Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Pat Fuckin' Robertson?

As Jeff Sessions is set to get tough on crime and mandatory sentencing it seems that he has one Conservative detractor.

I don't really watch the 700 Club but I catch it from time to time while I'm checking in on my elderly women.
Last week I'm pretty sure I heard Pat Robertson say that Session's War on Drugs policy would be detrimental?

Pat Robertson?

But then I googled the video - I couldn't find it.
What I did find was that Pat must have suffered from Glaucoma between 2010 and 2014, when he stated that marijuana should be decriminalized.

Just Being a Troublemaker

 Just in time for Summer!
What if I had a pair of flip-flops made with the Confederate Flag on the bottom?
Y'all lost - get over it.
I could put the American Flag on the upper portion of the sandal to show that the Americans won the war.

Or I could really be a dick and place the Black Power Flag above that of the Confederate.

Sure - there would be a lot of angry Billy-Bobs but I'd sure make a lot of money on Juneteenth  and The Fourth of July.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Best A.I.

A computer as the next GO champion...?
A computer that can solve Rubik's Cube in less than a second...?
And computers have been beating humans in chess four years so, meh...

What I'm impressed with is the computer/robot that can beat humans in foosball.
The game for drunken college kids?
The thing is - foosball requires a great deal of luck.
Even the best foosball players make mistakes or misstrike the ball - and sometimes these end up being beneficial.
Any machine that has figured out how to defeat luck is pretty impressive.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

It's All to Be Expected

 What's all the hub-bub, bub?
I don't get the surprise from some who couldn't imagine that Russia would try to influence the outcome of an American election.

Just glancing at America's involvement over the past fifty years, America has had an almost constant presence in other country's business - even in democratically elected governments.

During the Cold War (roughly between 1947 to 1989) America had intervened in the affairs of foreign rulership at least 72 times.

Here is a quick look. An asterisk (*) denotes a successful regime change do to our intervention;
North Vietnam 45-73
Cambodia 55-70
Chile 64-73 *
Greece 67 *
Costa Rica 70-71 *
Bolivia 71 *
Australia 73-75 *
Angola 75
Zaire 75
Portugal 74-76 *
Jamaica 76-80 *
Seychelles 79-81
Libya 80's
Chad 81-82*
Grenada 83*
South Yemen 82-84
Suriname 82-84
Fiji 87*
Nicaragua 81-90*
Panama 89*
Bulgaria 90*
Afghanistan 90's*
Albania 91*
Iraq 91
Somalia 93
Yugoslavia 99-00*
Ecuador 00*
Afghanistan 01*
Venezuela 02*
Iraq 03*
Haiti 04*
Somalia 07-
Honduras 09
Libya 11*
Syria 12*
Ukraine 14*
(source: William Bloom, Wikipedia, Washington Post)

The problem isn't that Russia may have been trying to influence an election in a way that would benefit them - America does that all the time.
 But there is still a problem if someone within the American government is/was working with a foreign government to influence an election.

And now comes all of the Alex Jones listeners.
Jones claims that Noam Chomsky predicted that Trump would attempt to distract the media with some sort of False Flag perpetrated by a terrorist.

Then along comes the Manchester attack.
Manchester - while not a small town at a little over 500,000 people - is not a big city.
In fact, all I know about Manchester us their music scene.
From The Hollies and Herman's Hermits, to 10cc and the Bee Gees, to The Smiths and New Order, to 808 State and the Chemical Brothers, to Oasis - Manchester seems to have always had an influence on Pop music.
But besides for it's music scene the smallish Northern England town didn't seem like a high value target.

Not to go all Hypertiger with these lists and numbers but the whole '22' coincidence kind of got my attention.
Norway Attack 22-07-11
Lee Rigby 22-05-13
Brussels Attack 22-09-16
Munich Attack 22-07-16
Manchester 22-5-17

To be honest...
With all these facts, counter-facts and alternative facts there is no wonder the world seems to be in a constant state of mania.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Sorry Craig

But Discus isn't working on my current tablet and I can't comment there.

Ta-Nussy Coates? Beotch-Please!
A contrived social justice comic written by a scared, feminist and atheist crybaby? Nope.

How can a non-heroic person write about heroism?
What does a fearful man know about a fearless and virtuous man?

Isn't Storm a goddess?
Sure, he may be able to write about Storm from a feminist point of view but Storm is no feminist.
Storm - being the only character to have been a member of all of Marvel's Big Three teams; The Avengers, Fantactic Four and X-Men - has no time to worry about something as trivial as feminism.
Storm just is.

