Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ipse dixit

c = 186,000 mps (approx) and nothing travels faster than the speed of light..
But do we even understand how light works?
Does it travel in a wave or in a straight line.
Most say 'both' and that light explores all options - but how can this be true?
Light travels in a spiral pattern (with offshoots of spirals traveling from each spiral - but let's keep it simple).
It only appears to travel in a wave because that's the way we see it from our limited point of view.  
Frames of film appear to be fluid.
But when we slow the film down we can see each increment of time being represented.
This is the same way we see light.
We only see what appears to be the peaks of the spiral.
But since we can only perceive our own recognized limit of light speed we think that what we see is fluid.
We don't even notice the 'gaps' in time.

But these gaps do not really exist - only our perception of them.
Light is traveling far faster than we can measure because it also has depth.


brohammas said...

depth? I have none of that. I just reflect the light of others.

uglyblackjohn said...

Well, this post is only speculation but in a direction I'm heading in thinking.
It's just a place holder to remind me too read a few more books and articles.