Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Seek Out Your Own Salvation

What's the big deal about a man expressing his religious views... In a Church Service...?

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Someone seems to think that "faith" is a four-letter word.
It seems that every example I post is dismissed as being something other than this 'f-word'.

While The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey is a bit too new to have the appropriate clips on YouTube - the referenced scene can easily be found.

There is a scene in the movie wherein the protagonists must fight their way through an almost hell-like environment while being pursued by greater numbers.
The heroes run, fight, fall and eventually escape in the nick of time.
The heroes kept moving forward even though there was no visible expectation for their success.

If this scene were used as a metaphor for 'faith' - would these be considered to be exhibiting the dreaded  'f'-word'?

King of Clubs

The thing about owning a nightclub is that everyone assumes that one always knows what's up.
Because we deal with self-important, drunk people - we always end up knowing what's up.
People love to talk about themselves - whether it's good or bad.

A well-funded rival club owner came in recently (at the behest of his new white-knight partner) in an attempt to imitate my practice of supporting other clubs and businesses.
Apparently, while hosting a benefit - we gave away more money in one night than their club made in a month.

Most clubs owners open nightclubs as a vanity project, as means to make themselves important in one way or another. Many sleep with their customers and/or employees. Many get drunk and party with their guests. Most of these lose money.
The thing that many club owners fail to understand is that the guest is important - we are not.

My club caters to a thirty-and-over crowd. Most of my patrons are fairly well established. (Although we do get our share of the ratchet among the ratchet.)
The club seems to be the place where other business owners, politicians and those with titles come to let loose. I see all the trysts, I hear all the back door deals and I seem to get the real scoop on subjects before they hit the news.
I serve my guests.

Yet I understand that what I hear I cannot repeat and what I see I cannot mention.
Sometimes I feel more the Merovingian from the Matrix movies than I do a regular old bartender.
It seems that every week I am asked to pose for the local newspapers or magazines, do a photo-op with someone running for office or getting shouts-out from radio personalities.
The attention others seem to be seeking seems to be that which only causes trouble in my life.

We have been doing quite well...
In fact, we have been doing so well that other clubs have; called the Fire Marshall, sent in hired goons to start fights, called the Health Department (even though we don't even sell food.) and any number of things in an effort to keep our business from growing.

We have done so well that other club owners call me on my off nights to bring an entourage in to their clubs in an effort to grow their business.
I show up but I don't take the free entry, free drinks or the dinners being sent over.
I pay for my guests to get into the clubs, buy my guests' drinks, and pay for any food ordered.
But while patrons seem to admire that fact that I am spending money at other clubs - other clubs owners grow to resent the act.

It's odd - by making myself the least and running from status - I seem to be gaining more and more status.
A recent newspaper article quoted me referring to myself as being the 'janitor' of the club. This reference brought in more praise from customers than anything else I spoke of.
Many of my nights are now sponsored by others wishing to be affiliated with us.
(It's odd... People now pay me money so that they can come into the club to spend money?)
By thinking of others and putting them first - I seem to draw more people to me who are willing to do things the way I want them to be done.
I don't accept favors for myself - I use them to help others. (Which in turn creates even more people who feel as though they owe me a favor.)

I still hate running nightclubs - I just seem to be good at it.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Da' Souf...?

As progressive as much of Texas pretends to be...
It seems that some things in an (almost) antebellum state never change.
When our local news reports started reporting that a Black man was missing in an East-Texas town...
No one wanted to even imagine that the disappearance could have been racially motivated.
But since the discovery of a man's body (believed to be that of Mr Wright), some here have begun to question how a physically fit man could just disappear while walking home. Reports have come out that stated that Mr Wright used Bath-Salts, has been connected with and charged with bank related crimes, and photographs began to circulate with Mr Wright and an anonymous white woman.
In much of Da' Souf... Which would be more damning?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Code Red

I didn't want to say anything until I learned more about the Jonathan Martin-Richie Incognito situation.
At first, many in the media were quick to jump on the story of a locker room/lunch room dust up and label the situation as 'bullying' with racist undertones.
Mainstream media, Black media and even foreign media scooped up the story and quickly assigned 'bully' and 'victim' labels to the actors.

But something about the story never seemed quite right...
How could a six-five, three hundred plus pounds man be the victim of a bully?
Don't bullies usually prey upon the weak and easily intimidated?
Aren't football players supposed to be filled with testosterone and bravado?

