Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Sloppy View

Working clubs - one knows that looks play a big part in ones job.
The more women find you to be attractive - the more women will frequent your club.
I've been hit on and propositioned more times than I can remember.
Some girls get so drunk that they feel free to grab ones crotch, rub ones chest or arms, or pat a guy on the butt.
But this is not seen as assault - this is seen as being part of the job.

Once while shopping at a local upscale (for the area) store with my homeboy - I had a sales woman chase me up a flight of stairs just so she could rub my quads.
While unexpected - I didn't view this as being harassed.
Are the rules different for men and women?

Today on The View (Yeah... I know. But it's just that it's one of the shows the old ladies I check on watch. Either The View or The Young and the Restless.) - the ladies debated whether or not the Jets' players had harassed (Mexican network) TV Azteca reporter Ines Sainz.
Is "The Slop" (Sherri Shepherd) really qualified to discuss sexual harassment?
Isn't this the same beast who rubbed L.L.Cool J as though she were hoping for a genie to pop out?  
I know there are limits to what is acceptable behavior in society - but Ms Shepherd cannot speak on this subject.
Her comments and actions towards the men she finds attractive are in no way any worse than what members of the Jets could have said or done to Ms Sainz.
(But I guess things are different when a beastly woman sexually assaults a man.)


Unknown said...

what's up old friend!!! I see you're still hard at it. I left the Sagacious Rambling and opened shop over at Inconsequential Logic!

glad to re-connect. oh, and about Ines. Her attire is a bit not my style but it's not a green light to act inappropriately.

as far as shepherd, i'm feeling you on that tip. if she's guilty of the same, she needs to stfu!!

D. Freeman said...

I tell you what I like those all up in the butt jeans myself. So while it might not be appropriate for a locker room it's very easy on my eyes. It makes me look at the women who are butt challenged so they work.

There's a double standard for guys as ugly women think it's ok to fondle you and if you complain you are weak. It's just a man taking advantage of a woman but in this case the woman is pretty cunning and she'll get the backing of women who say even if her titties are out you shouldn't touch her!

You can't win this argument. Big Ol football players vs a little happy exposed buttcheek and breast latina. Sorry the latina beats the football player in the public eye everytime.

amanda said...

In my last job I was expressly asked by the CFO if it would be permissible for people in the office to give me compliments on my clothes. It was a wake up call for me as I was always happy to compliment the men when they looked good in the suits and ties as it seems a real double standard that I can do that without question by for anyone to compliment me I have to give consent.

Linka72 said...

"The Slop" (Sherri Shepherd) isn't fat..take it from me - a fat girl - she just has huge, ridiculous tits..her body actually looks like a 12 year old boy..