Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Apple Bottom Jeans

 If I hear another big girl telling me that she thinks she looks good in her "Skinny Jeans",
 I'm never going out again.
The thing that kills me is that Nelly named his brand "Apple Bottom".
Having an apple bottom is not a good thing...
 Just ask Sherri Shepherd.
Her waist is larger than her butt.
Her butt looks like an apple.
 See what I mean?
Not a good shape for a woman.
 To the other extreme is Paris Hilton's 'Pancake Bottom'.
 Who likes pancakes with no butt(er)?
 But most women hate to hear that their butt looks like a fresh juicy pear. ( I found this out first hand last night when I said as much to the new girl.)
But a small waist and then.... BLAM!!!
I thought it was a good thing.


RunningMom said...

LOL... I'm in between an apple & pear. My waist is not bigger than my hips, but I'm no where near the proportions of ms lady in your pear pic.. and good thing for it, she must have to have ALL of her clothes (besides her underwear) hand tailored. No thanks!

DF said...

I think Nelly calls them Apple Bottom Jeans not BIG ASS APPLE. LOL

Man between the fat girls, the club and a drug induced house burning every year you are living a different kind of life.

John Kurman said...

...yeah ...yeah. I would say that is one hell of a BLAM! there.

I know that the figure lines favored the hourglass once upon a time. I'm wondering if the trend is back towards that.

If so, I , and I suspect most males with a pulse, would approve.

uglyblackjohn said...

@ RunningMom - Yeah... the girl in the photo is the extreme but her shape is becoming more common in print ads.

@ FreeMan - Yeah... but I'm in the South. It seems that many women here think that wearing skinny jeans makes tham look skinnier.
But a Sherri Shepherd look is NOT attractive... anywhere.

@ John - I wonder who determined that that boyish figure was good?
Runway models look good but what adult male would enjoy sleeping with one?