Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Problem With Romney

No, it's not that he is socially detached from those whose vote he wishes to garner.
(What politician isn't?)
It's not his perfectly-coiffed hair.
(He has nothing on JFK's hairstyle.)
It's not that he is not a true Conservative.
(Mormons are the epitome of Conservatism.)

Romney's only problem is that he is a Mormon and, to many, Mormonism seems like a religious cult.
While many Democrats were willing to overlook the possibility of Barack Obama being a Muslim - many Republicans cannot fathom having someone from a fringe religion being their candidate for the office of POTUS. 

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Brohammas said...

Interesting that Mormonism is still a fringe considering the huge increase in American membership and decline in traditional Christianity over the past decades.
Perception trumps reality again.