Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mob Deep

Of the many other new clubs recently opened here - none of them stood out.
Each of them failed to create a distinct identity for itself and each diluted the crowds from the others.
The young hustlers were on the verge of going under.
"Thirty percent of something is better than one-hundred percent of nothing.", I said to a group of young club owners and promoters.
"Y'all need to stop cutting each others throats and begin to form alliances which will allow you to buy more in bulk, exchange resources and contacts and limit your liabilities.", I continued.

I again used the Mafia imagery to express that each boss was the head of his own family and that they only came together to ensure a more stable business environment.
A summit was held between rival factions in the Street Money-level club game.
Alliances were formed and investments were secured.
These young guys understood what many other older club owners failed to.
That by structuring the business in a selfishly-cooperative model - each club could help the others grow and prosper.
That by doing so, each club owner and/or promoter was creating an owner class that would feed off of the consumer class without having to constantly battle each other for the consumer class' resources.


Brohammas said...

right.... cuz when emulating criminals it is best to emulate the most successful criminals?
Not that I got it all right, but just sayin.

Anonymous said...

Honestly John, I don't see it.

Because it's my understanding, and correct me if I'm wrong, that those mofo's killed each other precisely to get in on the others turf and business!

They made very few alliances and then only with those as strong or stronger than them.

The small fry always got eaten by the sharks.

But maybe I don't know all of it?

uglyblackjohn said...

"Scar face" didn't do we'll at the box office but it became a hood classic - the gangster imagery translates well to those who deal in street money. If gangsters are the only model I can use to get these youngsters to work together, so be it. These are just baby steps in an effort to try to get these guys to study and understand long term business and not just short term hustles.