Maybe football isn't the sport it used to be.
Back in the day, the goal of many in the sport was to punish and abuse ones opponent.
Flags that are thrown today would have gotten a sideline pat on the head a generation ago.
I have little to no idea what happened along the way...

The thing I hate about a lot of children's sports today is that no one loses.
Every kid is taught to think of himself as a winner just for making the team.
Children receive trophies at the end of the season just for making the team.
Excellence is no longer required.

The situation may be even worse for today's Black kids - more than seventy percent of Black households are run by single mothers.
Many Black boys never go through any of the old rites of passage.
Many of today's young Black boys never have the opportunity to earn the respect of their fathers.
Many of today's Black boys never learn to struggle and/or overcome obstacles.
Many of today's Black boys will still be trying to prove their manhood well into adulthood.

"Ungawa, Black Power... Yo' mama needs a shower... I said it, I meant it - I'm here to represent it...", "Yo' mama is a; knock-kneed, bald-headed, cock-eyed, son of a bitch...."
"Hey, hey,... Get outa' my way,..." and the rest of the schoolyard pre-fight chants from my days in the hood are no longer acceptable.
Wearing two pairs of underwear, shorts and an extra pair of pants for our Friday morning paddlings are no longer necessary.
Vaseline slathered on ones face is a practice today's kids would be confused by.
Sure we had bullies.
In the fourth grade I fought one (a sixth grader) every day for a week until he grew tired of fighting.
We knew which streets to cross, which houses to avoid and when to run when the 'Big Kids" were on their rampages.
We learned that the only way to get the better of a bully was to fight back.
Earlier I posited that sports were inherently gay.
No, not in the sexual sense - more in the prison/domination sense.
I had so many 'bitches' back in high school that one would have thought me a pimp.
No, not 'bitches' as in 'ho's' - but bitches as in close friends and team mates with whom one could joke around with, tease and/or embarrass.
"Bitch" was used as a term of disrespect and endearment.in almost any competitive environment.
IMOHO - Martin was soft and in need of a Code Red.
Was Incognito the man to do it? I don't know - I was never in that locker room and I don't know their relationship nor the dynamics.
But any grown-ass man who accuses another grown-ass man of 'Bullying' in any sport as aggressive as football (used to be) is too soft for the game and a detriment to the team.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Class Warfare

Do I believe in the current popular complaint from those who 'have not' - that of an ongoing class warfare being directed by 'The Elites'?
Sure I do - it's supposed to be that way.
No, not in the Atlas Shrugged sense, but I do not believe that everyone should be equal.
I believe in equal opportunity yet I do not believe that everyone will be nor should be equal.

If one desires to reside in the comforts of the Consumer Classes, then he cannot complain about his lot in life.
If ones goal in life is to have the newest and biggest of everything, then he will make himself a slave to his debt.
If his life has become mundane, banal and meaningless, then that choice was his own.
If one pursues the best uses of his talent, if one makes the effort, takes the risks and he puts his money (talent, status, gifts, blessings, whatever...) where his mouth is, then he deserves his good fortune and he owes it to himself to accept such blessings with thanksgiving and humility.

In all honesty... I'm not ballin'. I'm just doing a'ight.
I'm blessed to be a blessing to others.
Simple people will never understand why I give so much away.
They will never understand that money is not my motivation.
Sure, my recent benefit at the club and subsequent donation buys me a seat at the charity's Christmas Gala - but that is not why I host so many fundraisers.
My goal is not to become a highly honored member of the Consumer Classes.
My goal is to become and remain a member of the Creator Class.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Looking For Brohammas

 I finally made it home for a visit - I kind of sneaked into town without much notice to my friends.
It's odd when one visits his childhood home - one finds long-lost treasures in once used closets and drawers.
It surprised me to find my old Duran Duran-style hat still in my old closet.
The unopened packs of E.G. Smith socks with the original packaging were also an amusing find.

 Childhood posters (This one from KROQ circa 1983 or '84?) also filled what was once my old closet.

 But I was home to relax - to get away from nightclubs.
Maybe I'd even give Brohammas a call and meet for lunch.
Strange things happen when one returns to his old stomping grounds.
Things change - some even get better.

