Tuesday, March 22, 2011

They Can't All Be Classics

 The best thing about watching movies at home is that one can always press' pause', one can always change the movie if it's bad and talking is not only allowed but it's encouraged.
It's Spring Break here and my young cousins have been working hard making repairs for relatives and neighbors.
Sure, going out to see the newest blockbuster would be cool but they have to save their money for the upcoming fair.

I usually try to group movies by genre.
War movies, Comedies, Action Flicks, Kung Fu movies or by directors or production companies. 
One cousin wanted to watch the original Scream.
"Sure, not a problem. But I get to pick the other two."
Sometimes the kids get bored watching classic films, but not this time.
Today's connection was "The Arquette Family Films".
 Many kids like action, some like cussin' - Pulp Fiction (Rosanna Arquette) has plenty of both.
(Rated; four out of five stars by the kids. Good thing I didn't pick Desperately Seeking Susan for Rosanna's entry.)
 Even though these kids have seen Scream (David Arquette) several times, this is the one slasher flick that gets them going.
My den was as lively as a Magic Johnson theater in the middle of the hood on a Friday night.
(Rated five out of five stars by the kids.)

Patricia Arquette is the featured family member in True Romance.
"That's so-and-so from (fill in the blank)!", they yelled whenever they recognised an actor.
(Rated; five out of five stars.)
The kids weren't even offended by the use of the word "Nigger" in either Tarantino film.

My cousins' mothers can never understand why my cousins like to hang out with me even though I'm strict and I make them do work.
But I do something they don't.
I listen to their opinions, I talk to them, I spend time (not just money) with them, I teach them not just tell them how to do something.


DF said...

There's a hidden benefit to hanging around you. When I was a teenager I used to drop off the kids from my neighborhood at Jr. High. Their mother or father would take them to0 but most of the time they got in my car.

One day one of the kids said we get in your car because you always play some new rap music we never heard of. Plus I think it made them feel better to hang around someone closer to their age. Also, I'm no dummy it's better to get a ride eventhough it was probably 1/8th of a mile walk.

theoreoexperience said...

That was one of my favorite things about my grandmother. I don't remember much about her, but I remember that we'd talk for HOURS and I fancied myself a real adult....I was all of maybe 10 or 12. I'm sure whatever I was saying was dreadfully dull. But she acted like it wasn't. Stayed engaged and challenged me, too.

brohammas said...

My wife has always refrained from buying thenieces and nephews gifts for Christmas. Instead she treats the whole group to some sort of activity. She says memories are better than "stuff"

Anonymous said...

That's what kids need most, to talk and be heard.You listen to them,and they will always love you for that!

That's what grandmas and uncles are for! ;)