act as though they were dropping me off after some event.
When I told the guy that I had just arrived and had no idea what he was talking about, he turned to find those who could ruin his reputation.
Straight guys don't stay to watch - straight guys turn away.
But Dharun Ravi is just gay.
Maybe he was hoping to entice other guys into participating in his personal enjoyment of watching two guys getting it on.
Maybe he was hoping to shine a light on Tyler's sexual preference so that others would not notice that his own were questionable.
If your reaction to watching two gays having sex is "Yay" - chances are, YOU'RE GAY!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weak and Dumb

Why is it that a weak person will exercise to become stronger -
but a dumb person will rarely study to become smarter?

Another One Bites The Dust

 It seems that we are becoming so lazy that we can't even drive a few blocks to pick up and drop off a movie.
When Blockbuster first started, no one thought it was a concept which could generate profits.
But with the advent of Net-Flix, On-Demand and streaming video - why should we drive and pay late fees when we don't have to?
 The New York Times recently announced that they will cease publication of their newspaper in a printed format in the next few years.
As other magazines and newspapers lose market share to online alternatives - what is the next best option for those wishing to reach a broad audience?
The USA Today uses a Fed-Ex-type business model.
All of it's news is shipped to one source and then redistributed to each market across the country.
Maybe this is what Hearst and the The New York Times Company should do.
Maybe they should publish one national edition with space for local stories to be written by local writers in each market being served.
The Times and Hearst would be the national paper with each local affiliate producing it's own local content.
This would reduce costs while increasing local relevance.
Unless old media adapts to the competition from the new media it may become obsolete media.

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Wrong Larry

 So the Obama administration takes another hit with the loss of Larry Summers - so what?
All he did was to ensure that he still had a job to go to after he left his post at the White House.
Without the help from the stimulus package, what were those on Wall Street to do - Work?
The Larry to be most feared is not Summers at all, it is BlackRock's Larry Fink.

T - Cells

 There has to be a balance in all environments.
While some argue that all we need is numbers to ensure equality - I say that we only need to be the dominant minority.
That we need to act in the same manner as T-Cells fighting a virus.
 Since it's not so much about numbers as it is power and influence - think of it as the re-colonization of the Americas by a Dominant Minority.
Some see this as being racist - the only difference being which group becomes the oppressor.
But this is not the case.
Think of the Nubian Pharaoh Piye and his role in re-establishing traditional Egyptian values in a country that became overrun by outsiders whose only concern was their own personal interests.
If one plans to make changes on a national level - maybe he should model his planned growth on the way T-Cells, memes or temes naturally spread.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's Not The Numbers

 If all that was needed to ensure racial equality was a large enough minority population - why not just marry someone white (or Black) and gave kids until almost everyone was one shade of Black or another.
The goal should not be to have a "New Black Mecca".
The goal should be to become the another example of the Dominant Minority.
(Sans the oppresson of those who came before us.)

Are We There Yet?

Are we Blacks to the point where we can call a spade a spade?
Can we criticize our own failed leadership - or must we protect those who have failed under the veil of racism?
Can we now hold ourselves to the standards to which we would hold others - or do we continue to lower the standards and make excuses because someone may happen to be Black?
Do we continue to elect officials because they are Black - or do we elect officials because they will serve us well?
If we've already lost hope in other institutions - is the lost hope in religious leadership the last straw?
Can we now just choose the best person instead of the best financed Black person?
Are we there yet?

I guess it depends on which state or country those such as R.Kelly, Catholic priests or Eddie Long choose to engage in their activities.


I like clothes. - I've even been known to wear some avant-garde outfits.
But when did being an effete male become that to which one should aspire.

My Bad

 People always say (myself included) that today's rap artists are simple and banal.
That rap doesn't have the same power that it once had.
That old school rap actually talked about something important.
But the thing that I often forget is that rap music was not always pop music.
P.E. or the Wu-Tang Clan never had a number one single - they were the outsiders.
The rap that actually crossed over was just as simple as today's pop.

It's not that today's rap sucks - it's only that much of today's rap is really just pop.
Look back twenty years at the top songs of 1990;
How many songs would you say are classic or socially important.
It's not so much that rap went pop, it's only that pop went rap.

