Friday, September 17, 2010

Stop Lying

Admit it - you wish you were more fit.
You wish you could lose those extra pounds.
You don't really want someone to change to rules to make it so that your fat is the new Western model of beauty.
You don't really want to be accepted as a fat person - in reality you don't even accept yourself.
The big girls always say that they want to be judged by traits other than their girth - but they judge themselves by their weight as well,
Mo"Nique, Star Jones, Oprah and Sherri Shepherd all wanted us to say that they were an acceptable model of beauty in America.
But each has never really accepted herself.
Each has gone on starvation diets, had surgery or have begun exercise programs in an effort to alter their weight.
I have nothing against big girls - my only problem is with big girls who lie.


brohammas said...

Fantastic point mister John.
YEt though they, the fat women, may not really accept themselves or really want the beauty standard to be altered, there is merit to the idea that beauty should not be the ultimate measuring stick.
For many fat or ugly people there are other traits that should outweigh (pun intended) their physical negatives.
I have seen fat and ugly be able to sing like an angel. I have seen truly strange be actual genius.

My suggestion to these would be if you are not a beauty but posess other strong traits... stop trying to be passed off as beauty and let the other things actually show themselves.

That being said... I'm on a diet.

D.Freeman said...

Most people who try to make an exception to the rule quietly want to be in the fray. If you are happy with yourself why would you want others to recognize you or accept you as that doesn't make sense.

Fat can be fixed so there really isn't a exception.

Linka72 said... forgot Jennifer Hudson..great post though.