Sunday, March 20, 2011

English First

 Since the Dymally-Alatore Bilingual Services Act requires that all public services provide information in whatever language a person might speak -
should there be a requirement that signs in Chinatown, Koreatown or the many majority Hispanic enclaves have an English translation?

Sure, racists might say that we should cater to the majority but this would make living in Los Angeles County (48% Hispanic)  impossible for those who only speak English. 
I'm in favor of making English the official language of the US. (Is this being racist?)
But this does not mean that I favor English Only laws - all I ask is we place English first.

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Reggie said...

The first Caucasians to set foot on the land here in the new world couldn't speak the native why does it matter now?!?

Weren't they illegals then?!?