Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Odious Debt

 As Icelanders refused to repay Britain and the Netherlands as a result of the collapse of Icesave back in 2008 -  international bankers and governments are taking note.
What if more people declared the debts incurred by their banks and governments as being Odious Debt?
What if the guppies turned on the big fish?
What if more people woke up to the fact that they are really the ones in control and that debt is a means for surrendering ones control to others? Maybe the Deep State feared this realization when assassinations were carried out back in the sixties.
If minorities started to gain control of their own lives - how much better would it be for everyone else?
What if everyone asserted his power to make things more equitable for everyone?
What if the government was really run '...of the people, by the people, for the people...'?

(Concept jacked from SeeNew)

Da' Souf?

 Because it's cheap

Back in 2007, the average price of a home in Inglewood, California (Not the best area.) was about $513k with higher end homes selling for as much as $625k.
The current average price for a home in the area is now about $242k.
Someone said that all the smart people left the South in an effort to take advantage of more opportunities in the North and out West.
But migratory trends have a tendency to shift - people go where there are better employment and social opportunities.

If someone sold their home in Inglewood and moved down South - they could buy a home for cash (The above home is listed at $300 in Atlanta.) and still have enough to buy a new car and furnishings - with enough left over to go shopping.

Sure, many smart people left the South to take advantage of opportunities elsewhere - but the even smarter ones are coming back to do what current residents failed to do.

The Laws of Attraction

 Most people believe that opposites attract.
Sure, this may be true but some studies suggest that people are attracted to those who most resemble themselves.
That when images of celebrities are superimposed on one another that couples have more physical similarities than differences.
 IMOHO - Most people are attracted to those who they feel will will make up for their shortcomings.
A man or woman who grew up being afraid may be more attracted to the big man or a big woman, a man or woman who grew up poor may place more value on someone rich, a man or woman who grew up thinking he/she was ugly may look for the pretty boy or a beauty queen, ... .
This is done for security and protection.

For many Blacks, there is a tendency to date those who are much lighter or much darker than oneself.
Among early generations, many darker people dated lighter in an effort to become more acceptable.
But many lighter people chose to date darker people in an effort to appear even more Black.

But then some people settle for what they think they deserve.
Many effed-up people settle for someone who offers no benefit to their well being.
"I'm messed-up and you're messed-up so we have to settle for each other.", these may say to each other.
These people have a more Yin-Yang approach to dating.
This Yin-Yang approach is often seen in celebrity couples as well.
Each partner feels as though he/she is perfectly fine so they seek others who feel the same.
Yeah... I may prefer the "hybrid" woman - but I'm a hybrid as well.
I like me...
and those whose looks are most similar to my own. I'm far from perfect but I'm perfectly fine,
 and I like women who feel the same.

From Katie to Meredith to ? (Najahe Hall Sherman)

 Yeah... I was a Katie Couric fan boy - she was just so cute.
And those legs...
 Meredith was a bit "mom-ish".
There's nothing wrong with her - she's just there.
 So when Meredith (and Matt) were said to be leaving America's most watched morning show, many replacements were mentioned.
Asians thought that Ann Curry would be the logical choice.
Blacks threw in Tamron Hall.
But my vote goes to Kansas City. newswoman Najahe Hall Sherman.
Yeah, she looks Asian (Or Hispanic) but her Wiki page lists a Jewish-American father and an African-French-Native American mom.
She seems like she's a mix of everything.
Move over Jenna Wolfe - I gotta' new favorite on NBC.

Make Work

 So, The Man is keeping you down, or you can't find a job, or they're not hiring any of us?
Ne-ga-ro Please!
Why are you looking for complex solutions for simple problems?
When I first moved to this town I just did my own thing.
I didn't work for three or four years.
As long as my bills were paid, I could go out to dinner, and I could shop for what I wanted - why bother working?

But if you're not making money, chances are that you're spending money.
So I applied for simple jobs.
Most managers and business owners looked at my employment gaps and figured that I had been in jail or something.
No one would hire me.

I didn't really want to work for anyone (I just needed to have some type of structure to my life) so I decided to work for any Black business for free.
I learned new skills and the owners got free labor.
It was a win-win for each of us.
But I'd get bored.
When I'd get bored I'd give about a months notice and be on my way.

The job I often performed for free was that of running bars and nightclubs.
The show Kitchen Nightmares has nothing on the mishaps of a business owner who opens a club to satisfy his ego.
With so much cash changing hands on any given night, this industry is made for corruption..
But I did well with these clubs.
After a while I had made all the right connections and created a reputation for success.

I don't like the nightclub industry - I'm bored by it.
But club owners always seek me through word of mouth and they make offers which I cannot refuse.
(I guess they figure out that giving up 30% of a lot of money is better than having 100% of no money.)
In the end, I didn't find a job - I made one.

