Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Faith ?

Is 'Faith" just the knowledge of truth without understanding why something is true?


Anonymous said...

Not even "knowledge" of any truth. I think just a belief that something will occur or be, simply because you want it too be,very badly.

Or because that little computer we have in our brain,has added up all the known facts and decided on the probability of it happening,

Anonymous said...

What DF said.

brohammas said...

Faith is the knowledge of something that is true, despite it being unproveable.

CNu said...


Faith is unprocessed emotional and aesthetic cognition of the unknown.

Cargo cultists didn't understand what they observed and experienced. Their faith was asinine, foolish, and misplaced.

Catholics partaking of the eucharist every week, and hearing about the "mystery of faith" are being clumsily pointed in the direction of the 4th dimension and what that implies about our being-nature.

They're less foolish than cargo cultists, and, they do schools and hospitals one helluva lot better.