Monday, April 23, 2012


I understand that some people have medical conditions which may cause them to become overweight.
But why is it that I see far too many obese people shopping for processed food products while riding in scooters instead of burning off some of the calories they are likely to ingest?

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Anonymous said...

When I was undergoing my treatment and afterward post treatment, and was too weak to stand. I had to depend on my childrens sporadic (because they work)cooking for me and it wasn't always what I wanted, or when I needed it.So many times a can of soup or spaghetti and a packaged snack gave me the calories and nutrition that I needed.

Cooking from scratch is work intensive.

You need strength and stamina to stand in a kitchen and wash, peel and chop veggies, prepare meats. You need strength,agility and mobility to work with and prepare food. To open and close cabinets, carry stuff from the fridge to the sink, to the stove etc. A disability of any kind will impede/prohibit many of these actions.

It's much less exhausting/painful to just grab somethig already prepared and heat it. It serves as a ready source of protein and is somewhat nutritous.

The disabled/recovering have many different needs.

And as you say, we don't know as in the case of obesity, is it due to medicines, inability to exercise because of a condition etc.

So thank God and America for convenience and fast foods :)

BTW, Wendy's chili, with the beans and meat is quite nutritious, it'll make you sweat! :))