Sunday, September 26, 2010


I like clothes. - I've even been known to wear some avant-garde outfits.
But when did being an effete male become that to which one should aspire.


Anonymous said...

All I know is that I do NOT like to see a man in ill fitting poor quality clothes. And most cheap mens clothing will be ill fitting.

Not sure why, maybe it's the curves, but I think women can get away with looking good in an economical outfit better than a man. A man with cheap clothes from Walmart or K Mart or such will look just terrible.
My thoughts are that he's better off with a few well cut, nice material, good quality items in his wardrobe.
As for jeans, well Levis are not that expensive and tend to look good due to their many styles an cuts. For work clothes, Dickies makes decent fitting stuff. Dockers is also a pretty good fitting brand and moderate in price.

Not to be effete, but please no sagging polyester pants bagging up cuz the material has no hang, ugh!

Anonymous said...

and the above guys all look just great!

uglyblackjohn said...

@ DF - I like clothes. I have a lot of designer stuff myself.
But my problem is that many of today's young men are fixated with looking good instead of being good.
The looks above are worn by those who have already enjoyed a certain level of success.
I meet many boys who do not want to get dirty but who have no job, skills or education.
I meet boys who brush their hair more than they study.
I meet boys whose only concern is whether or not they look pretty.
THIS is a problem.

brohammas said...

the effete aspiration is not new. It may be new to black men, but ya'll have, for some strange reason, started going all Euro. We al have. Its some sort of all races united stylistic prepp/trad/Euro explosion.

NEver seen so many pointy tennis shoes.

Reggie said...

I like to keep it straight, no homo my brother.

Solomon said...

@Reggie: I hear you on keepin' it straight there bro!


Nooooooo Homoooooo!

Lookin' sharp is cool, but I draw the line at when the ladies can't tell which way I might swing!

uglyblackjohn said...

@ brohammas - Nah man... Zuit Suits, Permed Hair, Morris Day, DeBarge...
SOME Blacks have been into being pretty boys for a while.
It's just odd that it seems to be more normal these days.

@ Reggie - I've worn some strange outfits back in the '80s but these guys even wear make up.

@ Solomon - I dress to attract the ladies as well. I'm not trying to impress any dudes.