And Black Panther's 'Crew'?
What are the rest of Coates' team gonna' do? Protest villains to death?

Thank the Marvel heads for understanding that a man of inaction can never understand a man (or woman) of action.

Please, take two seats.

Gator-Mouthed Trump

 'Drain the swamp'? Nicca-please!
The swamp is your natural habitat.
The swamp - while scary and expendable to some - is a necessary ecosystem.
But I like the imagery.

The only problem with this idea is that the invasive Burmese Pythons have taken over and have become the apex-predators.
These snakes have been taking more than their fair share of the swamp's resources for years.

But this wasn't supposed to be the case.
In its natural habitat - and without the influence of outside forces - the big mouth gators are supposed to rule.
In it's natural state there is a natural balance to the ecosystem.

Gators can usually overwhelm and drag their prey to the bottom of the swamp to drown them,
but this doesn't work with the largest snakes.
These snakes can go a long time without oxygen.
These snakes just constrict the movements of the gators until he can no longer function properly.
The snakes almost always win,
and have been doing so for a while now.

But the gators can beat the large and intrusive usurper - if done correctly and with a little luck.
The gator has to do severe damage to the resilient body of the large snake without being constricted to death (not that likely) or the gator can just take a bite from the snake's head.

America's most famous swamps (The Everglades and Washington D.C..) are being overrun by these harmful predators and it will take a stronger, smarter and more skilled predator to correct these situations.

Trump's mistake is his hubris.
Trump seems to think that he can change an ecosystem that he fails to fully understand.
Trump seems to think that HE is as important as the ecosystem he has been tasked with governing.
Trump's job was never to actually drain any swamp (What alligator has the ability to do such a thing?) - Trump's job is to rid the swamp of the intrusive predatory snakes and restore balance to a valuable ecosystem.

The Problem With Comey

Trump never stood a chance.
Comey couldn't be bought and wouldn't take a deal.
Trump had to look upwards and shake Comey's BIG HANDS.

All Marc Rubio and Grayson Carter jokes aside - Trump was intimidated by the 6'8" Comey and his non-dwarf hands.

WASP Racism

The election of Trump disappointed some (C'mon Dems - did you really think Hillary was the answer?) and encouraged others.
But what did we expect - the straight white Christian male has seen his assumed influence deteriorating for decades.

Since the new millennium many have seen Blacks dominate in golf and tennis.
Many have seen Hip Hop influence their kid's tastes in music, style and culture. (C'mon milquetoast - you know you hate seeing an undereducated Black man from the ghetto earning more than you and living better while making it rain at the tittie-bar and getting all the white women.)
Many have seen Blacks in leading roles on television and in movies.
Many have been forced to listen better educated Black anchors on most non-Fox newscasts.
Many have had to compete for their well-being instead of being able to rely on the good-ole-boy network of the past.
Many have had to watch Blacks run a 'white' America.

I understand.
I HATE affirmative action programs. (In my opinion they assume that I am inferior and that I need your help in order to be and live better than you.)
I believe in a meritocratic society.
But did I vote for Trump?
Nope - I voted for myself.
You all got the President you deserve.

The thing is; I get it.
The WASP in now the victim and Trump appeals to that.
Trump is the best in everything, everything he does is bigger yet he is still the victim of the Liberal establishment's desire to see him fail.

-Trump is misogynistic - you're misogynistic and any attempt to label him as such is an attack on you.
-Trump my be racist - you're probably racist and anyone who points this out is making a personal attack on you.
-Trump took a little and turned it into a lot (Okay, we'll assume here since no one has seen a recent tax return.) and you would like to have done the same. Bootstraps people, Bootstraps.
 * And you could have too only if the government, Liberals and the media wouldn't have given preferential treatment to those pesky Blacks, immigrants, gays, women, Muslims,....
-Trump has been a victim of reverse-racism and so have you.
 * Actually, I don't believe in 'reverse-racism'. Stating it as such assumes that you are superior predicated on race and I cannot imagine that.
-Trump has been portrayed and treated so unfairly and so have you.

I understand, really I do.
The Man (Probably a Jew, right?) is holding you down.
And if it's not The Man then it must be the Jew-Controlled media.

Israel survived because it maintained its individual identity whatever the circumstances.
Israel gained strength because it was/is in a constants state of attack.
Israel could call itself "God's Chosen" because it is always surrounded by antagonistic enemies.
Trump seems to be viewing his presidency the way Israel viewed their sovereignty.