I knew Brohammas was seen in the nearby city of Redlands.
Even though I visited State Street in the city's downtown area - I doubt that I would find him at a friend's wine shop.
  Brohammas seems somewhat conservative.
" 'Duke's', Hmmm", I thought, "The name kind of brings to mind John Wayne."
Nope, no Brohammas here either.
 The Mission Inn is a stylish and architecturally interesting place.
But nope. He wasn't here either.

Pixels displays art by local artists... Brohammas paints...?
Well, I didn't run into him at this bar either.
ProAbition had class and an attempted sense of elitism.
Maybe this would be the place?

I looked in as many hot spots as I could.
 and no Brohammas.
Maybe next time I'll try the stake centers.

Monday, October 7, 2013


I have yet to see the film - for that I'll wait until I can do so without being bothered once I get back to Cali..

But that must be a strange feeling...
One of falling to ones death with enough time to understand what's going on.
The film trailer looks like I'd imagined Ray Bradbury's 'Kaleidoscope' - or the way Major Tom must have felt.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

I HATE 'Black' Blogs.

Maybe there is a place for them,
But I don't see it.

Sure, I read blogs written by Black people - my blog roll is filled with them.
Yet, I cannot see the purpose of reading disinformation or misinformation, self-aggrandizement or myths that just perpetuate useless memes.
I have no interest in debating with racists and I have even less interest in reading about the complaints of those who fail to even make an effort in mastering the system.
I don't imagine that everything good was created by one race or another, just as I cannot imagine that everyone from any given race is inherently bad or good.
I don't classify Black people on a gradient (Although the comment, "Octoroon, Please.", was and still is a classic.) - I'm sick of people who say that Barack Obama, Halle Berry, Charles Drew, etc. are 'not REALLY Black'.
I don't consider "Good Times" any more real of a Black experience than I do "The Cosby Show".
I'm sick of single mothers stating the fact as though it is a Medal of Honor. They are NOT special. In fact, they are the norm - almost seventy percent of Black families are headed by single mothers.
I KNOW racism exists. EVERYONE (except racists and the foolish) knows racism exists. But really, is racism the only unifying factor within the Black community?

I like blogs written by Black people - although, not exclusively.
Provide information which will make me think - which stirs curiosity and challenges me to do my own research.
Write about universals.
Write about unique experiences.
Keep it simple. Most people within certain circles are smart - there is no reason to be a pedant.
Keep it complex. Most people within certain circles are smart - there is no reason to dumb down ones thoughts.
Write about life. We all have our own to live and we can all learn from others.
Write about death. None of us knows for sure what comes after but I'm pretty sure most of us have given it some thought.
Be an expert in something (science, philosophy, finance, history, art, ...) other than your race alone.

My bottom line is this;
There is nothing as boring and banal as one who has nothing to offer ( or proffer) besides outcomes  vaticinated on race alone.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Who Cares?

The computer is down so I guess I have to use the tablet.
(Yes, it's an i-Pad but stating such seems so pretentious.)
In all honesty, I hate this thing.
No USB port, nowhere to install programs purchased on disks, and my fingertips often swipe and poke the wrong things.
Besides all that, I cannot figure out how to download photos for my blog posts.

As I always say, 'I hate running nightclubs - I'm just good at it.'.
These past few months have been good - a little too good.
We've had to stop letting people in after 12:30 am - we are always over the posted capacity.
We are attracting people younger than our stated >30 requirement.
We are getting people willing to pay ten-times the cover charge just to get in in the hopes of reaching the bar for a drink.
We are giving away more money through our benefits and fund raisers than other clubs make.
We make loans to rival clubs to keep them afloat.
We mediate behind-the-scenes deals and solutions between politicians, business owners and the media.
We are the 'in' Black club for the white establishment.
We get free television, radio and print coverage to the point that I cannot even go to any of the local malls or restaurants.
I wanted the club to be the social and cultural hub for Black business in this small town and in that I seem to be successful.

But I am tired.
I am tired of knowing who slept with whom.
I am tired of knowing about the flaws of friends.
I am tired of knowing that the exploitation of racism and class divisions are more important in getting things done and the retention of power than any solutions to those problems.
I am tired of the favored not knowing justice, virtue or honor. (Even though I may often benefit from those who bestow such favor.)
I am tired of grown-ass adults who seek popularity as though they were still in high school trying to fit in with the right cliques.
I am tired of those who: Imagine that this club is anything more than a business to me. Who think that the tenuous status associated with this club is as useful to me as my old high school popularity awards for Best Legs, Coolest, Mr Irresistible or Most Soul. Think I am impressed with any ratchet ho' who throws panties my way.
I hate clubs - they are a dirty business.

