Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pedophiles and Gays

 Sure, runway models are pretty, most look good.
They have to be skinny to better show off the designer's line, they are human hangars.
But being a straight adult male - my tastes do not favor a boyish figure.
Not being a pedophile - I don't like teen girl figures.
I prefer a womanly woman.
 And, no...
Mo'Nique does not qualify.
Just because certain cultures my be phenotypically more inclined to be 'thick' - this does not give them a licence to be fat.
 "Thick" seems to occur in all races, nationalities and cultures. (Amber Rose)
 Beyonce helped make 'ass' acceptable.
 Esther Baxter? Small waist - large ass.
 J-Lo shows of ass within a commonly thought of ass-less 'race'.
 Kim K,
 Melyssa Ford,
 And Coco all have an old fashioned Coke bottle figure.
(Not the two-litre bottle.)
 Why do many men favor un-matured shapes and features?
I don't know, maybe it's the same group who allows little girls to be paraded around and dressed like young hookers.
Some argue that there is a Golden Ratio of Beauty.
Perhaps, but this is largely determined by what is perceived as being healthy within any given culture.
Where calories are scarce, a bigger girl could be thought of as a form of status.
Where calories are readily available, a more reserved, thinner shape could be thought of as belonging to the upper-classes.

Are more shapely women coming back into favor?
But only by men who don't favor young girls or little boys.


DF said...

Hey I think the same way. People want little girls with no womanly maturation features and it's really sick.

Maybe just maybe it's a way to reinforce their own race natural features. It's just no other group really has those same features except maybe Asian women.

John Kurman said...

Here is the conjecture (blame is placed upon women entering the workspace) from "The Price of Everything" by Eduardo Porter (snipped from pp 91-92):

" As women's opportunities in the job market improved, they embraced a different, slimmer archetype of beauty. The architecture designed for success in the mating game - big breasts and waspish waists - lost ground to a more slender body ideal that was better suited for a workplace still ruled by men who tended to see curvaceous women exclusively as mating opportunities".

I don't completely buy into that, but, combined with your comment about the skinny models being clothes hangars, it does suggest an intent for the focus to be on the apparel rather than the model.

But this doesn't explain the waxing and waning trends seen in popular culture. Or, for that matter, the acceptability of a "broader" sexual appetite in the past. (Like, for example, the ancient Greeks and Romans that would do practically anything that moved).

uglyblackjohn said...

@ FreeMan - Each 'race' seems to use it's own criteria for what is attractive.
People generaly wish to appea to be a member of the ruling class and thus make themselves seem to be viable candidates for that class.

@ JayKay - I think that's about right, but see above post for another (but similar) example.

Antonia - Beauty Health Finance and Green Issues Editor said...

LOL...I've only ever met one guy who liked skinny, stick-like or should I say bony women.

Most other guys I know like women with meat on their bones....not fat though.

Some of the women in your pictures there have had "buttock enhancements", so, I don't think they count....LOL