Thursday, September 23, 2010

Which Man Is Gay?

And which man admits that he is?
Each of these men stresses style over substance.
Each has a huge female fan base.
Each can probably name more brands of clothes than they can name brands of power tools.
Each probably has more sets of dandy shoes and suits than he does sets of work boots and jeans.
Each of these men preach prosperity over work as a way of life.


CNu said...

and collectively they are all participants in a parasitic coontainment cartel...,

we would not see them prominently on teevee if they were not inflicting damage.

uglyblackjohn said...

But why hasn't the Internet freed us from being inflicted with these weapons?

CNu said...

I believe it's because of the digital self-desertifiction phenomenon I've broached over yonder.

that of course begs the question "why?" we enjoin such gossipy, mundane, celebritologically obsessed mentally deserted constructs, and feed some of the lowest and most pernicious demons of our psychic nature...,

is the lack of imagination a product of the popular culture in which we're featured as the star coontainers? (entertainers)

is coontainment (negro mental desertification) a direct consequence of the pathetic individuals and lifestyles held up for coonsumption?

is that as Michael Fisher might have argued an intentional corporate strategy, an assault on black folks sanity if you will, or, is that simply all that the celebrity exemplars know, so they're going for what they know in a feedback loop vicious cycle?

all I can tell you for sure is that it's not cool in school to be about the life of the uninhibited, unconstrained imagination, and, it's not cool in school to exhibit one's academic or knowledge supremacy...,

Reggie said...

So you think they're all fudge packers John?!?