But maybe I am made for the club life.
My social climb seems to be similar to that of Patrick Bateman in American Psycho.
My decision making (while rooted in Biblical teachings) is seen as cold, calculated and manipulative.
I just wanted to run a club without focusing on money or status,
but doing so has caused me to gain much of each.
I just wanted to be able to hang out with friends in an environment I liked,
but doing so has taken up so much time that I can barely speak when they come in.

Monday, September 16, 2013

An Average Beauty

 Blame this on Obama as well...
It's funny that some are upset that a woman of Indian descent has been crowned as the 2014 Miss America.
Racist comments and the side-eye....?
Welcome to the current world, ya'll.
 Tall, blond and busty are great...
The taller and bustier the better - as far as I'm concerned.
 Yet it seems that a bit more melanin, curves and booty are the flavors of the day.
As America wakes up to an Indian (Not 'Indian' as in Native American - now that would be progress.) beauty as their representative to the world - some are not comfortable with the change.
The thing is - Miss New York is the average of all things thought to be attractive in this day and age.
Is she a light-skinned Black, Is she Hispanic, Is she of Southern-European descent... Is she an Arab terrorist's daughter?
The phenotypic traits displayed by the new Miss America are pretty much what it would look like if we took those thought to be the best looking across all races and ethnicities and combined them into a single individual.
Nina Davuluri is that average.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I LIke Ike

I'm sick of wimps,
Of yes-men,
Of charlatans,
Of puppets, and of liars.
Give me a humble man who went to church, played football, went to college and served his country.
Give me a POTUS who has been to war and understands it's consequences.
Give me a POTUS who is against a strong Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex.
I voted for Obama... TWICE.
Was it a mistake? I'm not sure.
The first time around, McCain seemed like a good guy yet I could just not fathom to see Sarah Palin in any leadership role at the national level whatsoever.
"Besides", I thought, "Obama couldn't be any worse than Bush".
And I was right in this thinking - he has proven to be just as bad.
The second time around I was more torn.
Romney was an outside-insider.
His religion and wealth could have provided a buffer from the influence peddled by those in the DC establishment.
When the SHTF - Mormons will be uniquely positioned for survival.
But as many others chose to do - I decided to give the brotha' (Obama) another chance to prove himself.
The paradigm remains the same.
Sure, this movie is more than a decade old but the truths (and lies) remain the same.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tennis Anyone?

MY favorite match of all-time would have to be Michael Chang's win in the French Open final years (Heck... DECADES?) ago.
I don't play as much as I used to but I still try to catch a match on television every now and then.
Watching Victoria Duvall's upset win in the first round of the U.S. Open won't even make my top ten list of favorite matches - but there is just something cool about watching a kid do well. (Especially at something they are not supposed to do well in.)

Faith ?

Is 'Faith" just the knowledge of truth without understanding why something is true?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

JK As Fashion ?

Women and their shoes...
I take a lot of pictures of shoes for the club and any woman who happens to be wearing a pair which she feels is especially nice or interesting stops me to take a photo of hers and post the picture on our facebook page.
JK does castings in metals and glass.
If JK could create interesting heals for high-end designers...?

Trend Setter

 I remember seeing the younger of the Obama girls wearing color combinations that many fashionistas cringed at at the time.
As recall, many said that orange, pink and red did not belong in the same outfit.
 But I'm noticing the combination more and more at the club.
 Before the younger of the Obama girls wore it...
The only other person I'd seen rock this particular color combination was Rudy from Fat Albert.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

As Long As Laws Are Just

Zimmerman SHOULD Have Walked

No not that he was right in stalking anyone and then shooting them dead - for that, he should have gotten at least a decade in prison.

The thing is, Zimmerman's attorneys did a better job than did the prosecution in swaying the jury of his peers.
Jury selection had as much to do with the outcome of this trial as did the evidence presented.
It was an idea that this country was founded upon.
Blackstone's formulation is an idea that is taught to most during elementary school yet more and more minorities (Okay... there was OJ.) are unable to benefit from it.

