Monday, April 25, 2016

My Bodygaurds

I Hate Nightclubs - I'm just good at them.
If one mixes low self-esteem with alcohol and ego and then throws in our state's new open-carry laws - shootouts are bound to happen.

This past weekend I had to stand between two groups of men in the parking lot of the club who were intent upon shooting each other.
No police were needed as the street-bosses tussled over who was going to make sure I was able to get into my club safely.

 I deal with lots of people in my business, many of them good - but some I may have to treat as King David dealt with the sons of Tzeruya.

Just Make the Plastic Coating Grey...

I buy these things all the time for both the dishwasher and laundry.
Apparently the bright coloring and chewy texture have led to children thinking that these convenient pods are candy.
Some are even calling for the removal of such products from store shelves.
The simple answer would just be to change the dissolvable plastic coating to a dull drab grey with a bitter taste.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

At Least See-New Got To Play Bass

(I only got listed as 'backing vocals' on Mills' blogroll. Well, at least he only regarded Ta'Nussy Coates as deserving of the same level of dismissive credit.)

It's been six years (almost to the day) since Mills passed - and I'm still mad about the Public Enemy/Professor Griff interview.
No, not so much about the content - Mills was just doing his job as a journalist in goading Griff into stating his inflammatory opinions.
I'm just mad that hip-hop/rap has collapsed upon itself since.

It seems that I'm constantly introducing PE to a generation of 'woke' brothas who have come to think of the sing-song couplets of Weezy or Drake (or whoever the rapper of the moment happens to be) as being representative of a true Black experience.
The current roster of rappers sound like children compared to Chuck D's "Daddy 'bout to whoop yo' ass" voice and delivery.

Where are all the Mandongos?
I'm sick of the Mandinkies.
I have to schedule lunches a month in advance when young brothas come to me for advice.
'Man, I'm busy 'doing' - y'all busy 'talking'', I seem to tell everyone.
'If you want to talk to me sooner, meet me while I'm doing volunteer work.', I continue.
'Man, eff the awards, banquets, interviews, and attention. Eff being aspirational and acquisitive. If you want to get stuff done work on your work.', I conclude.

I'm still mad at Mills. Maybe if that interview was never published NWA (and the trickle down effect) would have never happened.