Is Gay Sex Gay

 The Bible says that some men are born eunuchs, does this imply that some men are born gay?
Chimerism, Mosaicism and Hermaphroditism are all scientifically recognized states - do these play a part in ones sexual identity or preference?
Can a gay man who abstains from sex still be gay?
Sure, Eddie Long is purported to have had sex with underage boys - wouldn't this just make him a pedophile who is also gay?
 Some from an older generation believed that boys who were babied or raised mostly by women would begin to show traits more common among women.
But are these traits learned and unlearned - like learning to stand up to pee instead of following the lead of mothers who sit?
Are prisoners really gay - or are they just acting on natural impulses with the next best available option?

 I don't know whether RuPual is gay - all I know is that he dresses like a woman.
Does dressing like a woman make one gay?
Dwight is every gay stereotype made true.
Is this the only gay man which we can come to a consensus on as far as "What is Gay"?

Saturday, September 25, 2010


I think Roshumba Williams is a good example of a"Real Black Woman".
Sure, she may color or perm her hair.
(But she is not ashamed of wearing her hair in it's natural style either.)
Her name may even be considered 'ghetto'.
(But she defines her being, not her name.)
She may be too dark for some.
(But why should she be ashamed of her real color?)
She may work in an industry which promotes style and image.
(But I have yet to see her in blue or green contacts.)
At six feet tall - she may even be considered to be too tall for some men.
(But she is not masculine.)
On another site, the issue of 'white priveledge' came up.
It centered around a disagreement between two white women, each of whom is dating a Black man, at a popular Black site.
(Hint; Just because you may occasionally have someone Black in you - that doesn't mean that you automatically have some Black in you.)
It was a real 'Battle of the Beckies'.
As the least attractive of the two (Becky2) began to tell the other Becky (Becky1) that B1 was wrong for assuming that she (B1) was special because she was white - I questioned B2 about what was wrong with thinking this way.
I explained that I think that I'm special because I am Black - why shouldn't a white person feel that she is special because she is white?
Becky2 said that having a sense of pride in ones heritage was different than feeling special because of ones race.
But why did Becky2 assume that I was just saying this in an effort to make myself feel good?
Why did Becky2 equate this sentiment with having to convince myself of something which was not true?
Why is having pride in being a minority different than having pride in oneself if they are white?
Is it the same thing as a mother telling her homely daughter, "They just don't like you because they are jealous'?
Is it seen (even by many Black people) as just a silly self-affirmation practiced by those with little self esteem?

In my previous post, I mentioned that I have a hard time finding a "Real Black Woman".
(And this is partially true.)
As I sometimes run night clubs, I meet a lot of ghetto assed hood rats who don't understand why I duck when they try to throw some punani my way.
"Oh, you can't handle a RBW/SBW.", is the most common reply to my very polite, "No, thank you.".
A 'real' Black woman being said by someone with green contacts, a red weave and Mac make up the shade of which should be on the face of Gweneth Paltrow?
A 'real' Black woman who is afraid of other Black people?
A 'real' Black woman who puts her desires above the needs of her family and community?
A 'real' Black woman who bought into all of the current Western philosophies instead of remembering the truths taught by our elders?
A 'real' Black woman who understands that money is not the goal, that it is only a tool to get that which is really important.
A 'real' Black woman who is so heavily invested in a non-Black culture that her only compliant is that she is not recognized as equal in a culture created to suppress her?

So yes, I am looking for a woman who understands that she is special because is Black - not in spite of it.
Why should I value someone who really doesn't even really value herself?

Friday, September 24, 2010


 "Black men are afraid of a real/strong Black woman", is a common complaint heard from many Black women today?
How would we know anymore?
Is you hair really your hair?
 Are your eyes really your eyes?
 Is that the real color of your skin?
Are you out of shape and do you act and dress like a $2.00 ho?
What about you lets us know that you are a real/strong Black woman?