The real problem is that the prosecution failed to do their job.
Precious should have never been able to take the stand without the proper preparation.
If the roles were reversed and an all-Black jury heard a white witness spewing ill tempered and poorly worded comments about 'Niggers', the all-Black jury would have already made up their minds at that point in the trial.

The problem is not the law - it is the unfair and uneven application of it that causes much of the racial and/or cultural problems in this country

Why Was The Martin/Zimmerman Trial Newsworthy?

Poets, artists and comedians are the only people able to tell the truth.
Dave Chapelle did a "Law & Order"-like skit which showed what would happen if roles were reversed in the judicial system.
Everyone knows that the judicial system is biased - it just takes an honest person to point out it's flaws in an acceptable manner.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Better Ending ?

 Tchaikovsky or Primus (Actually It's The Pixies) - (V for Vendetta or Fight Club)?

The Facebook/NSA Wet Dream

Pick a scene...
Any scene...
Is this the direction social media and the federal government are headed?

White People In Hoodies RIOT !!!...

 ...In Belfast, Ireland injuring 32 members of law enforcement...
While multi-ethnic crowds in America protest the verdict in the recent Martin/Zimmerman case.

Wait... Didn't someone try to claim old hockey riots in Vancouver as being post-verdict 'Miami Riots'?
Sure, people in hoodies did riot over the weekend as many racists feared - only they were the wrong color and in the wrong country.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Thirty Years On... The Clash Are Still Right

Apocalypse Now/Charlie Don't Surf
The Call Up
Guns of Brixton
How did The Clash follow it's classic Punk London Calling Double-LP?
With the Punk/Funk/Ska/Hip-Hop/World Music Sandinista Triple-LP - of course....

(Check out a very young Lawrence Fishburn in the fist clip.)

Monday, July 8, 2013

I HATE Running Nightclubs...

But at this point it's more about a battle of philosophies than it is a battle of nightclubs.
You see, I'm not a paper-chaser.
 I like money, yet it is not my primary motivation in the decisions I make.

Our club has been doing pretty well and now it seems that everyone has some sort of new way from which I can make even more money.
The thing is - I don't open on Sunday's (unless it's for a benefit), I don' work with outside promoters, I don't water down drinks and I don't sell drinks after hours.
I play by the rules and follow the law.

I guess success breads contempt.
This past weekend (Well... the whole week, I guess) we shut down most of our rival clubs.
As many of our patrons were in NOLA for the Essence Festival - most clubs had a slow holiday week.
But not us.
We were so packed every night that a rival club owner sent people in to pull the fire alarms at our club when we were SRO.

Just Did It

 I have no problem with lesbians - some of my best friends are lesbians...
With the recent Supreme Court rulings, Jason Collins coming out, gays in the Boy Scouts,... - LGBT rights have been a hot topic on many news shows.

And now Nike may have upped the ante in signing an openly-LGBT athlete who should dominate in a (somewhat) mainstream sport.
Brittney Griner's sexuality, looks and even her gender have been spoken of as much as her dominance on the basketball court.
Suggestions of Chimerism and Hermaphroditism bring to mind the stories of Caster Semenya.

But female athletics are different.
Many people already stereotype female athletes and being at least Bi-sexual anyway...
So Ms Griner signs with Nike as their spokesperson.
Doesn't the WNBA rely on it's sizable Lesbian fan base as it's main target market.
Aren't most other players in the WNBA assumed to be lesbians as well?     

The image of a stereotypical gym coach is acceptable on a supposedly progressive television show without cries of discrimination.
Many women who participate in activities generally associated with masculinity are already stereotyped as being lesbians.

I don't know...
Is the stigma the same for lesbians as it is for gays?
Do men accept homosexuality from women more readily than they do from men?
(Personally, I can see what two attractive women could see in each other. Maybe we males are taught to accept that seeing or being with two hot women is a good thing. But I just don't see the allure of being with another guy.)

Sunday, June 30, 2013


I guess it's progress when a Black guy is upset with not being the first pick in the draft...
The NHL Hockey Draft...


Christmas All Year

The Kinks once said, "Give the people what they want, and they'll get what they deserve.".
These days, what many people seem to want is a year round Christmas and they expect the federal government to play Santa Claus.
"You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, and I'm telling you why..."
Because the NSA is listening/watching/reading anything you may say?
Because dissent is no longer seen as a desirable American virtue?
Because many expect gifts from the government instead of seeking their own well being?
Because the Deep State has it's own elves with which to execute it's desires?

