Monday, October 21, 2013

Looking For Brohammas

 I finally made it home for a visit - I kind of sneaked into town without much notice to my friends.
It's odd when one visits his childhood home - one finds long-lost treasures in once used closets and drawers.
It surprised me to find my old Duran Duran-style hat still in my old closet.
The unopened packs of E.G. Smith socks with the original packaging were also an amusing find.

 Childhood posters (This one from KROQ circa 1983 or '84?) also filled what was once my old closet.

 But I was home to relax - to get away from nightclubs.
Maybe I'd even give Brohammas a call and meet for lunch.
Strange things happen when one returns to his old stomping grounds.
Things change - some even get better.

I knew Brohammas was seen in the nearby city of Redlands.
Even though I visited State Street in the city's downtown area - I doubt that I would find him at a friend's wine shop.
  Brohammas seems somewhat conservative.
" 'Duke's', Hmmm", I thought, "The name kind of brings to mind John Wayne."
Nope, no Brohammas here either.
 The Mission Inn is a stylish and architecturally interesting place.
But nope. He wasn't here either.

Pixels displays art by local artists... Brohammas paints...?
Well, I didn't run into him at this bar either.
ProAbition had class and an attempted sense of elitism.
Maybe this would be the place?

I looked in as many hot spots as I could.
 and no Brohammas.
Maybe next time I'll try the stake centers.


brohammas said...

welcome home.

John Kurman said...

Oh well see? He was here the entire time.

brohammas said...

wait.... why do you have a stockpile of socks from years and years ago?

Val said...

I bet that poster is worth more than a few bucks now. Glad to see you enjoyed your trip. Going home is always an odd experience as an adult.

Anonymous said...

Those socks are nice colors. Are you doing some R and R,or are you just hitting all the bars under the guise of "looking" for someone? Hmmmmmm:D

uglyblackjohn said...

Yeah brohammas, I didn't look very hard. I should go back in February and we'll do lunch. The socks? I don't know. I tend to buy lots of the same thing when I like it/them. I just saw a pair on e-bay and the guy was asking $119.00 A PAIR?!
But yes y'all. It was nice to be home. It was almost as though I was famous.