Field of Dreams

 "If you build it, they will come.", the voices told Kevin Costner's character in Field of Dreams.
But this isn't always true.
Sometimes this is the fault of a bad llocation, bad timing or even poor quality.
But people like Cory Booker and Geoffrey Canada seem to be making the right moves in the right places at the right time.
 Sure, some say that they don't believe in the "Magic Negro" or "White Savior" models often portrayed in Hollywood movies.
But these are neither bad nor good.
Ideally, this is a two way street.
When different races interact, someone is going to be in need of help and someone is going to be in a position to help.
Sure, Cory Booker could ignore any aid from New Jersey's governor and Facebook's founder and try to fix all of Newark's problems on his own.
But this is time consuming and wasteful.
Wouldn't it be more efficacious to use all resources available to meet ones own goals?
Judging by recent bailouts or historical wars - isn't this a country which has it's foundation built on assistance from others?
Geoffrey Canada started and oversees his Harlem Children's Zone with Black people for Black people.
He uses a whole life approach in his acculturation project.
But Mr. Canada uses the best people in any given field, he does not just use the best Black people.
His goal is to help many by expanding the talent base,
not to just help a few by diminishing the talent base.
The goal should not be to create an imagined New Mecca where only Blacks live ( Look at any majority Black city which has lowered it's level of expectation as an example).
The goal should be to build a new paradigm where Blacks can own and thrive based on their ability without being hindered by their race.
Is this an impossible dream?
Heck no, it is the same dream for which people like Mr. Canada and Mr. Booker are working towards.

Cross of Iron

Every designer suit purchased, every Rolex watch worn, every Mont Blanc pen written with is a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothed.
The world is not spending money alone - it is spending the sweat of it's laborers, the genius of it's scientists, the hopes of it's children.
The difference between driving a Maybach and a Maxima is this (about $500,000.00);
It is the cost sending 15 children to Harvard for a year ($35,000.00)
It is the payment of rent for 662 average Americans ($775.00)
It is the health insurance payment for 37 American families ($13,500.00)
It is the total food bill for 50 American families for a year ($10,000.00)
The price of one Rolex Submariner wristwatch could pay for the repair of 3 needy families' leaking roofs.
The price of one Brioni suit could pay for mold remediation on the homes of 4 needy families suffering from asthma and/or allergies.
The price of one Mont Blanc Starwalker pen would feed two families for a week.
This is not a way of life at all, in any real sense.
Under a cloud of death and destruction, it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Always Here

Bed bugs, mold, dust mites and a host of other 'plagues' have always been with us.
Maybe we've become too clean and have killed off the bacteria which kills these pests.
Maybe a warmer planet is making conditions optimal for them to prosper.
But every year there is something 'new' to panic about.
And every year there is a new industry spawned to capitalize on this panic.

The Lady Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks

A.J. said - "... a man high up in religion (who) maintains the position of men (being) higher than women could be gay..."
True dat, true dat...
It also seems that a man who is so concerned with what another man is doing might also be gay himself.
(Eddie Long, Ted Haggard and Larry Craig)

Which Man Is Gay?

And which man admits that he is?
Each of these men stresses style over substance.
Each has a huge female fan base.
Each can probably name more brands of clothes than they can name brands of power tools.
Each probably has more sets of dandy shoes and suits than he does sets of work boots and jeans.
Each of these men preach prosperity over work as a way of life.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Bell Curve

Are people best served by those of their own race?
Ask the people of Bell, California.
With a population that is over 90% Latino/Hispanic - wouldn't the largely Latino/Hispanic city leaders look out for their own better than those not of the same race?
Isn't it better to have someone in office who can do the job - or should we just settle for one of us in the job?


There was once an unspoken code of conduct for Blacks when dealing with other Blacks in the presence of non-Blacks.
A Black person should never criticize another Black person if a non-Black person could use such criticism to bolster their racist view.
But Velma Hart must have missed this memo.
Her recent comments about her frustrations with Barack Obama could be taken by some as "Selling Out".
But is this not the 'change' we should have expected with a Black man as POTUS?
Shouldn't we be able to judge a man by his actions and not just by his race?
In a culture which often elects (and then re-elects) convicted felons just because they belong to the same race - isn't it progress when we expect more than just a person of color as the HNIC?
Are we really better served by keeping Marion Berry, Kwame Kilpatrick, Charles Rangle or Maxine Waters in office?
This past week - I forgot another rule.
The rule of;
Black Owners>Black Coaches>Black Quarterback>Black Player.
In cheering for Reggie Bush and the Saints, I skipped over Mike Singletary as the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers.
But I'm not a 49ers fan - I'm a USC Trojans fan.
But times may have changed.
Maybe it is now acceptable to cheer for the team of ones choice without regards to race.