Honestly, if people rely on the government to fulfill their needs - they cannot complain about the way those needs are met.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Late to the Party...

I know I'm late but I didn't think it was that big of a deal.
I only saw the beginning of the recent Cheerios commercial.
"Wait... That kid looks Black...?", I said to myself as I walked past the television without stopping to watch the rest of the ad.

For anyone who doesn't know - I'm "mixed-race".
My Mother is half-Native American (Modoc-Klamath tribe) and half-Mexican while my father is Louisiana Creole.
When people ask what nationality I am - I just say, "I'm Black".
"Black and what else?", is the most common response.

It's odd...
Many of the phenotypic traits many women find attractive about me are a direct result of being mixed-race.
"Your nose isn't wide.", "You have 'good hair'." or "You're paper-bag-brown.", are comments I hear from many Black, white, Hispanic, Asian, or whatever women on a weekly basis.

Cheerios is just Keeping It Real....

I Want This

JK makes stuff...
From scratch.
But I lack the skills to do such things.
Why not just have the things one wants scanned and printed....
In 3-D?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Who DOESN'T feel this way?

Operation Perfect Storm ?

It's odd that a recent story concerning the selling of drugs and guns by members of some in our military even made the national news.

I grew up in Southern California - and at the time we were surrounded by military bases.
Southern California is the perfect mix for events such as this.
Mexico is just a short drive from most SoCal cities.
Nearby ports are filled with contraband shipments.
Military bases are filled with lonely, underpaid soldiers who may become enticed by the more glamorous entertainment lifestyle common throughout much of Southern California.
The mix of drugs, weapons, money and murder were common in some circles - and those in the military were easy recruits into the underworld lifestyle.
Back in my day, one could procure anything from a slingshot to an RPG - just by knowing the right people.

'Operation Perfect Storm'?.... Pa-lease...
Wait until they discover the network of those in law enforcement doing the same things.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hip-Hopera... Who Did it Better?

Malcolm McLaren - Madame Butterfly?
The Fifth Element - Lucia di Lammermoor?
Beyoncé - Carmen?

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mob Deep

Of the many other new clubs recently opened here - none of them stood out.
Each of them failed to create a distinct identity for itself and each diluted the crowds from the others.
The young hustlers were on the verge of going under.
"Thirty percent of something is better than one-hundred percent of nothing.", I said to a group of young club owners and promoters.
"Y'all need to stop cutting each others throats and begin to form alliances which will allow you to buy more in bulk, exchange resources and contacts and limit your liabilities.", I continued.

I again used the Mafia imagery to express that each boss was the head of his own family and that they only came together to ensure a more stable business environment.
A summit was held between rival factions in the Street Money-level club game.
Alliances were formed and investments were secured.
These young guys understood what many other older club owners failed to.
That by structuring the business in a selfishly-cooperative model - each club could help the others grow and prosper.
That by doing so, each club owner and/or promoter was creating an owner class that would feed off of the consumer class without having to constantly battle each other for the consumer class' resources.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Another Dust Bowl ?

I guess we should get used to climate change - whether man made or cyclical.
In my neighborhood, the most noticeable effects of our dwindling water supply are the tree service trucks removing generations old trees from manicured lawns and foundation leveling trucks trying to keep homes from falling apart.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

More Poor

To continue a thread found on SeeNew's page...
(Discus wouldn't let me comment.)

 But no one told people to feign a lifestyle which was not their own.
What were once thought to be luxury brands can now be seen on even those from the poorest areas.
 What kids needs a pair of $500 Jordans?

 Does everyone in the hood have to drive a C-Class Benz?

Who told people that it is better to watch the lives of others on a television they cannot afford than it is to make their own lives better?

Whatever happened to "Makin' it do what it do"?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Abercrombie Man

It's just the image they're trying to sell - not the reality.
'Sex Symbol' Rock Hudson starred in a movie in which he played a fishing expert who had never even fished.
The thing about the movie that stood out was that Rock played a character who worked at Abercrombie & Finch.
(Their 'Ideal Man' was a gay dude who had to pretend to be straight in order to work?)
They're just trying to sell an image y'all - the reality doesn't matter.