Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fame Game Lame

(Kanye and Amber)
So some rappers chose to date white women - who cares?
But some rappers would have no chance with these women if they weren't famous.
These dudes have no game in their "extra medium" shirts and jackets paired with skinny jeans.
These are the guys who would get beaten up if spotted on the block.

(Ice-T and Coco)
Other dudes just pull the ladies.
These guys would get the girl even if they were just ballers on the block.

 (Slim Thug - who says that white women know how to treat Black men - and Friend)
Other guys denigrate all Black women based solely on their limited experience with women.


Mr. Noface said...

Did Slim Thug really say that? That statement just reeks of lameness and self loathing.

D.Freeman said...

Judge a man by what he says and then judge him by what you see. For my boy Slim Thug that probably came from the fact that Black women see him as a wannabe thug and aren't impressed with his rap status.

While Penelope wants to be with the taboo. So since that's their dream to run with the outlaw ain't nothing better than a rapper who used to sell drugs and will piss off Uncle Jesse for sure.

So Slim Thug and a lot of homo-thug rappers get perks for their persona and the typical white girls twisted dream and fantasies of danger.

Anonymous said...

Maybe slim thug is attracted to white women more than black women. Plain and simple. You can rationalize whatever bs you want to tell yourself to feel better but who cares... That woman in the picture with him is beautiful... Why wouldnt he or any other man be attracted to her?!