Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's Not The Numbers

 If all that was needed to ensure racial equality was a large enough minority population - why not just marry someone white (or Black) and gave kids until almost everyone was one shade of Black or another.
The goal should not be to have a "New Black Mecca".
The goal should be to become the another example of the Dominant Minority.
(Sans the oppresson of those who came before us.)


D.Freeman said...

See I can't go with this argument because it assumes somehow the Blacks will act just as unjust as the whites. Like that's a given!

To blend in to the majority so we somehow disappear is full of self-hate too.

The goal is to control your circumstances and if that can't be done in cooperation with others then it has to be done with cooperation with ourselves. When everyone is fed usually we can be rational but the whole idea of not going to get your fill by hoping others see they are unfair is beyond stupid it's insane.

Solomon said...

@D. Freeman

You know that's right!

uglyblackjohn said...

Nope, maybe you misread this post (or I misstated it).
See above post.