Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Class Warfare

Do I believe in the current popular complaint from those who 'have not' - that of an ongoing class warfare being directed by 'The Elites'?
Sure I do - it's supposed to be that way.
No, not in the Atlas Shrugged sense, but I do not believe that everyone should be equal.
I believe in equal opportunity yet I do not believe that everyone will be nor should be equal.

If one desires to reside in the comforts of the Consumer Classes, then he cannot complain about his lot in life.
If ones goal in life is to have the newest and biggest of everything, then he will make himself a slave to his debt.
If his life has become mundane, banal and meaningless, then that choice was his own.
If one pursues the best uses of his talent, if one makes the effort, takes the risks and he puts his money (talent, status, gifts, blessings, whatever...) where his mouth is, then he deserves his good fortune and he owes it to himself to accept such blessings with thanksgiving and humility.

In all honesty... I'm not ballin'. I'm just doing a'ight.
I'm blessed to be a blessing to others.
Simple people will never understand why I give so much away.
They will never understand that money is not my motivation.
Sure, my recent benefit at the club and subsequent donation buys me a seat at the charity's Christmas Gala - but that is not why I host so many fundraisers.
My goal is not to become a highly honored member of the Consumer Classes.
My goal is to become and remain a member of the Creator Class.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Looking For Brohammas

 I finally made it home for a visit - I kind of sneaked into town without much notice to my friends.
It's odd when one visits his childhood home - one finds long-lost treasures in once used closets and drawers.
It surprised me to find my old Duran Duran-style hat still in my old closet.
The unopened packs of E.G. Smith socks with the original packaging were also an amusing find.

 Childhood posters (This one from KROQ circa 1983 or '84?) also filled what was once my old closet.

 But I was home to relax - to get away from nightclubs.
Maybe I'd even give Brohammas a call and meet for lunch.
Strange things happen when one returns to his old stomping grounds.
Things change - some even get better.

I knew Brohammas was seen in the nearby city of Redlands.
Even though I visited State Street in the city's downtown area - I doubt that I would find him at a friend's wine shop.
  Brohammas seems somewhat conservative.
" 'Duke's', Hmmm", I thought, "The name kind of brings to mind John Wayne."
Nope, no Brohammas here either.
 The Mission Inn is a stylish and architecturally interesting place.
But nope. He wasn't here either.

Pixels displays art by local artists... Brohammas paints...?
Well, I didn't run into him at this bar either.
ProAbition had class and an attempted sense of elitism.
Maybe this would be the place?

I looked in as many hot spots as I could.
 and no Brohammas.
Maybe next time I'll try the stake centers.

Monday, October 7, 2013


I have yet to see the film - for that I'll wait until I can do so without being bothered once I get back to Cali..

But that must be a strange feeling...
One of falling to ones death with enough time to understand what's going on.
The film trailer looks like I'd imagined Ray Bradbury's 'Kaleidoscope' - or the way Major Tom must have felt.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

I HATE 'Black' Blogs.

Maybe there is a place for them,
But I don't see it.

Sure, I read blogs written by Black people - my blog roll is filled with them.
Yet, I cannot see the purpose of reading disinformation or misinformation, self-aggrandizement or myths that just perpetuate useless memes.
I have no interest in debating with racists and I have even less interest in reading about the complaints of those who fail to even make an effort in mastering the system.
I don't imagine that everything good was created by one race or another, just as I cannot imagine that everyone from any given race is inherently bad or good.
I don't classify Black people on a gradient (Although the comment, "Octoroon, Please.", was and still is a classic.) - I'm sick of people who say that Barack Obama, Halle Berry, Charles Drew, etc. are 'not REALLY Black'.
I don't consider "Good Times" any more real of a Black experience than I do "The Cosby Show".
I'm sick of single mothers stating the fact as though it is a Medal of Honor. They are NOT special. In fact, they are the norm - almost seventy percent of Black families are headed by single mothers.
I KNOW racism exists. EVERYONE (except racists and the foolish) knows racism exists. But really, is racism the only unifying factor within the Black community?

I like blogs written by Black people - although, not exclusively.
Provide information which will make me think - which stirs curiosity and challenges me to do my own research.
Write about universals.
Write about unique experiences.
Keep it simple. Most people within certain circles are smart - there is no reason to be a pedant.
Keep it complex. Most people within certain circles are smart - there is no reason to dumb down ones thoughts.
Write about life. We all have our own to live and we can all learn from others.
Write about death. None of us knows for sure what comes after but I'm pretty sure most of us have given it some thought.
Be an expert in something (science, philosophy, finance, history, art, ...) other than your race alone.

My bottom line is this;
There is nothing as boring and banal as one who has nothing to offer ( or proffer) besides outcomes  vaticinated on race alone.