Monday, July 8, 2013

Just Did It

 I have no problem with lesbians - some of my best friends are lesbians...
With the recent Supreme Court rulings, Jason Collins coming out, gays in the Boy Scouts,... - LGBT rights have been a hot topic on many news shows.

And now Nike may have upped the ante in signing an openly-LGBT athlete who should dominate in a (somewhat) mainstream sport.
Brittney Griner's sexuality, looks and even her gender have been spoken of as much as her dominance on the basketball court.
Suggestions of Chimerism and Hermaphroditism bring to mind the stories of Caster Semenya.

But female athletics are different.
Many people already stereotype female athletes and being at least Bi-sexual anyway...
So Ms Griner signs with Nike as their spokesperson.
Doesn't the WNBA rely on it's sizable Lesbian fan base as it's main target market.
Aren't most other players in the WNBA assumed to be lesbians as well?     

The image of a stereotypical gym coach is acceptable on a supposedly progressive television show without cries of discrimination.
Many women who participate in activities generally associated with masculinity are already stereotyped as being lesbians.

I don't know...
Is the stigma the same for lesbians as it is for gays?
Do men accept homosexuality from women more readily than they do from men?
(Personally, I can see what two attractive women could see in each other. Maybe we males are taught to accept that seeing or being with two hot women is a good thing. But I just don't see the allure of being with another guy.)

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