Monday, April 11, 2011

White Savior/Magic Negro

 Some bemoan the existence of The Magical Negro.
The Black individual who has the ability to help someone white and does so.
These Magic Negroes are seen as modern representations of Uncle Toms.
From Sidney Portier (To Sir With Love), to Morgan Freeman (The Shawshank Redemption), to Will Smith (The Legend of Bagger Vance), to Whoopi Goldberg (Ghost), to Michael Clark Duncan (The Green Mile), to Queen Latifa (The Secret Life of Bees), to .... .
Blacks are often portrayed as possessing some type of mythical power or talent which is only used to rescue white people.
 But Sandra Bullock won an Oscar for playing the opposite role.
The White Savior is even more common in Hollywood.
Those who fill these roles are seen as ignant coons.

But these archetypes are more fact than fiction.
When those from different races interact - one person will be in a position to help another person.
Even when equals - there is always a Hegemon.
There is always someone who is even more equal than the others.
This is just the natural dynamic of interaction.
Most people don't walk around actively hating people predicated on race alone - most people have their own concerns to worry about.
One may think bad thoughts or have negative views, but few have the power or the desire to actually carry out such thoughts.
In the real world, you are either a Magic Negro or a White Savior (Or in need of one or the other.)

Because He's Black?

 Okay... let me get this straight.
We (Blacks) are not allowed to say anything bad about a poorly performing Black politician 'Because He's Black"?
 Because he's is seen as being representative of you and me?
You mean to tell me that we cannot point out flaws or choose better options solely because he who is in power happens to be Black?
I'm not saying that Obama has done anything as egregious or nefarious as Kwame or Marion - but the man's policies are flawed. (As are all politicians')
But we (Blacks) cannot point these out because he is Black?
Negro Pa-lease.

Angry Black Women

 Our local network affiliate is doing technical work at their station.
As a result of this, people without cable have missed out on some of their favorite television shows.
This comes after weeks of preempted shows which were displaced by the recent NCAA basketball tournament.
 All the elderly women I check in on have very similar viewing habits.
Some of these women cannot see but they they 'watch' any judge who has a show.
If these women miss Judge Judy, they're ready to fight.
These women will miss a doctors appointment if it interferes with their daily viewing schedule.
 And don't get me started on missing Victor Newman.
Man... I haven't heard old women cussing like this since...
Well... Madea.
Which brings me to my biggest dilemma.
Since these women cannot watch their favorite shows, each of them asks me to sit with them while they watch one Tyler Perry movie or another for the three hundred and eighty third time.
Damn... I've never liked Tyler Perry movies - but I'll pretend to enjoy them every time.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Does Size Matter To Women?

 The smaller the penis...
The higher the I.Q.?

I lifted the first map from http://www.chinasmack.com/ .
As the comments thread went from admitting less length to saying that Koreans were the smallest - most comments then shifted to noting that Asians may be smaller but at least they're smarter.
If having a 'schlort' instead of a schlong causes one to increase his IQ to improve his chances of finding a mate - what are the other factors in human evolution?

 Since our primary objective seems to be that of reproduction, there are many factors one uses when choosing a mate.
While 'looks' are subjective, these areas are said to have the largest concentration of attractive people.
 By increasing the number of opportunities one has to meet a partner, he/she may increase his/her chances by 'friending' more people.
Maybe having a longer life expectancy would allow one to slow down and to choose more carefully.
Maybe a shorter lifespan causes one to breed like a May Fly to increase his chances of producing viable offspring.
 An easy way to judge a country's perception of being 'civilized' is by looking at what it consumes (which in turn can influence what it produces).
It seems to me that the countries with smaller average penes are also the most 'civilized'.
And the effects of such civilization (such as Cancer rates) also seem to jump over many parts of Africa.

All this to say, 'Civilization' (and it's harmful effects) is largely an effect of Penis Envy.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ease of Life

I'm not particularly charming - but I do a'ight.
But a group of women noticed a Heineken commercial playing in the background at one of the bars and one said, "That's John.".
"Really...?", I asked.
"Yeah... everybody loves John.", they said.
"Do you even have any enemies?", one asked.
"Baby girl... I have more enemies than you have friends.", I said.
"No you don't.", they laughed.
But the ability to get along with many people is what makes me successful at running clubs.
I don't really like nightclubs - I'm just good at it.
It's just a performance.

The American Influence

This is what happens when Mac Donald's makes it to China.
(The kid is four years old and already weighs 86 pounds. Forget a Big Mac, this kid is a Whopper!)

All About Tha' Benjamins

I don't watch much TV, neither does The New Girl.
But when she does, it always seems to be Bravo.
I hadn't watched the network in a while but things have changed.
I guess Bravo has gone the way of MTV by not showing what it was created to show but airing reality television instead.
Odd, I always thought that Bravo was intended to be an artistic network.