The thing the media fails to understand is that the more they bash Trump - the bigger hero he becomes.
The more they point out his flaws (whether true or fabricated) - the more they prove him correct that he is the victim.
The more they poke at the nest, the greater the retaliation will be from the hive.

IMOHO - This is a fight the media has already lost and like the DNC they are too self absorbed to even notice.

Sunday, May 14, 2017


Unlike last year's Miss Teen USA beauty pageant - which had all five of it's finalists being white and blonde - this year's Miss USA pageant seemed fairly diverse.
Among the 51 contestants were 5 immigrants. Among the final ten contestants five were Blacks, one was Native-Alaskan and one was Indian. Among the final five there were still three Black contestants standing. It seems as though people are trying to distance themselves from Donald Trump and anything he represents. It seems as though the anti-white backlash at this year's Oscars and this pageant can be attributed to liberals wanting to prove that they can be as inclusive as the next Liberal.
In the end the Indian-American immigrant representing New Jersey won first runner-up.
And for the second straight year a Black woman representing DC took home the ultimate title.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Rapper's Business Model

 Kobe's signature shoe - $105.
 Alonso Ball's signature shoe - $495.
Designer sneaker from Neiman Marcus - $695.

Maybe Lavar Ball understands what many others don't.
Maybe Mr Ball would rather own his brand instead of being owned by a brand.
Maybe Mr Ball is to basketball what J Prince or Master P is to Rap.

Even artists as prolific as The Beatles had their publishing rights owned by Michael Jackson. Prince had battled Warner Bros. for decades to gain ultimate ownership of what he produced.
These days, record labels are perplexed that an unproven artist like Chance the Rapper could turn down lucrative record deals and bonuses and instead release his albums for free.

But with the advent of the internet - there is no need for an artist to be owned by a record label.
These days Chance the Rapper can put out his own mix tape for free on streaming services, make money from touring and win three Grammy's.
These days an artist can own his work and distribute it as he pleases.
This is a new generation.

Bus People

This is what happens when the airlines started filling planes with trailer park employees and customers who, a generation ago, would have taken the bus.
It's a far cry from the sexy stewardesses and well-heeled passengers before 9/11 and - before that - deregulation.

Flying today is like going to McDonald's.
Flying before was like going to Chick Fil-A.

All I Wanted Were Some Ray Bans

 You know, the classic Wayfarer from the eighties (and before).
The inexpensive shades worn in Risky Business and on Miami Vice.
The classics which could be had for less than $50.
 But then along comes Luxottica.
$140.00 for Wayfarers?
And they're not even the same as they used to be.
The frames are a lighter weight and less aggressive in their styling.
So in the end I paid three times as much for a pair of sunglasses that I don't even like half as much.

But I guess that's the New Economy.
We now live in era where the few control the many.
In a time when 'competitors' are all owned by the same company.
In a time where the majority of people settle for Wal-Mart service and standards just to save a few bucks.

 And I don't blame Wal-Mart. (Well, not entirely.)
Wal-Mart was just trying to deliver the most goods and services at the lowest prices.
It's not Wal-Mart's fault that society is driven by quantity and not quality.
It's not Wal-Mart's fault that so many would go broke in an effort to appear rich.

But this economic recovery is just smoke and mirrors.
It's no longer so much about the haves and the have-nots.
Today it's more about those who have credit and those who cannot obtain it.
It seems that actual money is no longer the measure of wealth.

It seems that our whole economy is just a poor imitation of a once affordable and desirable product.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Cock Holster ?

Okay, I used Google to find an image and the results varied.
And I get it - we should respect the office even if we don't respect the man holding it.

Apparently the term 'Cock Holster' has entries in the Urban Dictionary for slang terms as far back as 2003.
I guess Stephen Colbert didn't invent the term.

(And 'Cock Holster' is as homophobic as is 'Ass Kisser'. If you ascribe any homosexual traits to either term you're probably a closeted homophobic-homosexual who tosses his man's salad anyway.)

But let's go back to the time before presidential tweets.
To a time when negative portrayals of those in power were not seen as treasonous or unpatriotic.
To a time when anyone was fair game.
Back to when even those seeking office could be portrayed in less than favorable imagery.

To a time when stereotypes could be exploited to further an opposing agenda.
To a time when the POTUS was expected to have an even temperament and a thick skin.