Wednesday, September 22, 2010


There was once an unspoken code of conduct for Blacks when dealing with other Blacks in the presence of non-Blacks.
A Black person should never criticize another Black person if a non-Black person could use such criticism to bolster their racist view.
But Velma Hart must have missed this memo.
Her recent comments about her frustrations with Barack Obama could be taken by some as "Selling Out".
But is this not the 'change' we should have expected with a Black man as POTUS?
Shouldn't we be able to judge a man by his actions and not just by his race?
In a culture which often elects (and then re-elects) convicted felons just because they belong to the same race - isn't it progress when we expect more than just a person of color as the HNIC?
Are we really better served by keeping Marion Berry, Kwame Kilpatrick, Charles Rangle or Maxine Waters in office?
This past week - I forgot another rule.
The rule of;
Black Owners>Black Coaches>Black Quarterback>Black Player.
In cheering for Reggie Bush and the Saints, I skipped over Mike Singletary as the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers.
But I'm not a 49ers fan - I'm a USC Trojans fan.
But times may have changed.
Maybe it is now acceptable to cheer for the team of ones choice without regards to race.


D.Freeman said...

Well I'm pulling for Michael Jordan as he's the only one who owns something. The rest are people who have been appointed or paid. So since we are not in the civil rights age we should stop being happy with them being there and I agree let's just watch the game. Because the bigger game we haven't seem to get the understanding to stop being the entertainer and be the one who is entertaining.

uglyblackjohn said...

Which is the point I keep trying to make.
A "New Black Mecca" serves no purpose if it's just a change in color.
There has to be a philosophical change as well.
It really doesn't matter who is doing the work - a more important change would be one of ownership, one of power.