Poor People

"I'm a Diva", an ostentatious woman said as she bragged about her $300 girdle at the bar.
"NO, being a Diva implies that you have reached a level of excellence. That you possess an exceptional skill or talent.", I said.
"Where do you work?", I asked.
"I don't. I just get money from my baby-daddies.", she replied.
"Okay. If you got a job.... you'd probably make minimum wage. After taxes that would end up being about $5 an hour. To make $300, you'd have to work sixty hours. If you worked out one hour a day for sixty days, you would not need to buy a $300 girdle. And you'd probably be comfortable with yourself to the point of not having to worry about impressing others with your purchases.", I said.
Needless to say, the lady was not pleased with my observations and assessment.

As I helped a woman (whose family I mentor) clean the closets of her home, I noticed that she was throwing out thousands of dollars worth of only slightly worn clothing.
The woman makes a good living working at a local refinery (She nets about 140k a year.) and imagines that she has reached the middle class.
As I asked her how much she had spent on these clothes (all purchased within the last year), she estimated that it was around 5-6 thousand dollars.
When I asked why it was that she was throwing these perfectly good garments away, "Because I've gained too much weight.", she replied.
"Look, mow your own lawn - that would save you about $50 a week ($2600 a year).
"The exercise would count as a workout for that day.", I continued.
"Clean your own house. This would save you $70 a week.(about $3600 a year)", I then said.
"The exercise would count as two half workouts a week and you can do about fifteen minutes of push-ups and crunches to complete each workout.", I continued.
"Wash your own cars as well.", I said.
"This would save you $40 a week (about $2000 a year)", I said further.
"Do light lunges and curls on this day to complete your workout.", I said.
"If you'd stop trying to look as though you're middle class - you might actually be (financially) middle-class.", I concluded.
By doing her own work, she'd burn calories not money.
By doing her own work, she'd save more than $8000 a year and be in better shape.
Most poor people never understand that the price of something always has a higher cost.
Most don't understand that by eliminating this cost they are adding value.

If each of these women focused on being better and not just trying to look as though they were better - each could spend more time with her problem children.
Each could build real relationships (not just financial relationships) with her children.
The time saved by not having to work so much overtime to pay for goods and services could be spent helping their children with their homework.
By helping their children with their homework or their hobbies, they will prepare their children to perform better in life.
If their children are better able to take care of themselves and to add to their families' pools of resources - each family would become more stable and productive.
If these families focused more on performance than appearance, they would not have to follow every trend in an effort to appear to be middle-class.
By becoming more educated and cultured, these families would be members of the real middle-class - not just members of the financially middle-class but culturally and academically underclass.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It (Change) Begins With Us

 Whether one follows the mantra of Obama (It Begins With Us) or Romney (Change Begins With Us), the message is simple - we have to be responsible for our own well-being.
JFK said it better when he encouraged all Americans to, "... Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country.".
When a politician uses the word "Us", for most of us (the citizenry) it really means them (those in power seeking to retain power and influence).
When they promise that "We" will all benefit from an action, they really mean that they will benefit.
Obama, Romney, or any political leader should say what needs to be said, "It (Change) Begins With You!".

Monday, April 4, 2011

'Uncle Tom'

If Martin had lived:
Many whites would not have seen the severity of racial strife in America.
Jessie Jackson would have remained a 'hype-man' and never would have risen to prominence.
We would have Googled his past and his views would be disregarded.
He would now be a well paid member of the establishment and regarded as an 'Uncle Tom' by those without.


Runnng bars - I always have discussions concerning whatever happens to be on television.
The Rose/Hill battle still seems to strike a nerve with many of the patrons.
But one thing I noticed....
 People always have a problem with the establishment...
Until they become a member (or at least enjoy many of the same benefits) of the establishment.

Game Theory

 I liked The Matrix - it was one of those movies which changed the way people thought... the way people see things.
But I never understood why their robot army would fill their ranks with old men.
It would make more sense if their army was made up of kids who fought wars with robots run by remote gaming controllers.
Games are serious business. (About $25 bn a year.)
By using cell phones and gaming controllers, today's kids use their thumbs as much (or more) as we used our index fingers a generation earlier.
Maybe the way we create game environments are a more accurate model of the Universe than what we previously could imagine.
Maybe the method of leveling up is a good model of how we learn and adapt in real life.

As long as I can remember, I've always had nightmares.
People say that if one dies in his dreams that he would also die in real life.
But this is not true.
All that happens is that one just 'wakes up' in another dream (Kind of like changing the channel on ones television.).
But by watching movies like The Matrix or playing games against my young cousins - I've developed a new arsenal of moves and weapons.
I'm usually aware that I'm only dreaming, but now I have the ability to 'reset' any unwanted outcome without having to suffer any harm.
This 'reset' is what people who don't focus on past failures do.
These people have always thought in gaming terms - even before games were developed.

Apparently, games are changing the way we think and function.

Real Ugly Housewives

The least attractive 'housewives' always seem to be the meanest on their respective shows.

Separated At Birth?

 People got mad when I compared Mo'Nique to the dancing hippos of Fantasia...
But does RuPaul look more like a woman than Wendy Williams?

Man Made Global Warming Myth?

Ummm... errrr... welll...
Maybe we have an effect on the Earth after all.

Bling, Bling...!!!

A sign of China's new affluence?